Saturday, November 1, 2008

Ahhh - another All Hallows Eve has come and gone. Great this year. They kid and a couple of his punk friends got together to head out. Hurricane Rona stopped by for a visit. Couple 'a cocktails were flowing. James Bond movie to wrap up the night. Ya - all in all - good times.

Oh - and my niece and nephew stopped by too. Whogun and Dancer - you remember them from previous posts, right? JR and Dutchie's brats? Yep - they were decked out to the nine's as well. Whoosh!

So, here's the deal: One parent came by dressed up, bag the size of a house in hand, and while escorting a couple of his malformed offspring (assumed) he also puts out his bag and says he is collecting for the little one in the stroller. IN THE STROLLER? Are you kidding me? There are so many things wrong with this on so many levels. 1. You don't feed candy to a baby. What are you doing here pal - starting a collection for later in life like some kinda candy trust fund or something? 2. Do you really think I believe you here? The truth is you are collecting additional sweeties for your own brats and for yourself. Sheesh. Get a life dude. (I am sure he's reading this - so I can't name names here. Dave from #287 up the street would be sooo embarassed if I did)

And, November is upon us! Geez - the calendar is just flyin' by.

The wife is out Scrapbookin' today at a crop and I am at home with the kid. The wife's gal pal Judy is entrusting her eldest to me for the day. Bwaa-haa-haa! Ya.... the kid is gonna know what's it is like to put in a full day's yard work by time I'm done with him.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Torres swings both ways!

Grey's Anatomy - dont'cha just love it.

The wife and I like to take in Survivor and then Grey's on a Thursday night. Did ya watch tonight? Pigs - sheesh. Blech. I tell ya - I much prefer working in HR than in medicine!

Like the pic? It's the Mother-In-Law when she was but a chick of 18. The wife wasn't even a glint in her mama's eye yet.

So - tomorrow is All Hallow's Eve. The kid was flippin' back and forth for a bit as to whether or not he was going to go out for it this year. But, when he heard that his punk friends are all headin' out as a group - he decided he was going to be in with the crowd. Dead Mime. Yes - you read that correctly - the kid fancies going out for Hallowe'en as a dead Mime. LOLOLOLOLOL. Oh - I don't know! I don't know where he got the idea from. But, there it is. So, the wife and I toodled out today to pick up some whiteface make up, pair of white gloves for a buck, couple of other doo-dads. Tomorrow - we have to put it all together.

Speakin of headin' out. The wife and I took a lunch break together today. We have a local farmer's market that goes on Thursday and Saturday every week. Lots of vendors peddling belts and socks, apples and mushroom, fresh veggies, meats and a whole lot more. So - off we went to enjoy a sausage on a bun and take in the sights. Chilly - but good times. Bumped into the kid's former after-school babysitter who was also there with her eldest son who WAS a young fella - not so much anymore. Sheesh.

Oh, hey... the Bro-In-Law and I went to the gym tonight to sweat off a couple 'a pounds. NO NAKED GUY tonight! WooooooHooooooo! *grin

So - that's about it for the moment. Catch ya'll tomorrow - hopefully with pics of a dead Mime to share.

Welcome to KIM! Kim just hopped on board as a follower today. Kim is a digi-designer from Philly in the good 'ol US of A.

Listen kids - if you are signing on as a follower - be sure to drop a note or leave a comment so I know who you are. As the 'ol list grows - dummy Scrubbie is gonna start to not know who's new anymore.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

16 down and 6855676510 to go

Ya know - there's just somethin' immensely satisfyin' about digging through some old pics. Kinda like digging for treasure or somethin. Found a pic today of the kid a few years ago when we did the punkin' patch thing. I remember the day - it was grand.

Now - a few years later - the kid is growin' up. Which brings us to today's noteworthy item - the after school dance. Yes boys & girls - the kid had his very first school dance. At the tender age of 12, the report when he came home started with "I did two slow-dances!" - said with that non-chalant "low voice" he puts on when he is REALLY keen on something but tries to stay very kewl about it. *grin

The wife and I dig in a little deeper.

"Oh - and how did you 'slow dance'?" we ask.

"Waist and shoulders." he says.

The wife is particularly alarmed. You see - as far as she is concerned, she only shot the kid outa the chute a couple 'a days ago so he's still a baby in her eyes.

I'm not that much different I guess. Although.... I dunno... maybe bein' a guy, I take it all a little more in stride. Or, maybe it's just 'cause we guys tend to root on other guys when it comes to this sorta thing. It's ingrained in us to do so. Whoop Whoop!

Mark this day on your calendars kids- the day that Scrubbie will be eating his words.
Excuse me Scrubs - just for a second here...
HEY STEVE: Wed night bud - no Knight Rider up in the Great White! I think Barack took over the airwaves. Think I'll have to take my go-kart out for a toodle and take'r up to 250mph just to get my fix. Oh - wait... she starts to fly apart at 60. Never mind.
Ok kids - I'm back. Thanks.
The wife and I really do enjoy watching "Big Bang Theory" on TV. That show just cracks us up. LOL.

Ya'll remember my Geek friend Jim? Ya, well.... we can relate.
And, finally - a little welcome to "Rachel" and her brood for hopping on board the Scrubbie train. Good to have you here!

I know I have missed a few of the recent "followers" - but, Scrubbie's brain is kinda mushy. Why? Oh - c'mon - you read my blog! How could it NOT be mush!?

Suffice to say - I am thrilled to have you all on board. Thanks tons.

It's no secret that my plan is to take over the world. So - that is 16 down and only 6855676510 to go. Bwaa-ha-ha.

Check out this Scrubbie Surprise. Gee - that's a whole lotta 'gettin jiggy with it'.


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Wednesday October 29, 2008



And, that's all I gots to say 'bout that.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mean, Horrible and Proud.

Naked guy was there again. Hmph. This time though, the Bro-In-Law got to experience it too. Naked guy wasn't naked through. PHEW!

Howdy kids. So - what's new? Well - not a helluva lot actually. Monday and today have both been pretty heavy into work stuff.

Monday night was Soccer again. The kid tried his hand (buh-dump-bum) (some of you know he has only one hand which makes that phrase kinda funny) at bein' goalie again. Did ok. He's a field guy though, so in goal - he is tryin to use his feet all the time instead of doin' the dive to block shots and such. Oh well - between him and the coach - they'll figure it out. The wife wants to know though - "Who puts a one-handed kid in goal!? I mean - really?!?" hehehehe. Ain't that funny!

Scrubbie's pad has yet more electronics in it. The kid has been savin' his pennies for a while and with the birthday just passed, he has managed to put the coin together to go and do some spending - which he did. The word iPod is now heard every other sentence. Yep - the kid went out and got himself an iPod at the local electronic superstore. Bein' the frugal dad - tried to go the regular MP3 route - showed the kid an 8gig zip-pi-dee-doo-da thingy with larger screen and all the bells and whistles for bit more than half the cost of an iPod. But - the kid is 12. And, if it ain't an iPod, he might as well just hum the songs in his head. *groan.

At least, though, I now have huge leverage for gettin' some slave labour out of him. "Kid - do the dishes now or no iPod!"

Oh - I am a wicked and evil man. *grin

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The punks in action

So - as you have been reading - it's been the kid's birthday weekend celebrations and with the weekend wrap up - I wanted to share some pics of young Scrub and his punk pals having some fun.

It was an interesting event - the kid has learned about his "school friends" and his "home friends" and how they don't always 'mesh' together. This weekend was about the school pals.

The motley crew came over today at 11 and took over the engine room. Kewl thing here - the lads are old enough that all Scrubbie had to do was set up a couple of TV's with game systems on them, leave the puter running with a sign that said "no dirty web sites or else" and set up a buffet table with wings and pizza, a few drinks and assorted munchies and really - unless they had to surface upstairs to use the loo or something - didn't really see them much.

And of course when it came time for chocolate in the form of cake or cupcakes in this particular case - what is a pre-teen to do?

To hell with forks I say. Just tuck in face first!

After running amok at the Scrubbie pad - we all trucked off to the local indoor swimmin' pond to get a little wet. Nice thing about our local waterin' hole is that it is heavily chlorinated. Environmentally - well, I dunno. But, on the other hand, nothin' like a healthy dose of bleach to ensure a group of young fellers come out smellin half decent.

The wife and I were up in the viewing stands. This is where parents come to place bets on which of the little children may not survive. We also make trades there. "If you take that one in the blue shorts, I'll take two of the little ones in yellow" kinda thing. It the Canadian way.

Just to really stack the odds of coming home with one or two less than we arrived with, we throw our wee darlin's off tall tower platforms. Generally - they survive the drop. The belly flops are just 'a somethin' to behold.

The kid just LOVES takin' the plunge off the platform

And - survives. Ain't he 'da bomb.

I will say this - he is making some good buds. Believe it or not - there were hugs among them.

A really heartwarming display of affection.

Or - a concerted effort to squeeze the life out of each other in a young and ruthless 'survival of the fittest' moment where the lone survivor and alpha male gets the last cupcake and first player on the Wii.

Happy Birthday kiddo.

And that, as they say, is a wrap.


Hey - party time was two Scrubbie thumbs up! Kid had a great time and so did all the punk friends.

Can't post pics just at the moment - we are enjoying some wind down time with Futurama. It's the "Nuclear Wessels" episode again! Bwaa-haa-haa!

Back at ya soon!

Pray for me

Hey kids -

So Scrubbie's got a housefull of punk 12 yr old boys at the moment. We had to postpone the party until today.

Just thought you should know that this COULD be my last entry ever.

If I survive - I'll hop on later with a report.