Saturday, September 27, 2008

Easter QP Freebie

Hey boys & girls. Scrubbie's got somethin' for ya. (giggle, giggle)

Lotsa comments about the Easter page with the bunny ears I did to humiliate my son.

Hmmm? What's that you say? Oh ya... the Easter page with the bunny ears I did to FEATURE my son. Ya - that's it... Feature my son. So - I took out the specifics of the page that make it about the Kid and turned it into a QP PNG. (Mamma Scrubbie is gonna call any minute now asking what the hell all the letters mean. She's gonna think I'm peddling drugs or somethin')

Yes, Yes - it's pretty plain - but c'mon... you digiscrappers out there all have external drives that are just burstin' at the seams with all kindsa shtik that you can plunk on there to 'make it your own'. (Dang - sound like an American Idol judge there, don't I?) No TOU attached or anything like that - just a download and away ya go. If someone likes your page - tell 'em Scrubbie sent ya. *wink.

Digi-dubble. Hey - how do I trademark that phrase?

Zowie - where the heck did Friday go? 12:37 Saturday morning right now. But, still wide awake.

The Wife and I did some Couple's Scrappin tonight. It was deeelightful. Tomorrow, the 'ol dear is off to a crop with all her paper-pals for the day. So, looks like the Kid and I will be hangin' out. Bing and Bong will be here, no doubt. Likely punk friend Matt. Oh - and the Kid brought home a new punk bud - Dan. Dan "The Man", as the kid says. I have a feeling I am going to have to listen to the kid try and convince me that Bing, Bong, punk Matt and Dan the Man should ALL crash in Scrubbie's basement tomorrow. Yech. 12 year old boys dont smell all that great at the best of times. Can you imagine how much smelly spray I'll have to use if I end up with 5 of them all crashing out here. Ain't gonna happen Kid. Sorry.

So - on to the Layouts. Many to show you! Here's the first. It's a digi-dubble page. Needed space to do some scribbling.

There was this hypno-stage-comedy guy in town here a few years ago and one of the local radio stations, KOOL FM, had a call in. I called in. And, before I knew it, there I was. In disgustingly early one morning for a meet and greet with the jockies and Jerry Enns - the hypno guy. Then at 9am we were in the studio and Jerry put us under. Tons of fun. I was fully aware of EVERYTHING that was going on, but it was kind of like I just didn't care. If you can - look at buddy there with the painful look on his face. Ya... he thought he was having a kid. LOL. YOU GO BROTHER!

And now for the next in the countdown series of WHY CHILDREN GROW UP HATING THEIR PARENTS.

Two words: Bunny Ears.

I don't believe I need to say anything else.

My work here is done.

And finally - this one just rocks. I know, I know - it sorta borders on "is this a layout" or just some rockin' hot photo manipulation. Bear with me here. If digi-scrappin, or paper scrappin for that matter, is all about using elements to enhance your photos, tell a story or just to make life a little more interesting - then this fits the bill. The original photo was not great at all. But, a few clicks and presto-whammo - somethin' here that really 'does it' for Scrubbie here. I think this is heading up there for one of my favourite things I have done since I started this digi thing.

Anyway kids - there ya go. Time for a cocktail, pee the dog, kill the lights and say nighty night. Goodnight Gracie.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hey kids.

NO BLT pics yet! Scrubbie's sad. C'mon boys & girls - be brave and take a picture of your BLT sandwich and send it to me! You are looking for an incentive, aren't you? Alright, alright - how about this: EVERYONE who sends me a picture of their BLT sandwich will recieve a digital autographed picture of me - Scrubbie! Yes, it's true. Now - go and make toast!

Ok. Now on to the news of the day. First - early day at the Gym today. Not much more to say there. Second - the Wife and Hurricane Rona went out for dinner together tonight! I was very afraid. But, the ol' girl returned home to me intact. Phew. Third - looks like the Kid's punk friend Matt is going to be a sleepover regular. The lad enjoyed dinner with the Kid and I tonight and plans are underway to come over tomorrow night for an eve of fun and festivites.

Today, I was having fun with the Halloween layouts. I showed you the first earlier. The second one here is from last year when I dressed up and hung out in the garage with a fog machine, music, lighting, plasma ball, candles, blood dripping from mirrors. And that was just for Christmas. Nah - just joshin' ya. It was Halloween. Any of the neighbourhood brats that wanted candy had to come and see me. Bwaaa-haaa-haaa. Good times. ahhhh.

I also did up another page today while watching the premier of Survivor:Gabon tonight. (Don't get me started on that tonight - Scrubbie's gotta hit the sack at some point. JR wants me to meet me at the gym tomorrow morning at 6am again.) Anyway - did up a layout featuring Mommie Scrubbie and Papa Scrubbie. They so cute! hehehehe. Background and elements by Portuguese designer Carola Mondini.

I tell ya, every now and then it's just great to do a digiscrap layout that looks very traditional. Kinda like a warm cuppa tea.

Hey Ma - I got a hankerin' for some lunch with you very soon! Chinese would be tasty. Whaddya think?

The Digi Process. The INSIDE SCOOP! Scrubbie style, of course.

So, digital scrapbooking huh. Yes - I do get a bit of a kick out of it.

Whilst taking a bit of time earlier this morning while the boy was gettin' ready for school... (he's back finally after 3 days being sick at home), I was mucking about with a photo and put something together that turned out, I think, pretty good.

For a change, thought that Scrubbie would show you the process and the oodles of fun he has doin' it.

So - started with a photo from last year's Halloween adventure. Here it is.

Not much of anything really. Way overexposed. Can't see anything interesting. And, composition king here didn't bother to consider the taps on the wall in the background.

(Yes - we are asked on a regular basis if they work.) THE TAPS ARE MOUNTED ON A PIECE OF WOOD IN A SUBURBAN HALLWAY PEOPLE! WHAT DO YOU THINK?! Geez. Anyway - needed to fix up this situation. Not the taps. The photo.

On to the next step.

Using our good friend, Photoshop - removed the background. Hid the taps. (still can't believe people ask about them working, can you?).

Also used a filter or two, some colour enhancing, shadow burning and voila - there's the kid now. (Kinda a preview of what he might look like as an acne riddled teen, huh?)

Then - it was time to lay out this photo in a way that was a little nicer to look at than just a creepy lookin kid floating in mid air.

So - went on the interweb thingy and found some pictures that were royalty free. And, using a freebie snagged from Tara Dunston Designs, put a background together that I thought was more apprapo to the pic. Had to do a little blending to make it look like it works - but, in the end, I have a picture that is a bit more fun than the original. Whadda you think?

Soft Porn you say?

Morning Kids. I know you all are on bated breath awaiting Scrubbie's final word on Knight Rider.


Yep - that's my official review.

Think: Transformers meets James Bond meets MTV meets soft porn.

But, being as Scrubbie does have wibbly-wobblies, I do have to say "Damn - hot car!" (Scrubbie wonders if his Dodge Neon can go 377 MPH. Nah... prob not)

Now - off to the hardware store to see if i can rig up one of those red flashy-sliding light thingies on the front of the family roadster. Maybe on the Wife too. OOOOO - that'd be kewl!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Knight Rider

Hey kids - Scrubbie's gonna sit down with a bevvy and put his feet up tonight and catch the series premier of the new Knight Rider.

If this just doesn't scream testosterone, I dont know what does.

The 'old thumbs are poised and ready to either go UP or go DOWN. Stay tuned.

Milk & Cookies

Morning kids. Scrubbie just realized that if you are going to have BLT's and milk today - you REALLY need a little somethin' somethin' to go along with that for dessert!

Fat Free. Diabetic friendly. Zero calorie. - oh, wait... I am thinking of celery.

Cookies! Oh glorious rounds of wonderful goodness! Here is another recipe card to add to your collection. Try'em - they're great! Not too Suzee-Homemaker, but it'll still make your friends and fam say OOOOOO-AHHHHHH. And, really, aren't we all about impressing the neighbours?

Formatted to 4x6 so easy to print off at home or at your local cheap print place. Yours to download if you want - or just scribble it down and enjoy!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

This one's for you Mamma Scrubbie!

Hooray! Scrubbie's mommy is gonna be happy!

heheheh. Seriously - found some pics of my nephew Zachary.
Boys & girls - this is a Wild Child. The boy is a bundle of energy. And, cute as hell.

The pics are from our Summerbash Family Reunion Picnic back in 2006. The LO - well, I kinda cheated here. *blush. It's a QuickPage from "TrueFaith". But - couldn't resist using it. It was a great background for the pics.

QuickPages: think of it this way... With Jell-O brand Instant Pudding - you add milk, mix it up, plunk it in the chill chest for 5 mins and voila - yummy, delicious pudding. Even though it's instant - doesn't take away from the pudding deliciousness of it all. Kinda the same thing.

MMMMMM - pudding.

Yes, we're good parents. Honest! *evil grin

Whoops - almost forgot to give you my other layouts.

The first is the second in the WHY CHILDREN GROW UP HATING THEIR PARENTS series. It's the Kid when he was just a wee fart. Tell me what other Dad hasn't done this. *snicker

Yes - we plunked a football helmet on the Kid and watched it slide down over his pudgy little bod. hehehehe. You can practially see the "what the hell is going on" expression on his face, can't you.

The second for you tonight (aren't you lucky!) is RAT DOG.

Couple 'a days ago, the lunatic dog went a'rompin in the yard and I don't know what she was rolling in - but eeeeeewwwwwwwww - she came out smellin' somethin' fierce! Helluva pong. Anyway - up to the tub she went. (Way beyond simply Febreezing the beast)

When she comes out of the tub - she's always a happy pup - runs around like her tail's on fire - but, does look quite a sight. Scraggly, spikey - just hysterical. And, being the LOVING parents we are, we laugh our arse's off and call her Rat Dog.

You want me to do ... what?

Hey kids - I posted a pick earlier of the new punk friend Matt - and finally finished the LO to go with it. Here he is, again.

Actually - have done 2 LO's this evening. Running with a mono-simple thing right now. I am liking it.

However - gotta stretch, right? So - have to and find a pic that I can goof around with on the page.

Mamma Scrubbie was over today for a bit and reminded me that I don't have much in the way of my OTHER Niece and Nephew up here. Well, went digging and I don't really have many pics of the two brats. But, did find a couple, so maybe I'll try tinkerin' around with them. Scrubbie'll keep you posted, of course!

And, now: it's SCRUBBIE SANDWICH Time!

Yes - SCRUBBIE SANDWICH is a little feature that shares what Scrubbie LOVES: Sandwiches. (The wife is gigglin' right now, aren't ya hunny!) Today's Scrubbie Sandwich is... (drum roll please) - The BLT. MMMMM - Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato. Whole Wheat toast, mayo, crunchy iceberg lettuce, little salt, little pepper. GAWD - how can you go wrong!!! Don't get cheap on me either - forget that Low Salt bacon stuff. Blech! Now... serve that up, cut on the diagonal (of course) with some 'tater chips (yummy, salty, ripply 'tater chips) and a wedge of dill pickle. *scrubbie sings: "Heaven... I'm in Heaven..."

All I ask is that you consider whipping up a good BLT tomorrow. Go'on... have it for dinner! And, when you do... lift a glass of milk and say CHEERS for me!

Hey - take a picture of your BLT and send it to me!!!!!!! You'd have a happy pappy right here!

For those of you with spouses, partners, friends, parents, sibs or even pets: Caution! Taking a photograph of your sandwich and/or your spouse, partner, friend, parents, sibs or even pets with their sandwich can be a little weird.

Freak 'em out - and do it anyway. Send your sammie pics here:


Choices, Choices.

So - Hurricane Rona was over today. I am still recovering.

Scrubs who have been reading for a while will know that Hurricane Rona has been our longest and dearest friend. And, really, God only knows why. We love her to bits. Anyway - Hurricane Rona wants the Wife and Scrubbie to go with her to see a psychic. We told Hurricane "No - we dont' want to spend money to go and see a psychic." Truth is - I barely know what's happening 'round here normally - why on earth would I want to know about what hasn't happened yet. So - Hurricane replies by telling us that she knows this psychic who charges 3/$25. Yes - that's 3 people; twenty-five dollars.

The Wife and I look at each other and start to laugh.

"3/$25! Are you kidding?" Any psychic who charges 3/$25 CANNOT be anything but whacko! Hurricane Rona suggests that it sounds pretty reasonable. True enough. BUT - and this is where Scrubbie's warped mind goes to work... I suggest to Hurricane Rona that you DO in fact get what you pay for. "Whaddya mean?" she asks Scrubbie. Scrubbie says - "Well, look at this way - would you rather get a $5 hooker or somethin' a little, ummmm, more?"

Hurricane Rona thought for a moment. We are now NOT going to see the 3/$25 psychic.

Logic. It's a wonderful thing.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Save The Cheerleader - Save The World

Who'da thunk that a phrase like that would suggest so much, huh?

Yep - the Wife and I are hangin' out in the engine room, scrappin' and getting ready to catch the new season of Heroes. It's all fun!

So - you want a quick 'n easy? (No No - not THAT. You filthy monkees...) No... Mandy Doolittle at The Shabby Pumpkin has a few Quick Pages that are fun to play with. Mandy shot me a little note the other day, so thought I'd check out the site and snag a freebie while there. There ya go Mandy - Scrubbie's play on your QP! Thanks!

Hey - by the way... check this out:

Zachary Quinto in Heroes as Sylar:

And, as SPOCK in the new Trek movie in '09:

How kewl is that!

Why Children Hate Their Parents. Scrubbie's perspective.

Morning kids - I promised a pic of the new punk friend Matt - here he is with the kid.

So - did all of you have rough nights last night? Sheesh. I was awake all night long. Weird dreams, even weirder nightmares. Scrubbie is rethinking his decision about going off Happy Pills. LOL

Working today. Argh. Well - not at this very second obviously. Gosh - ya'll take me way too literally. Just like the kid. I think he's gonna grow up to be a lawyer. We practically have to write up a contract about what SPECIFICALLY he has to eat off his dinner plate. God forbid there is any deviation of that contract either. Ya'll have kids like that too, right?

Hey - Scrubbie is doing a series of LO's that will document "Why children grow up hating their parents." Please - enjoy the first entry. JR, Dutchie... don't say I didn't warn ya.

Whoagun: you know this picture WILL come out at your wedding some day. Uncle Scrubbie is gonna make sure of that! Bwaa-haa-haa!

Ciao for now.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

No Way, Jose.

There's a few things I won't do.

1. Run over animals on the road on purpose.
2. Steal from the rich and give to the poor. More likely to keep it for myself.
3. Include ANY pic of the kid and the wife in any posting that has VAN MAN or The Beast as a part of it. Dang... I just did.

Van Man, The Beast and Icky Dick.

Kids - the wife and I were gigglin' our arse's off this aft outdoors in the sunshine. We suddenly realized that we both are big fans of creating TITLES for various characters that have sauntered in and out of our lives. Allow me to share:

VAN MAN. Cripes - years ago when the wife and I were living in an apartment along the student ghetto street in town here - Hazel Street (blech), there was this dude that decided to take up residence in the parking lot. He was creepy, icky, and just about as nasty as you can get. Lived in this sh*tbox blue van. Even had an extension cord coming from the apartment building out to his van. Let's not even talk about the bathroom issues here. When the wife and I packed up and left after the last time that the apartment building was surrounded by police, we moved into our first house. I think it was, oh, about a week and a half after the official move in and who do we see across the street from our lovely home - VAN MAN! The wife and I did a few things at that moment: 1. FREAKED OUT. 2. Drank heavily 3. Hid indoors. FORTUNATELY - turned out VAN MAN was just visiting some nasty folks who were on their way out of the place across the street. Let's all say together: PHEW!

THE BEAST. Yes, The Beast. The wife and I were camping a number of years ago. We are quiet campers. We don't use the electrical sites. The hot entertainment is CBC radio. If we aren't making food, clearing up from eating food, or simply relaxing - then we're playing Cribbage. A few sites down and across from us, there was this couple. A mouse of a guy - couple of feet tall and skinny... wow... would fall over if the wind blew. Then there was his darling wifeypoo. Not a little gal. Know that the wife and I are not "ewwww fat" or "ewwww skinny" types. But, important to know that the wife certainly had the edge on the dude. And, soft and gentile would not be the most appropriate adjectives for her. One sunny afternoon, the wife and I were hangin' out - just doin' our thing - when we hear a voice bellow through the woods. Loud enough to make leaves fall and small rodents run. Crass enough to make hair grow on babies. Shrill enough to crack stone. It was the wife across the way communicating with her mouse of a dude. "MOVE YOUR ASS.. I'M HUNGRY". Yes - it was at that moment that we crowned her "The Beast".

Finally - Icky Dick. Oh - let's call it 10 years ago. The kid was just surfing his first birthday. The wife had a wonderful thought. Let's babysit someone else's brat for a while. So we did. We knew this couple from Birthing Class (or whatever the hell you call it) and they were spouting out a kid roughly the same time we were. So, their kid, coming up to his first birthday as well, was the choice. So - creepy parents turn up with their pasty white kid who knew only one thing... how to whine and cry. Argh. Anyway - came time to change the diaper. Well - from that moment forward, the kid was christened with his "Scrubbie and Wife" nickname. Important to know: his real name was Brian. Not Richard.

Ready for a SCRUBBIE SURPRISE? Just click HERE.

Have a great night!