Thursday, May 21, 2009

American Idol

I gotta admit - it was pretty damn'd good.

Morning Kids - tiz your old pal Scrub.

Sittin' here this morning bleary-eyed and bangin on the keyboard. Hmmm? Bleary-eyed? Oh - well, lets not forget, Scrubbie is an old fart. He likes to hit the sack early. Wake up a dozen times to piddle in the potty. Then get up at 6am to suck back his early morning cuppa tea. But - stayed up last night to take in American Idol. And, I gotta admit... for a show that is a lot about eye-candy... it was pretty damn'd good last night.

Sure - there's a whole lotta talk about the whole Adam vs Kris thing - but, really kids - as history has shown... if u'r in the top two or three or so - and u'r a half decent singer - you've got a career ahead of ya. I'm sure we haven't seen the last of Adam Lambert.

Most impressively though was the line up of talent on the show last night. I mean c'mon... Lauper, Ritchie, KISS and more? Geez Louise! And, for those young'ens on the show to have a shot at sharing the stage with them all... gave 'ol Scrub here the goosebumps. Pretty exciting stuff.

So - also on last night (thank gawd for Pix in Pix television) was the Memorial Cup hockey playoffs. Hurricane Rona was over. Of course. And, as regulars will recall, Hurricane's nephew is one of them thar hockey hot shots playin' for Drummondville. Mike Hoffman is the lad. He ain't half bad on a pair of skates.

Actually - I know young Hoffer there when he was just outa diapers. Ya - a little hellian. If you looked away for more than 10 seconds, the wee fart had already climbed up the wall and was dancin and gigglin' on the fireplace mantle. His mother... Mamma Hoff.... ya, pretty much a prozac candidate. But - there ya go - it's in his blood.

Anyway - last night... despite the fact that most of them either have strep or the flu (don't worry - not H1N1) the boys did good and scored in OT to take them to the finals on Friday. Oh - exciting times! Scrub's gots his TV watchin' planned out already.

Today - Scrub's flippin from one ISP to another. Yep - all this just to save 4 bucks. WooHoo! Scrub's gonna go git himself an ice cream!