Saturday, August 23, 2008

Geez Louise - it's hot outside

Zoinks - it is hot out there. Not doing much of anything at the moment. Just thought I'd let you know that.

Friday, August 22, 2008

An oldie but a goodie

Hey kids - I am scrappin' tonight and just finished this layout featuring - my Dad! Oh - get ready for a different spin on what could be considered a heritage layout. *grin


The Mandarin

Holy geez - that is one crazy restaurant! Went to the Mandarin today for lunch for our last hoorah as a group - Rona and her boys and the wife, kid and I. It's a buffet place and it's huge. No dinner for this ol' boy tonight. LOL

So - Rona's eldest, Daniel - recently morphed into a *gulp* teenager.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's still Thursday!

Hey kids - Thursday night here and all is well. Ahhhh. Chinese food for dinner. The kid played with Bing and Bong most of the evening. Actually got him into bed before midnight! Ya - we have to start winding him down as we only have another week and a half before school starts up again. This'll be a challenge.

I spent some time today trying to do research on how a chap from the UK can get a work visa for here in Canada. I am trying to help this fellow get a job here. My oh my - what a load of gobbeldy-goop there is out there for information. So much to sort through. But, tiz what I get paid for. So - tomorrow morning, back to the hunt again.

Our good friend, Hurricane Rona had her boys here for the summer. I mentioned this once before - the kids that are practically newphews to the wife and I. Anyway - they are heading back to Quebec this weekend, so tomorrow we are all doing lunch together and then taking in some afternoon entertainment at the Buskers festival here in Waterloo. Do a google search for that - it's a great show. Street entertainment, treats, lots to see and do. It's good fun.

I did a layout today to celebrate our friends - Rona, Daniel & Brandon. We're gonna miss you boys - but, will see you again very very soon!!!! We love you lots.

Promised Pics

I told you that I took pics of the shopping trip the other night - here they are. Enjoy

And now it's Thursday morning

Yes, Yes - Thursday morning. Like most of you reading - I didn't win the lottery last night. Darn - and I had so much planned for that money. Oh well.

Did you see Ron McLean's graceful exit from the Olympics last night? Ron - if you are reading this, and I am sure you are... our sympathy and best wishes to you and your family.

Back to School is on full force right now. Even featured on Canada AM this morning. Time flies. The wife and I grab pics of the kid on the first day of school and the last day of school each year. I came across one of the last day of school pics late last night as I was scanning over some past photos. The pic was pretty hysterical so I put together a layout with it.

Have a great day folks!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It's Wednesday night

Evening boys & girls. It's Wednesday night. The kid is sleeping over at Bing and Bong's place and the wife and I are taking in a couple of more episodes of HEROES.

I had to call the cops today! No kidding. There's a forest in behind our house and this afternoon I heard what sounded like 2 gunshots. Likely some teens popping off an air rifle or perhaps tossing out some heavy duty firecrackers - but with little kids in the neighbourhood who play in that forest - I had no choice but to make the call. Sheesh.

I have been doing quite a few layouts on Geocaching lately - but I kinda want to get caught up on those photos and then start working on others. I also have quite a few pics that are 'vintage' and I am looking forward to some heritage style layouts. On that note - here is a LO of the first cache we ever did.

The kid and I headed out little better than a year ago to find our first cache.

Might hop on again later - might not.


Work Work Work

Taking a moment to say good morning to my darling wife who will probably be checking up on the blog today! Hiya darlin'!

To celebrate our wee lad - here is a twist on the phrase Bouncing Baby Boy!

Later all.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'm back from shopping

Phew - back home again.

Didn't do too badly actually. Ended up finding a few deals - 40% off shoes for example! Woohoo!

Am poor - but, not too much.

Even took pics! LOL! The kid'll thank us when he's older for keeping the visual diary. For the moment though - he thinks the wife and I are idiots. Oh well.

Back later.

Goodbye money.

Yes folks - the wife and I are taking the brat out shopping for school clothes. First - he grows like a weed. There is every possibility that he'll be out of anything we buy by time school starts. But, if we dont go and get something for the kid to wear "now-ish", he'll be naked and then Family and Children's services will get involved and then... well... it would be all just so inconvenient.

So - off to the mall we go. And, while there, we will of course be dragged off to West 49 or some other such store where the pimple faced kids run the joint. I am definitely over 40 yrs of age.

I tell ya - there is nothing more satisfying that complaining wildly. hehehe.

Before venturing off to the great money sucking adventure - I thought I'd finish off a couple of layouts that have been lying around waiting for the final bits on them.

The first - oh so simple.

The second - blast from the past.

The third - makes me concerned about having grandkids early.

I'll report back later, providing I dont have to throw my laptop into hock to pay for socks.



Nope - not today, but the anniversary just passed, so I thought a layout to commemorate the event would be appropriate. On that day, I was playing in a golf tourney with my former employer and knew nothing of what was going on in the outside world. At the end of the tourney, I approached a course employee asking about the location of a bathroom. (The golf chick [a name chosen by herself - hehe] who rides around in the cart serving cocktails was really good to me). Anyway... the person I asked said I'd have to use a tree because there was a blackout all through Ontario. I said - "ya, right" thinking to myself they were frackin' with me because we were a rowdy bunch or something. The person insisted that I couldn't use the washrooms there because without power, their facilities wouldn't work. Frustrated and holding my willy, I phoned the wife via cell phone (and that took a couple of tries to get through) to find out that indeed - the province and possibly a good chunk of the country was in the dark. Weird feeling at that moment.

At home - there was not much to do of course except prepare some food on the camping stove and hang out and enjoy the darkness. It was remarkable - everyone was out helping each other and there was so much comradery.

The city - totally dark. No streetlights; no stoplights working; phones were down; radio stations were running on generators. It was truely and adventure.

A day later - power started coming back here and there and finally - we were back to normal.

So much more to the story - but... this is a blog and not a history book.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Nuclear Wessels

I'm watching Trek IV - The Voyage Home. Checkov just said "nuclear wessels" and I guffawed out loud. hehehe. Anybody ever watch "Futurama"? Yep - cartoons. Welcome to my life. Anyway - just yesterday, there was an episode where Fry squealed with delight when guest voice Walter Koenig had to say that phrase in his Trek Russian accent. HAHAHAHA - the kid and I were gigglin' somethin' fierce when that happened.

And, on the topic of Trek - anyone seen the sneak peek at the new Enterprise for the upcoming movie which has now been bumped back to next year?SWEEEET!

The wife and I have also started watching "Heroes" on DVD - saw the first 3 chapters today. Can't believe we missed out on that show for the past couple of years. Lotsa fun. Cant wait to see more of it.

So - anyone else have boys at home? The kid is 11 and we are the neighbourhood house. So, the house is constantly full of 11 yr old boys - testosteronish and wild. Sheesh. Anyway, the kid has two punk friends called Bing and Bong. No, not their real names of course, but the wife and I couldn't remember their names when the kid started hanging with them and one day, we just called them Bing and Bong. From that point on - that's their names. They have an older brother too - we call him Bang. Bing and Bong - they're good kids. Bing is sleeping over tonight. In fact, truth be told, there are frequently other kids sleeping over. Seems like the wife and I have a family of 4 more often than a fam of 3. That's ok though. We don't mind borrowing other people's brats. The good part: they always go home.

The kid has usurped my desktop computer so I have loaded Photoshop on the laptop here and gave digiscrappin' a whirl on the old girl. Didn't go too badly actually. Little slower - but what the heck. At least I can hang on the couch with a cool refreshing beverage and do my little pasttime. And who doesn't love a cool refreshing beverage?

Did some more Geocaching today - some successful hunts. Others... not so much. It was getting pretty toasty outside though and food was calling. So, gave in and came home. Pics and pages coming up soon.

Here's something I put together while watching Heroes tonight.

Pic of my niece and nephew. Cute, eh?

So - time to grab the diabetes meds and hit the sack. Work tomorrow. Lots of it too. The weekend went by just a little too fast. But... don't they always?

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Out for a Stroll

Hey all - Sunday morning is passing by nicely. Beautiful day outside! Took some time to do up a page about one of our caching experiences yesterday. Here it is:

OMG! Look at the time!

Geez - it's 1:13am. Nope - now it's 1:14am. That's what I get for falling asleep on the couch for 45 mins before dinner tonight. Oh - but it was soooo nice!

So - tried to do the bulb thing for the car this morning. The nuts are rusted on TIGHT! Think I am going to have to spray a little Jiggaloo on it and git 'er loosened up. Where the hell do they come up these goofy names of products huh? Jiggaloo... sheesh. Someone was smokin' something 'er other and watching cartoons that day.

The wife, kid and I all did some caching again today (or yesterday if you want to get really technical with me). Did two of them! Got some pics too. Haven't scrapp'd them yet. Hold 'ur horses - I'll get to them. Suffice to say - both adventures successful. The wife found her 1st cache today too! WooHoo! It was a toughie too. Plans for tomorrow (or today if you are STILL getting technical with me) are to hit another one or two of them. Make it a full Geocaching weekend.

I think the kid wants to do a little digital scrapping too. That should be fun. He's a creative sort - cant wait to see what the lad comes up with.

By the way - dinner was BBQ chicken, corn on the cob from Herrle's (the GREATEST corn there is) and some leftover spuds from the other night. Twas yummy.

So was doing some browsing over the net today and came across a quote that made me laugh pretty good. Erma Bombeck spouted this one out and I thought it'd make a fun page.

Now - in all fairness - the kid did do a clean up today and did a pretty good job of it. (although I haven't checked under the bed or in the closet yet. It could all just be shoved in hiding places, right?)

So - yawning away here. Time to hit the sack.

Cheers all.