Saturday, August 15, 2009

Almost Heaven... West Virginia

Scrubbie's still up - and it's after midnight.

Hey kids. Scrub here early early on a Saturday.

So I'm thinkin that yesterday's adventure has messed up Scrub's normal sleepin/wakin schedule. Argh. So - Scrub's got the tube on and just killin some time.

Mamma Scrub and Pappy Scrub have made their way on down to the U S of A - specifically to West Virginia... Almost Heaven.
Well - ya'll recall Scrub's cuzin Dolphin has Virginny blood pulsing through his veins? That side of the family... tractor throwing contests. Eatin' nasty bits. Stuff like that? Yep - well, it's the fam reunion time down there.
So - it's gonna be a hang out day here at the Scrub Shack.
And, to kill time - whipped up another Soccer layout featurin'... the Kid. Gawd love 'im.
Stay groovy kids.

Friday, August 14, 2009

A Glass of Water

Take two and call me in the morning.

A rather exhausted Scrubbie here at the QWERTY this morning kids. How ya'll doin?

Exhausted from yet another day at the Great White playground Canada's Wonderland. Sheesh! This time - went along with Hurricane and her two boys, D and H2. You remember Hurricane, right? No insurance company would dare touch her? Yep - that's the one. Well - the kid, D and H2 just had buckets of fun. Got a few pics. Not on here yet. I am sure sometime soon. Ya'll know me and Digi-scrappin', right? Pic today, layout - well... layout 'sometime' in the future.

No - no Wonderland pics today.

Instead... Scrub just needs to relax. Huh? Oh - "why" you ask? Well - lets not forget that Scrub's bones have seen a good number of years on the planet. And, ya'll know what it's like when ya own a go-kart. If the warranty expires on June the 12th... on June 13th, the muffler falls off, the tranny blows, rust that was not there previously magically pops it's way forward, and that snotty-nosed brat that lives three doors down has an insatiable urge to see how many marshmallows he can stuff down your fuel tank port.

And, while we're not forgetting that Scrub's bones have seen one or two thousand KM's (miles for you imperial types) (and by imperial - I refer, of course, to the other system of measurement. Not implying that you are guys or gals dressed in white plastic, carrying laser guns and referred to lovingly as StormTroopers by your family and friends that are also ultra-geeky Star Wars fans. Clear? Good.)

Where was I?

Oh ya - bones... thousands of KM's... exhausted... right. So - remembering the bones. And, also remembering that Scrub went to Canada's Wonderland yesterday. And, while remembering these... also taking into account that Scrub was along for the ride with the kid, D and H2 - all young testosterones that have metabolisms like small nuclear facilities. Gettin' the picture?

All I can say is that quite late last evening. Oh... say 3:10am... Scrubbie, quite carefully, got on his knees and thanked the almighty Scrub in the sky for giving mankind, as a whole, the wisdom and knowledge to invent Tylenol 3's stuffed to the brim with codeine. And, Peanut Butter. Thanked Him for peanut butter. Not that Tylenol 3's have peanut butter in them.

That's just weird.

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Things You Find on Facebook

Oh the humanity!

Scrubs, Scrubettes... it's a rather immasculated Scrubbie here bangin' on the laptop tonight.

First - I gotta tell ya. As ya'll may know - the wife and me gots ourselves a youngin'. He's 12. We call him The Kid. Sure, we call him other things as well. In fact, some of those things I cant even type here on the interweb in case the space cops come and spank me.

And, the Kid - for the most part - has been a "fly under the radar" kinda kid. Ya know - likes hangin at home with the Wife and Scrub. Plays on the computer. Video games. Blah blah blah. Typical kid.

Well - just a couple of weeks ago - at the end of school and as the summer kicks off - some kinda switch went off.

All of a sudden - whoosh! The social butterfly in him comes out. And - the fairer sex... ummm... well.... in a word.... Kaboom. Ya - that's a good word. Kaboom.

So - the kid gets out into the world and has scored up a few new friends that are... ummmm.... girls.

Just a few years ago - round here in the Great White - there came along this invention that allows for two way instant communication. Huh? No - No - not MSN. Hmmm? Nope - not Skype. It's this thing called the telephone. And, believe it or not - Scrub gots one.

Fantastic thing.

Anyway - until a couple of weeks ago - the telephone at our place was pretty quiet. The odd ring or two. usually Mamma Scrub or the out-laws callin' to check on the wife and me. Simple regular stuff, ya know?

Well... like I said... until a couple of weeks ago - the telephone at our place was pretty quiet. Then... (and forgive me for using this word twice in the same post)... Kaboom. I mean - seriously. The damnd thing never stops.

And, when the wife and me pick up the telephone to greet the caller - invariably on the other end of the horn is some giggling twinkette. "Ummmm - hello..... is The Kid there?"

Ohmygawd - all hours - all the time. The wife and me put the kybosh on the calls after 10pm pretty quick. After all - we're old. We go to sleep at 8pm. Then get up to pee 15 hundred times. But - that's another post.

So... Immasculated. I did mention that, right? Maybe that's not the right word. Maybe it is.

Anyway - the kid... in one of his adventures over to his new twinkette friends' place... well.... ummm... was... ummm....well... the pic says it all.

All he said was "they attacked me".

Oh... and the answer is YES. Found these on Facebook.

Anybody got PayPal?

"Hello Mrs. Scrubbie, Mr. Scrubbie. How are you both today? My, Mrs. Scrubbie... you look nice today!"

Sup kids? Yer old pal Scrub at the keyboard.

So - Eddy Haskell was at the Scrub Shack this weekend.
That's him there. With the kid.
You can see it, can't you? The Devil in his eyes.
Nah - seriously - he's a good kid.
With Eddy Haskell in the house, there was, of course, politeness all around.

When in the presence of the parents.

But, when the fellas were downstairs in the engine room - Scrub could easily hear the conversations going on. Ahhhh, yes.... teen boys.

However - all in all... good times all around.

And, as you have surmised, Scrub and the fam survived nasty summer storm weather. Gotta tell ya though - it was a doozie 'round these parts last night. All day yesterday, as a matter of fact.

Scrub was takin Eddy Haskell home yesterday via the go-kart. Eddy Haskell lives with Scrub-pals, The Tattoo People out in the middle of nowhere. And, whilst the kid, Scrub and Eddy Haskell were travellin' - the weather rolled in. OOO EEEE - there was a point where Scrub was thinkin "OK - time to pull over". But - made it through.

Anyhoo - today. Yes, today. See - today is somethin' special.

Glad you asked. Today - Scrub is takin' Mamma Scrubbie out this aft. No, no - not one of them Mother & Son dates. No, nothin like that.

See - both Scrub and Mamma Scrub are diabetic folk.

This is not some kind of Lord of the Rings new world where we both are 3 feet tall and spin silk out of cow dung. No. We both have internal organs -specifically - the pancreas - that are on vacation.

And, today is one of them days where we diabetic folk get to go and see professionals who will suck the blood out of us (we call 'em vampires) and then make us sit in chairs while they tell us all about the food we can eat and what we cant eat. Then - using pretty pictures and swell diagrams - they'll explain in disgustingly icky detail what happens to the grub we shovel down our gullets and what our bodies do as a result. With, of course, a diabetic spin to it.

So - we're off to do that 'round 4pm. Eastern Standard Time... in case you were wonderin'.

Hmmm? What's that you ask? Oh - why are both Mamma Scrub and Scrub himself going?

Simple really. See... Mamma Scrub.... she's a naughty diabetic.

We're "supposed" to do the vampire thing and prick our fingers all regular like to see where out glucose levels are. Mamma Scrubbie.... nah.

We're "supposed" to be somewhat careful about what passes our lips on the way down to the tummy. Chocolate as a main course... not allowed. Mamma Scrubbie... nah.

And, we're "supposed" to attend little diabetic events - just such as the clinic today - so that we are well informed Scrubs and Scrubettes. Ya know - keep ourselves in check and make sure we don't burden the health care system too much and all. Mamma Scrubbie... nah.

So - when Scrub found out that Mamma Scrubbie was "supposed" to go to her little diabetic event today - Scrub called Mamma Scrub's doc and said "Hey Doc - ya know Mamma Scrubbie? Ya - well, you told her to go to her little diabetic event. And, you know Mamma Scrubbie just like I know Mamma Scrubbie. So - I am thinkin that maybe I should go WITH Mamma Scrubbie. Just to make sure she doesn't get "lost" on the way."

Mamma Scrubbie's doc... couldn't have agreed more.

"Get yer knickers on Ma. Scrubbie's comin' for ya!"

And, since this secret is now out... and Scrub has pretty much guaranteed himself being stricken from the will... PayPal donations are graciously accepted.

Thank-you very much.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

One of many Soccer layouts

Congratulations Junior! We're proud of you!

Hey kids - Yer ol pal Scrub here.

Yep - they kid closed out the Soccer season this year with a few great games in the quarter-finals. Sadly - they didn't make it past the quarters - but they did a helluva job.

Oh - here in Scrub's part of the Great White... we're under some pretty severe weather warnings - tornado, hail, rain, wind - the whole kit'n'kaboodle. So... just in case this is Scrub's last post ever... it's been buckets of fun.

Love ya all.