Friday, January 9, 2009

Not entirely convinced.

Furnace dude and his beastly woman were here yesterday. New furnace in the engine room. Ahhhhh.... don't have to scrape the frost off the 'ol puter screen just to get my fix. Life is good.


I'm not entirely convinced things are running at 100%. You see... I have the thermostat cranked up to 30 degrees. That is Celsius. Not quite shure what that is in Fluffn'heit - suffice to say that when one shoves the little switch to the far right of the temperature box thingy - it's s'posed to be sorta on the toasty side in the igloo. Kinda "sit 'round naked watchin' Knight Rider" sorta thing. Get my meaning?

However - despite havin the little knob thingy cranked to the far right - it's still a tad on the chilly side in here. Not so cold we gots to wear our woolies. But - certainly not sittin' round naked watchin' Knight Rider. THATS FOR SURE.

Think Scrub's gotta investigate a little further.

So - what else is new? Ummmm - well, the weekend is comin' up pretty quick. That means that our dear friend Hurricane Rona will be here. Why? Oh... 'cause JACK BAUER - her TV stud and future husband will be shootin' things up on the show 24 startin' Sunday night. That's why.

So - means I gots to cook up a storm. The 'ol girl loves chicken wings, nachos - roadhouse-ish type food. Should be an easy cook, I think.

The Bro-In-Law, JR, is startin' up advanced education next week. He a professional already - it's one of those " bump up your salary a few thousand bucks cause you have more credentials" type of programs. Good for him. Bad for me. Why? Cause that means that JR and I have to do the Gym thing early in the morning all the time rather than later in the afternoon. That means that comfy bed sheets are going to be a thing of the past for a little while. Hmph. Oh well - Scrub's gotta keep the abs lookin fabulous for the wife. You know how it is girls, right? She don't love me for my money. That's fer shure.

Hey - on the topic of JR. Wanna see what he made? Look:

It's JR's punk offspring Whoagun. Cute little fart, ain't he?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Brrrrr! Brrrrr, I tell you!

Yes, yes - of course it's a tad chilly out there in the tundra - it's Canada, eh. But - boys & girls - it's also a tad chilly in the ol' igloo here. Let me explain.

Downstairs in the engine room is a wonderful invention that someone 'er other came up with a few years ago. It draws natural gas in from the outside; puts flame to it in a controlled fashion; then a motor-type-affair thingy blows all that hot air 'round the igloo to keep Scrubbie, the wife, the kid, the lunatic dog and whatever stray punks the kid has dragged in all toasty warm.

Well - it seems that somethin' in the FURNACE (as they call it) has gone awry. Yes. Awry. I said it. I dunno.... dude who needs a shower and is in serious need of some kinda man-makeover just came by and told me he had to shut the 'ol bugger off 'cause the flame was here or there or somethin and the gas was shootin up or in or somethin. I don't speak neanderthal so it's sorta difficult for me to translate.

So - Scrub, the wife, the kid and the lunatic dog must now bundle up in the long underwear and woolies to keep ourselves from turnin' blue over the course of the day today and the night tonight and the morning cause neanderthal and his buds are comin to the igloo tomorrow with a new furnace.

Fortunately - at the local trading post here in the tundra the other day, there was a big 'ol sale on those wee little tea lights that everyone loves so much and Scrubbie came home with a dog sled full of 300 of 'em. So - wifey and I along with the kid are gonna huddle up tonight, make a couple a' whale burgers and light the whole damnd lot of em and keep ourselves all toasty warm.

Well - it's that or just get a little happy-go-lucky on some good 'ol Crown Royal and then we won't really give a hoot about the ambient temperature.

Yep - gonna do the Crown thing.

If I can thaw out the camera - I'll snap a pic of us chatterin' our teeth tonight. Wife'll hate me for that one.

OOOOOO - just thought'a somethin'. Cold = cuddly-wuddly. Maybe won't be such a bad thing after all.