Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sing it with me kids...


Let's see - back in the 80's I'd be already dippin' into the sauce. Gettin' my hair glued vertically in place. Smearin' on just the right amount of eyeliner for a new wave kinda dude, wafting the cologne on so as to attract the right kinda mate and gettin' ready with the pals to hit the dance clubs.

Fast forward to 2008.

I am sittin on my butt in the living room, blogging on the laptop and whining about my sore back after spending the day cooking, cleaning out the car, doing housework and battling the Thanksgiving weekend shoppers at my local grocery store.

My - how things change. *grin

So - 14 hours after waking up this morning - mashed spuds are ready, yams are cooked, carrots are blanched, turkey is done, pies are baking in the oven, cutlery is polished - yep... just about ready to entertain the fam tomorrow. Now all I need is valium. And, we're good to go.

Wife ain't too happy at the moment. Personal reasons. Ladies - can you relate? So - SALTY potato chips (crisps for you UK'ers) at the ready. Chocolate standing by. Advils plated and ready to be down'd. Comfy blankie and a movie. This is S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y night at Scrubbie's place.

A quick side note here boys & girls. About the LO that I posted here tonight. Quite the pic, isn't it? Ya know - every now and then, I see a photo that just sorta brings me to the ground. That is one of them. Grandpappy Scrubbie with the kid when he was still dryin' out.

And, seeing him cradling the boy like that just reminds me that lunatic shoppers at the local grocery store, Thanksgiving day turkey, mashed spuds, cooked yams, blanched carrots and polished cutlery don't really mean a helluva lot in the grand scheme of things.

Friday, October 10, 2008


I've done the vacuuming. Dishes are finished up. Potty has been cleaned. A perfectly good layer of protective dust has been removed from the boob tube. Coffee has been poured. Socks removed. Dag-gummit - I'm a happy Scrubbie.

Only thing better would be if the wife were here. She and the posse have gone scrappin' tonight at our good friend Karen's new creative studio in Kitchener. Do the google thing on "Go Scrapping". Karen Ellis' company hosting retreats and Scrapbook getaways and such. She now has a studio in Kitchener where you can escape to be creative for awhile. So - that's where the 'ol darlin' is tonight.

Me - I have a clean living room, the kid, Bing and Bong (yep - sleepover), lunatic dog and my coffee. Oh - and I have the laptop. Being as the punks are all down in the engine room stinkin up the place, I am going to stay hidden up here. Gonna try and do a little digiscrappin' - but the dinosaur of a laptop up here takes a good 5 minutes just to fire up Photoshop. So - that means a page takes a full night to complete. LOL.

On the topic of layouts - did you see that one I just threw up there? Gotta tell ya kids - I am lovin' that picture. I'll post up the word art as a freebie -but have to do it tomorrow. (Stinky punks in the engine room, remember. I ain't goin down there.)

Tomorrow - Scrubbie's cookin. Got the fam comin' for Thanksgiving on Sunday. And, I want to get most of the cookin' done tomorrow so Sunday isn't a madhouse. Wish me luck. It'll be nice to get that turkey out of my fridge - thing takes up way too much room.

Gonna watch THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM tonight. Great movie.


Later all!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Nice to meet you Steve.

Hey Boys & Girls!

I posted a pic of my niece a couple of days ago with caption saying SUGAR AND SPICE etc. So - thought I'd put up her bro, my nephew, with the 'other half' of that phrase. SNIPS AND SNAILS... yep - definitely works here. Look at that pic - just screams Snips and Snails, doesn't it.

Hey - guess what... Scrubbie had pudding for dessert tonight! WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO! LOL. And that's all that needs to be said there.

So my good Interweb thingy friend Kristine over at WenchdGrafix ( was blogging about shaving a cat. Ok Ok - you can stop laughing now. Not done yet? I'll wait.... ... ... ... ... ... Ok - got it out of your system now? Yes - shaving a cat. I have respectfully requested the dear gal to grab a vid of that next time and do a posting on YouTube or something. Hmmm? Oh - don't even tell me that you would not LOVE to see that!!!! If you haven't taken a boo at her blog - I suggest a sweet cuppa coffee; a comfy cushion and a click of the mouse.

Oh ... hey... I have had a few folks tell me that I have some awards for blogging or something like that. Let's not forget one thing here folks. Scrubbie = Guy = not overly brilliant when it comes to stuff like that. Don't get me wrong. Recognition. Accolade. Thunderous rounds of applause. Yes - I'll take 'em all!!!!!!! After all - it is my goal - as it is most of our goals here who blog - to Take Over The World. (Narf). So, ya... I'll take whatever I can get. (Most of us guys do. But, that's another story) So - forgive me ladies who have messaged me with awards and I haven't 'picked them up' or nominated a bunch of other blogs etc. I'll figure it all out eventually. (Another good example of the "Guy & the Instructions" syndrome maybe)

Oh - and "Mandy's Hubby" who is just as ga-ga over that TOTALLY WICKED car on Knight Rider as I am and whom I shall henceforth call STEVE. (Not his real name. I don't know his real name. But, it's a kewl name and he looks like a kewl guy. Honest.) I just gotta say... "Hey Steve!". LOL. "Last night's episode... Geez... kinda Baywatch-ish, wasn't it! The 'KITT underwater' thing though - that was pretty much the WAY OVER THE TOP moment of the night."

And, finally... What do you call a short fortune teller who escapes from prison?

A: A small medium at large.

Thank-you, Thank-you... I'll be here all week.

Another Scrubbie Surprise

Morning Kids.

I am absolutely BLOWN AWAY at everyone who is visiting Scrubbie's world here. Countries from around the world. I just get the giggles every time I check the online tracker thingy to see where folks are coming from. Just wanna say thanks.

So - in a tribute to the Scrubbie Nation -
here's a SCRUBBIE SURPRISE for your entertainment.

(New to the blog? A Scrubbie Surprise is a link that you can click on to just go for the ride. Ya never know what you'll find.)

Among the layouts that I worked on last night while the wife and I had the engine room to ourselves was this one of the nephew Whoagun. Oh - how traditional. hehehehe

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Thank-you for your support, my loyal Scrubs.

OMG - I cant stop!!!!! I've tried, but I just can't stop!!!

It's an addiction. It's a disease, really.

And, it's sooooo bad. I am hesitant to even bring it up on the blog here. BUT - the first step to any recovery is to admit it, right?

The Wife has urged me on. And, I can't thank her enough for the love and support she has given me through these terrible times.

I also know that YOU - the Scrubbie Nation - are behind me. Your notes of support of my digiscrapping and blogging have been so encouraging and, well, gosh darn it - swell.

I am, of course, speaking about ... *gulp....

Knight Rider.

*scrubbie wipes the tears away.

Yes, - this TV show is SO terrible BUT I just can't stop. Those moments of fantasy where I am sitting in the driver seat - foot heavy on the accelerator - very kewl flashy light thingy inside - nifty voice speaking to me... OH YA. It's a rush. It's so exciting. It's, it's, it's...... AAAAAAAAAACK!

So - tonight when I win the lottery draw in about a half hour - goin' out and gonna git me a kewl car JUST LIKE THAT ONE!!!!!!

In the meantime - a digital layout to keep me sane.

It's the Wife's grandmammy and grandpappy way back in 1938 on their hitchin' day. Apparently, as I am told, the wife's daddy was born not too long after. It's Scrubby-Scandolous!

Open mouth. Insert foot. Or keyboard, as the case may be.

Hey there Scrubaroos! Whasssup?

The kid came home today with punk friend Matt. (I have taken to calling him MUTT instead of Matt. hehehe. Kid gets a kick out of it) I will say it again - seems like a helluva decent kid. I like him. Rare for Scrubbie. Bing, of Bing and Bong fame, was over tonight as well. Another decent kid. Very polite. Always Mr and Mrs Scrubbie. Please and Thank-you's all around. Not quite Eddy Haskell, but damn'd near close.

Hey - wanna hear somethin' that is makin' Scrubbie just snicker to himself BIG TIME? The kid and ALL his punk friends at school are getting their Grade 7 immunization shots at school on Friday. BIG GRIN. I just love watchin' them all squirm as they ramp each other up with tales of older brothers and sisters enduring 11.5 inch long, 4 inch diameter barrels being bored into their arms - blood squirting and gushing everywhere... oh, and what about that kid last year that died right there on the hallway floor! LOLOLOL. Yep - I somehow gotta sneak in to the school this Friday to snap up a pic or two of the action!

Ya know - not much to report at all from today. Worked. Ran errands. Paid my TV and Internet bill. (double blech). But, did manage to squeeze in a scrappin' moment. Niece and Nephew showcasing tonight. One you haven't met before either. My brother's daughter. Cute as a button.

Scrubbie health update: still some sniffles, bit of a headache - but I think the cold is behind me. Phew. Now - the Wife has it. *evil grin LUCKILY for Scrubbie - she didn't get it from me. She and gal pal Judy are both feelin' the pangs and I certainly wasn't smoochin' with the Judester. I mean - love her to bits. She is gorgeous. And, she has these "hooker boots" that just.. well... lets just give her a big WooHoo for those. Guys - you know the boots I'm talkin' about, right? (She is absolutely DYIN right now readin' this, I'm sure). BUT - the Wife - the only snuggly muffin for me. (blech - getting cavities reading this it is so sickly sweet.) Scrubbie has successfully dug himself a grave here. Where the hell is that delete key?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Signs, Signs... everywhere there's signs.

Morning Kids.

Scrubbie's feeling a little better today - thank-you.

I said I had some pics from yesterday that I wanted to share - here's one.

Ahhhhh - yes. The old familiar sight of the sign-guy standing there holding the almighty STOP/SLOW sign. It's that sign that we all have to obey. We do so instinctively. It's kinda like it is part of our human genome now. Our children are born with the ability to STOP or go SLOW built right into them. We don't even have to teach them that now. Sorta like eating. As a species - we not only have FIGHT or FLIGHT, we also have STOP or SLOW.

And, by examining the picture closely - you will see that there, waaaaaaayyy off in the distance is the problem. Paving one side of the road. So the single car that was up there has to come through almost a kilometer (0.621371192 miles) of going really SLOW before our sign guy will change that almighty billboard from STOP to SLOW for us. It was taking FOREVER!

Here's my issue. It was a glorious day here in South-Western Ontario Canada. A really scrubbie-rific kinda day. Autum was in it's full splendour. It was warm outside but with that gentle fall crispness in the air. You could "smell" autumn. That soft whisp of the leaves falling. Colours blazing through the trees. The first signs of comfy sweaters coming out. Yes boys & girls - if you ever needed a reason to wake up in the morning or to make a trip from Ireland or Poland or Bulgaria - just coming to SW Ontario at this time of year will bring the life back into your spirit and make you realize how wonderful each day truly is.


At the time of this picture being taken... I REALLY HAD TO GO PEE.


Monday, October 6, 2008

Denny Crane, Scrubbie and Tylenol. Yep - it's a mish-mash.

Hey kids... Don't ya just love the show Boston Legal!? The wife and I do. We find ourselves just a'grinnin each and every time we get to catch it. Denny Crane, Allan Shore and the rest of the whackballs - yes - this is TRULY great escapist television.

And on the topic of boob tube viewing... Heroes was on tonight. Dang - a great show. ahhhhhh - we do enjoy hangin with a cuppa tea and catching some good entertainment to wind down a day.

Tonight - the kid had his Soccer skills assessment for the winter season. He plays Indoor Soccer through the winter. (Yes... International readers - we canucks do enjoy a wee bit of frozen fluffy white stuff here through the winter months so for us Soccer junkies, or Football for the UK'ers, we gotta go indoors to play with our balls.) *giggle

Update on Scrubbie's cold: Blech - it's still here - full and furious. Aches, sniffles, runny nose, fever. Yep - I got it all. Ya see... it's like this. The kid went back to school 4 weeks ago. EACH and EVERY year, the little buggers after sharing all their germs and bugs for a couple'a weeks in school - all come home week 3 sick. Seriously. Even talked to the teachers when I went on that school trip last week. It's true. Then - they all get better BUT then the parents all get sick. So - there ya go. Now you know.

So - why the wintery layout? Oh - why the heck not. I have some photos from today that I wanted to post - but the truth is I ache all over and just dont have the umph to get down to the engine room to upload the pics from the camera. Maybe tomorrow.

Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada this week coming up. Guess who's doin' the Turkey dinner? Yep - Scrubbie's cookin up a storm this weekend for my side. The Out-Laws are next weekend. Good thing here: LOTS of holiday pics to scrap! hehehehehe

Tylenol Cold... here I come. (Hurricane Rona thinks it's best to wash down the cold meds with a good shot or 10 of whiskey. Uhhhhhhhhh - no.)

A change in season. A change in layout.

Oh hell - can't just leave it alone.

So - posted the pic of the kid there and then while reviewing it - thought "blech" - needs somethin'.

So - a quick addition and now Scrubbie's happy again.

If just doing this online drives you nuts - can you imagine what poor wife has to live with on a regular basis? Consider yourself lucky.

She'sssss baaaaack!

Yes kids - the Wife is back! Yahoo!

Lunatic dog is happy again. The Kid is happy again. And, you have a happy Scrubbie again. All is well in the Scrubbie pad.

The wife and her scrappy pal Judy did well with In A Pinch Designs this weekend in Peterborough. Sold lots. Much accolade. Yep - they came home a'grinnin'. Way to go gals!

Like the LO? Lotsa 'white space". I like it. And the kid - damn'd good lookin. This is officially his pose now. Hard to get him to do anything else.

Another fall day. Another work day. Scrubbie's got lots on his plate. Have to get busy. Apparently, Scrubbie did NOT win the lottery this past weekend. Go figure, huh.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Any suggestions for veg and dessert?

Howdy kids. Scrubbie's still recoverin' from a whirlwind day of Geocaching yesterday. The brother-in-law has officially become addicted to caching. Didn't take long. So - he and his wee fart Whoagun and the kid and I all buggered off yesterday, with JR's spanky new Garmin in hand, to hit a few local caches. Dutchie and Dancer were apparently gone yesterday as well - just as the Wife was - so it was most definately a boys weekend all 'round. Gone for 5 hours and snagged a half dozen caches in all. Even managed to sneak in a trip to the local Mickie D's for a Big Mac. There's the caloric intake for the week.

So, Bing and Bong were sleepin' over last night. The took off early for Church this morning, but came a'rushing back the very moment they were home. Now - here again - all bouncin' on the trampoline. Got to get in a few good bounces while we can and before the weather turns.

So - Scrubbie's got sniffles today. I don't like it. No sir - don't like it at all.

Workin' on a wonderful welcome home dinner for the wife. Roasted chicken, sweet yams, some kinda veggie somethin' - dont know yet. Gonna hit the market and see what is there.

So - there ya go kids - a simple Sunday. Gawd - I love simple Sundays. Need coffee. Later Gater.