Friday, July 31, 2009

Less than 5 hours.

4 hours and 44 minutes.

Howdy kids - yer old pal Scrub here at the keyboard.

It is a Friday morning! And, here in the Great White - it is also the lead up to a summertime long weekend. We all gots Monday off here - Civic Holiday long weekend. But, us Canucks all like to try and sneak in a couple extra hours here and there for long weekends. And Scrub ain't no different.

The 'ol Scrub timeclock is shuttin down 'round 2pm today (Eastern Standard Time, in case ya'll wanna grab a cocktail to celebrate with me). And, the long weekend will begin. Oh - dudes and dudettes... this is somethin that yer Uncle Scrubbie is lookin forward to.

The wife and me - thinking of checking out some tall ships this weekend. (I know... exciting eh? Control yourselves). There's also a "lighted kite" festival. (Again - control your hysteria) Hurricane and her two punks will likely be in the picture. No doubt the kid will drag along a couple of his punk pals here and there. Cocktails. Some tunes. Oh ya baby. Bring it on.

4 hours 31 minutes.
Hey - I promised ya a couple of pics.

Here they are.


Ya - he's the knob that fancies motorsports speed in a parking lot filled with punk kids. Sure - there's points to be had in takin a few of them out. But - seriously...

So - here's DTTG's go-kart that I was mentioning.

If ya'll please direct your attention to pic 1. Notice the hood unlatched. But, in the interest of safety, DTTG has utilized one of Scrub's favouritist things - the bungee cord - to ensure the hood don't fly up into DTTG's field of vision while taking parking lots at high speed.

Now, if you'll glimpse your gaze on to pic #2. You can see here why DTTG has earned his monikor.
Again - the trunk (or boot for ya'll visitin from across the pond) - ajar - BUT, safely and securely held down by means of duct tape.

Sure - I have a Y chomosone and do appreciate duct tape. Seriously. I do. Love the stuff.
Use it all the time. (even love the smell of it. Guys - back me up here. )

The sound of it shhheppping off the roll as you tug. Takin yer teeth to one edge to get that rip. The joy of battling the sticky when you have a strip of the stuff more than 30 cm (or 12" for all the imperials in the room) long. Oh ya.

And the ultimate satisfaction of running yer paw along the tapes silvery, textured backside as you firmly press it to achieve full adhesion. Be right back. Gotta have a smoke and grab somethin to eat.

Ok - I'm back.

BUT - even with my sincere love of duct tape... ya'll gotta admit - this is a bit over the top.
Personally - I'd prefer to see DTTG cover the whole gokart in duct tape. Make a statement.

4 hours, 24 minutes.

Oh hey - our pals, the Tattoo people who live in the middle of nowhere (and are also the kid's punk pal Eddy Haskell's inked mamma and inked pappa) - it's their 10th wedding annie today. Happy Anniversary! We love ya! (Ink'd Mamma - I know what the 'ol boy has planned for ya! Nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah!)

4 hours, 19 minutes.

Ink'd Mamma is gonna kick Scrub's arse when she sees him next. *grin

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Nothing. Nothing. And more nothing. Seriously - nothing.

It's wet. Really wet. I mean REALLY wet. And, stop thinkin naughty thoughts.

Hey kids - Scrubbie at the keyboard once again.

No - it's not a prelude to some porn entry. By wet, I mean that the rain has been bucketing down round Scrub's part of the country today. And, of course, Scrub was at the local trading post exchanging furs and skins for a potato and some fruit when it was gushing down. Gotta keep that scurvey at bay.

So - whilst exiting said trading post and pausing to wait for the sky to close up a little, Scrub took a moment to do a little people watchin' - as he frequently does. And, I wasn't disappointed. To my delight, chickey-boo was standing under the overhang to keep herself dry, as was the hoards of other skins and furs traders today. But, chickey-boo was waving down her gal pal, or progenitor - it was hard to tell. And, madame driver of the go-kart decided to stop traffic for a good couple of minutes while she BACKED HER GO KART RIGHT UP ONTO THE PEDESTRIAN AREA and DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF THE TRADING POST DOORS. I know! Seriously.

So - chickey-boo with her cartful, was giggling away and when the driver came to a complete stop, just inches from the door and a number of onlookers who were, to be frank, just AGOG by all of this, loaded up her trading post treasures and promptly ran into the go-kart, leaving her shopping buggy right there in the doorway. All of this without even so much as a "by your leave".

Ahhhhh. There's nothin Scrub loves more than a twit in the afternoon to bring a giggle to his sourpuss face.

Well - after that bit of entertainment, Scrub came home to the Scrub Shack where he is prepping up a nice little dinner of pasta with meat sauce and all the delish fixuns. Hurricane and her youngest punk, H2, are comin' for sup tonight, The eldest - Big D - well, he went back to frenchville last week. Apparently, the lad - a strapping 14 yrs of age - had to go break up with his girlfriend and hit a couple 'a parties. He made it just in time too. The choo-choo drivers all decided not to go to work the day after Big D got home. Othersie - it'd been a helluva walk.

The wife - poor thing - bustin her scrappy hump this weekend. As you recall, her and gal-pal the Joodster gots themselves a bit of business goin on and the wife is up to her scrappy armpits gettin stuff done. But - give the ol gal a couple of hours and she'll have everything needin' done - done.

Oh - the wife and me - little date the t'other night. Went to see the latest Harry Potter flick. Darn'd good. I'll give it two Scrubbie thumbs up. Then, last night, the kid went to crash at Bing and Bong's place. So, the wife and me did a little cuddle up in front of the tube to catch an 80's flick with Glenn Close and Jeff Bridges - Jagged Edge. Gawd I love the 80's. It's all about the hair, aint it.

And, 'tween it all, Scrub put mouse to mousepad and threw together another scrappy page.

Wanna see?

There ya go.

Oh - and the lunatic dog is dead. Well, not deceased. Just flopped. Here, in front of me. On the floor. Ya know how they get.

And, to be honest - Scrub could pretty much do the same.

Gawd, I love Sundays.