Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hoorah! It's the Weekend!

Morning boys & girls!

Yes - the weekend has arrived!

Yesterday - the kid found 2 geocaches! I wasn't there for one of them - so no pics. Boooo. But, for the first one, I was - layout below. *grin. We even almost got 'muggled'! Yikes! Good times.

Homemade burgs on the Q - deeelishishus. Bond flick in the evening. Shopping for new bulbs for the car at Canadian Tire. Ahhhh - It was a good Friday.

So - I have NO idea what's in store for today - but who cares.... it is SATURDAY! hehehe.

Here are the pics from the Caching expedition yesterday. Enjoy!

Friday, August 15, 2008

It's kinda sad actually.

Morning boys & girls. Yes, it is sorta sad really. No - nothing has happened. It's just that I was all excited about doing a scrapbooking layout with the geocaching pics yesterday that I ended up staying up for a while last night and did it. LOL.

So - here you go: the Caching expedition from yesterday after dinner. (which was steak, spuds and carrots... in case you wanted to know. *grin)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Darn'd Micro Popcorn

Ya - that microwave popcorn. Sheesh - took 3 go's tonight just to get some that went right. I think I'm going to call that 800 number on the box and see what happens. Oh well - it's popcorn and not the end of the world, right.

Went out tonight - did a Geocache with the fam. Even took the lunatic dog with us. Except for the skeeters - was a grand time. Found it too. Have to snatch the pics of the camera - maybe will do that tonight. I want to scrap those - not sure what to do with them yet. But - hang tight - it'll get up here sooner or later.

First dry day in a while - so, went out and cut the grass. Did two lawns actually. Always do two lawns actually. My neighbour is a wonderful older lady and she's not really up to cutting grass and such - so, while doing 1, just do 2. Easy enough.

The kid was gone all day, and Wife was home with me. It was pretty quiet around here for a change. Wife was scrappin' on her side of the room and I was working on my computer. All this digi scrappin' stuff sure sucks up the space on the harddrive. Anyway - little housework on the puter and things seem to be running a little smoother.

Wife and I are watching the Olympics tonight after our sojourn out. She's asking if I am writing about her. "Of course I am sweetheart!" (did you all oooo and ahhhh at the new banner she whipped up for me? It's great, ain't it!)

I asked the kid which layout to put up on the blog tonight - he made his pick.

Pics are from our family photo shoot we did in June. The hat is killer, huh. He found it at the store and thought it'd be "cool" - wore it to school and everything. He was the talk of the ankle biters.

I'm posting a second layout tonight. On this one, I mucked around with the photo a bit and I think it turned out pretty good. I like looking at it. Hope you like it too.

Hey - Boxers or Briefs? Vote in my poll. Thanks.

Hello Mudder-In-Law!

Yes boys and girls - not only is my mother viewing my blog, but now my mother-in-law is as well. Double Yikes! hehehe

So - to honour my mama-lou - here is a layout I did recently featuring the 'ol dear. We always have a few good giggles when we're together.

Here you are Ma - YOU on the interweb thingy.

See that - I got to say "Boobs" on the web! *grin

Check it out!

Morning kids - wow - check out the banner up there! Thanks Wife! You're the best! (hands off guys - she's mine.) *grin

Now - time for coffee. Cheers

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

One more thing...

Oh, alright... before I snackker off for the night - check this out. Went with a friend and her boys to Canada's Wonderland as you might have read about yesterday. As a s'prise for them, I put a little somethin' somethin' together with a few pics from the day.

Before you do though - it was whipped together in record time, so from a digiscrappin' point of view - it's pretty much white bread. But c'mon... breaking the rules. Remember? Gotta go to You Tube for it. Here's the link:

Hey - come back soon. WIFE is tartin' up my blog space for me. She's awfully clever that way. *grin Cant wait to see the new look myself!

Today I am a Geek.

Evenin' boys & girls,

Work day today. Lots of it too. I spend a good deal of the day on the telephone which makes your ear go all sweaty. Blech. Should have used my headset today. Didn't feel like it though. Sometimes you just have those days - know what I mean?

Then, tonight - I had to reformat WIFE's computer. Wiped it clean, I did. Whoosh. Just like that - it was empty and crying out for input. Hehehe - I was all powerful at that moment. Anyway - zip-boom-baa - and it was all done. Now - for a shot of Rye whisky. mmm - nectar of the gods that is.

But, before I slip off into the land of Crown Royal - I wanted to bring you a note about breaking the rules. Why? Well - why not! Honestly (and don't even begin to suggest you don't agree) from time to time, breaking the rules is not only fun, but it can be necessary. And if it's not necessary - it is just plain old fun. Just remember kids - it's all fun 'n games 'till someone loses an eye. Or something like that.

It would seem that my digi peers out there all insist on layouts being darn close to looking like they were made of paper and stickers. Some even "poo-poo" the idea of breaking away from that illusion. In typical Scrubbie fashion... I have broken the rules. Why - in this case - just because it was fun. The popping on this page seems to work for some reason. Probably cause it features the kid.

Gotta run - Crown is calling my name and this is one time where I won't break the rules and ignore the calling. Nighty night.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

WooHoo! What a day!

Wow - what a day today. Went to Canada's Wonderland today. Went with a dear friend, Rona and her two boys. I went along as the 4th to help out with rides etc. Don't know Canada's Wonderland? For U.S. visitors - think 6 Flags parks: roller coasters, spinny rides, REALLY expensive food ($3.51 for a bottle of soda pop, $7.99 for a cheeseburger etc etc - no kidding. Today, I had a Gyros wrap, small order of french-fries and a fountain drink - total: brace yourself... $17.28!) Anyway - new coaster there called the Behemoth. Holy Crap - HUGE, STEEP, FAST, LONG and overall INCREDIBLE! Had to wait over an hour to get on - but let me tell you boys and girls - well worth it. I haven't come off a coaster grinning like that for a VERY long time. I'll get some pics up for it soon - but, just had to share that with you. Home tonight - little sun on the face, maybe some windburn and really tired feet. LOL. So worth the trip though. Rona's boys are so great and they are as close to nephews as you can get without sharing bloodlines. I really do love them very much.

Today's layout is something I put together a couple of weeks ago and is going up because it represents the exact opposite of what today was all about. Relaxing. hehehe. Consider it my way of coming down from a really exciting day. Well - this and a cup of tea with my darling wife. THAT always makes for an excellent wrap up of any kind of day.


Monday, August 11, 2008

You Got Game

Oh - couldn't resist putting another LO up on the blog! On a digi-rampage here at the moment.

I like this one.

Here's somethin' interesting.

Hey all - here's a little something that is sort of interesting. For those of you reading who dont know me... some time ago, the wife, the kid and I lost our house and pretty much everything in it to fire. Afterwards, when we went rummaging through the debris to see what we could find, there were a couple of tote bins that had some layouts in them. They were pretty much garbage at that point, but we did save a few that weren't too bad off in hopes that we might, one day, get around to recreating them.

Well - you know how it is. "One day" never seems to roll around. But today was a bit different!

I thought I would give it a go doing it digitally.

So, I present the before and after for you: The first pic is a scanned copy of the original done traditionally and the second is my intepretation of it digitally.

The layout was originally done quite a few years ago - gosh... doesn't seem that long ago. But - check out the stitching! Woo-hoo! Wife and I were ahead of the times back then. LOL.

Those who do know us may remember this one on the wall at our store!

For your viewing pleasure: The Brat In The Hat

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Weekend Wrap-Up

Crazy weekend, I tell you... Crrrazy. Weather has been weird - really chilly. Wet, Wet, Wet. I dunno. Made for a good weekend to hide inside and enjoy great food (Curry tonight), watch the Olympic games on the tube, laugh my arse off at the oddballs on Big Brother (these people have issues - big time) and just enjoy the fam.

Everyone has toddled off to bed. I was doing dishes and wanted to play in front of the 'puter for a while. Did a LO using papers and elements from Tara Dunston Designs. Nice stuff. Photos were taken by Holly Schneider of Waterloo. Have a bunch of them which will pop up now and then, but I really liked this one.



Yikes - my mom just figured out how to get to this blog. I guess there is no more talking about naughty things. hehehe. "Hey mom - how are you?"

So - rainy and cold here. Blech. Did another layout. Ever heard of Geocaching? - go and see. Basically - it's a global game of treasure hunting using a GPS unit. Tons of fun. Very worth giving it a go. Anyway - here's a LO with pics from one of last years cache hunts. Had fun creating my own background and cardstock for this layout. Enjoy.

Taking in a Game

Geez - what the heck happened to summer? It's frackin' cold outside! LOL

Oh well - welcome to Canada, eh.

So rather than go to bed at a reasonable hour last night, I decided to stay up for a bit and warm myself by the fake fire and whack out another soccer layout. Yes - there will likely be a few of them (we took something like a thousand pictures LOL).

In this LO, you should notice the Timmies coffees. For those browsing from the US or elsewhere - THAT is another very CDN thing. LOL