Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll.

Hey Scrubs - how goes tonight?

Just got home from babysittin' the Niece and Nephew - known here as The Dancer and Whoagun.

A night filled with Nintendo Wii, Webkins (that's a marketing genius, right there.), couple 'a board games and other tyical babysittin' stuff. Good times. Digipage featuring The Dancer for ya. She looks laid back here -but, let me tell ya boys & girls - I am pretty sure JR and Dutchie drugged her sippy cup for the pic, because typically - Dancer is a fireball! LOL!

And on the note of typical... today was another Saturday that was fairly typical - housework, lumping around a little, just here and there. I kinda like it like that.

Hey - a shout out to some of the digi-scrappers who have taken a few moments to shoot me off a quick message! It was great hearing from you and thanks oodles for throwin' Uncle Scrubbie into your bookmarks and watch lists! Quite an honour to be included in the digi-fam! Scrubs - if you wanna check out some digi sites - well worth takin a peek at these blogs that are in Scrubbie's Bookmarks! (Tammy) (Kristine - another hoot to read) (Nikki - my writing doppleganger)

Kids - gotta run. The scrappin computer in the engine room is a'calling my name right now. Blogging is done on the laptop. Don't ask me why. Just another scrubbie thing. Not worth explaining. And, really - who cares.

Oh - the blog title - doesn't have anything to do with the post. Just thought it was catchy.


Friday, September 19, 2008


20 min later... CLICK HERE

She thought of somethin to get me to advertise. CLICK HERE


I gotta go... Scrubbie's hungry.

It's all in the Genes.

Hey boys & girls - Scrubbie checkin' up on you on a Friday night. Whasssssup?

Kids - the wife and I are just havin' oodles of fun at the moment. We are in the engine room here doing the scrap thing. She just finished a great card with... oh, whaddya call that stuff... OH YA - Paper. (Tree killer. *snicker) Just kiddin' ya there hunny bun.

We have been listening to music for the past few hours. And, the tunes are cookin'! (If the kid was playing the music at the volume we have it right now - we'd be stompin on the floor yelling TURN IT DOWN! LOL) But - the kid is at Bing & Bong's place tonight doing the sleepover thing - so the wife and I are footloose and fancy free! WooHoo! C;mon - you know how it is.

Layout for ya: my Niece Kiara. AINT SHE 'THE BOMB'!!! I know - cute as hell. Thanks cuzin Sonya for bringin' the wee darlin' into the world. (BTW - she looks EXACTLY like Nana Scrubbie - Mamma Scrubbie's mom. Kinda eerie actually).

I gotta say thanks tons to all the visitors to the blog. The electronic playground here has been a busy place of late. UK, South Africa, Belgium, USA, Canucks everywhere, Portugal and a whack of other spots. Gee willekers kids - thanks for comin' by! Scrubbie's blushin' right now.

The wife was whining a little bit that I was getting some traffic and I wasn't takin' the time to mention her blog and website. I told her that I would MENTION it only. IN A PINCH DESIGNS. I am not an advertiser. And, now she is askin what it's gonna take to get a link. Hmmmmm....


Howdy boys & girls.

First - go and fetch yourself a drink. Then, come back. I'll wait.

Back? Good. Now - raise your glass and celebrate with me. Scrubbie got to use power tools today! HOORAY! Yes, 14.4 volts of raw, torque drive, high speed RPM drilling POWER! WOOOOOO HOOOOOOO! Then, the damnd battery died. It sounded like a dying cat. What a way to take the fun out of a moment. I have decided that I dont think I like the cordless power tools. Switched then to the wired drill and WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO! Back in business!

Came home, all sweaty and happy. Hopped in the shower and used the expensive body wash! Yes, it was a good night.

Wanna see somethin' fun? Check out this LO I did.

Oh - remember the kids new punk friend Matt? Well, snapped a pic of the two brats together. Gonna do up a page. Gotta wait for it though. Scrubbie needs sleep!


Hey kids - here's something kinda kewl - already mentioned that I love the whole monochrome thing, right - here's a freebie that I found that looks like it could be kinda fun.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wolverines Rock!

Hey kids - one of our punk friends Jared got his limelight earlier this week. (or was it last week? without the Happy Pills - I just don't know anymore! *giggle)

Now - it's time for big bro Simon to shine!

Check this out:

I'd love to blog more - but the kid is whining that he hasn't been on the puter for hours and hours and is going through withdrawl. Geez - look at him shake on the floor. Don't know if it's withdrawl or if he is having a seizure. Nah - it's withdrawl.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mommie's Home!

So... ya'll know that I usually blog sorta last thing at night. But, here it is 5:30 in the afternoon, and, here I am just waiting for the wife to come home - kinda killing a few minutes. If I all of a sudden stop blogging - it's because she came home and I ALWAYS run to greet the 'ol dear. So does the lunatic dog. I just gotta say "Mommie's Home" and all hell breaks loose.

Was talking to my friend the Joodster today - you know - the one with the ear-suckling hubby. Right. Anyway... told her I would put up a particular layout today - so here it is.

Actually - it was therapuetic doing this particular page. I was still reeling from the massive explosion of pink on my previous girlie page. With the Go Hard or Go Home page - I feel that all is well with the world.

On that note - I have to apologize to you boys & girls. I know that after last night's blog - you all probably went to bed repeating PUDDING over and over and just giggling away. Probably couldn't get to sleep right away. I know I couldn't.

For the guys who read this blog - about those pudding dreams... You can thank me later.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Blog blog blog blog. Ya know - it would be GREAT is this beastie was interactive. There is tons I could tell you about. Not sure if you are here for the words or the pics or both. Well - suck it up buttercup. You cant have one without the other. *grin Just the highlights you say - ok. Here it comes:

1. Head chief at Maple Leaf Foods - Mike... you are doing a great job with the food safety thing. Keep it up.
2. I hate politics. For the non-locals... like rats from a ship, Prime Minister Steve has told us we are all heading to the polls in a month. (You U.S.'ers are probably thinking..."a month? what the hell - our elections take 3.5 years! How do you know how and who to vote for?) Answer: we Canucks pretty much just vote for the guy we hate the least and hope for the best. Welcome to Canada, eh.
3. Taking my LAST HAPPY PILL tonight - in about 14 minutes as a matter of fact. Wish me luck.
4. I bought pudding today at the grocery store. mmmmm - love pudding. Love saying "pudding". I mean, c'mon... really... who doesn't love saying "pudding". On sale too. You cant go wrong with pudding. (Jell-O also on sale. Grabbed 10 of them)
5. I cut the grass today. And the neighbours grass today. Blah.
6. Found out today that the wife's Great Grandfater, a dozen times over, was born early 1600's in Switzerland of all places! No wonder the wife yodels in the shower instead of sings. Explains it all. Thinking about buying a swiss miss outfit for the wife. Dang - that'd look kewl.
7. Loving the wife more than words can say.
8. Did up a girly page today. A REALLY girly page. Kinda makes me nauseous a little bit, it's so girly. Think I'll go and drink a beer, sit in my undershorts and watch a hockey game or somethin.

Wow - pudding and yodelling - all in one blog. Why go anywhere else. Ya'll can go and enjoy your day now.

Yodelling... hehehe... still makes me laugh.

Monday, September 15, 2008

The new Punk Friend - Matt.

Hey boys & girls - hope all is well!

Delightful Monday today. Not much happened that required a ton of thinking! Just the way Monday's should be, huh?

Kid came home with homework today. Looks like Grade 7 is officially underway.

Met one of the kids new punk friends yesterday. Matt - seems like a decent kid. Very polite. Good lookin'. He and the kid just mesh like PB&J. Glad to see him making new friends. Punk friend Matt - gets a mean case of the giggles. We all were killing ourselves laughing. Had him stay for dinner with us - sorta the "grill you and get to know you" dinner. Lots and lots of fun.

Scrubbie has to get out the pots and pans soon. I haven't done any fun cooking for a while. All been hum-drum stuff. You know... the kind of basic food that keeps the family alive but doesn't really have any wow to it. So - going on the hunt for some new things to make. I'll keep you posted of anything good.

New layout for you to see. Pappa Scrubbie, my dad, as a tot with his mommy. That is a helluva pic, huh?

So apart from ice cubes forming on my eyelashes right now, and my hands so cold they are shrivelled up and having a hard time finding the right keys to hit on the 'ol puter here... everything is good. Did I mention that it got really cold?

Time to find the comfy blankies and crawl into bed. Cheers.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hey - Mr. Cormier... remember me? LOL

Here we are 31 years later, and I am just now figuring out they spelled St.Agnes wrong! Luckily, I passed Mr. Cormier's spelling class.

You can see why the wife fell in love with Scrubbie, eh kids? Good Lookin'! WooHoo.

Yes, Yes... wrapping up a Sunday night. The remnants of Hurricane Ike came a'wanderin' through the southern Ontario area tonight. Not much umph left in the old bugger though. We did get pretty wet and the winds blew slightly. Of course, the kid was panicking because he thought that what came ashore in the US was going to be full force coming here. I tell ya... that kid of ours...

1/4 dosing of the Happy Pills goes well. Headaches have eased off a little bit. This is good news! And, I actually slept for a little better than 6 hours last night. Also... very good news. I still haven't done bodily harm to anyone. Again... good news. If I keep this up, I'll have to grab myself a very large hero cookie and celebrate soon!

The wife got a new 'do' today. She's lookin HOT. HOT I TELL YOU! I'll have to grab a candid pic to post. If she knows I am taking one for the blog - oh, there'll be hell to pay.

Finishing off tonight's rant - one more LO for you to enjoy. This one is pretty good. Dad's parents - Nana & Grandad Scrubbie. Not sure of the dates of the pics as yet. Have to poke dad in the ribs to find out. But - I managed to pull together a couple of pictures that show them in the early days and one in the not so early days. This layout is either wonderful because it is a shining beacon to the enduring love of a couple that lasts years and years. OR - it is a horrible reminder of what having kids does to you. You decide.

Raindrops on Roses

Raindrop on roses
Whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles
And warm woolen mittens.

Brown paper packages
Tied up with strings
These are a few
of my favourite things.