Saturday, November 15, 2008

A quickie. No - not that! You naughty monkeys.

Morning darlin's - so to honour the arrival of the fat man in the red suit (Santa - not me) to inspire Christmas shoppers everywhere at your local mega mall, and to mark today when the kid goes to ride on a float in the Santa parade in the big city, Scrubbie and the fam wanna give you a lil' somethin-somethin.

HERE for a Scrubbie Surprise!

Friday, November 14, 2008

The name is Bee. Scrub-bee.


No - not the lottery numbers. Just glucose levels. Yes - I'm back to drawing blood everyday. Blah. But - on the positive side - looks like I don't have thick as honey blood flowin' through the old veins. Scrubbie's been a good boy! Still gotta go to the vampires at the lab next month though.

It's Friday. Nice, eh? Busy with work - but the weekend is officially creeping up. Tomorrow - off to Hamilton to take part in the Santa Parade. Gonna be good hookin' up with some folks we haven't seen in a while. There is this couple with a young lad who was born with congenital birth anomaly similar to the kid. We ended up meeting a few years ago when they put in a request to meet another family in similar circumstance. They are gonna be there too. Been a couple of years since we last saw them.

And - it is James Bond Weekend! WOOOOOOHOOOOOOO! Yep - the new Bond flick starts up this weekend. The Bro-In-Law, JR, is goin' to catch it this weekend. The wife and I are making plans. Not sure if we can make it happen this particular weekend, but, it'll happen. Oh yes - it'll happen.

So - that's it for now. Gotta hit the books.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Santa Clause is comin' to town. Well - not our town. Not yet anyway.

Ya - so I was talking about the kid and I havin' a lazy day the other day. It was so great. Still smilin' about it.

The kid and I are just wrapping up a movie right now - The Bourne Supremacy. I tell ya - those Jason Bourne flicks are just awesome.

It is getting colder around these parts. Sheesh. Took the lunatic dog out for a piddle a while ago. Even she was lookin at me as if it say "even though I gots fur, daddy, my u-hoo is FREEZIN! Get me inside!" hehehe. She's so cute.

Hey - ya'll know what day it is today, don't ya? KNIGHT RIDER day! *grin. But - since the Bourne flick is on the tube - Scrubbie's got to wait till tomorrow for his adrenaline rush. Lets face it though - the show is awful. I know, I know - why watch it then. snif, snif - I just cant stop!

Tomorrow - I have to go and get some more test strips for diabetes. Back to bein' the human pincushion again. Sigh. I think there's a digiscrappin' layout in there somewhere.

And, the final note for tonight - everybody find a TV on Saturday. The kid is gonna be in the Santa Clause Parade in Hamilton, Ontario. We're involved with War Amps (the kid is the one-handed wonder, remember) Anyway - each year, he is on the float in a parade - either the Oktoberfest Parade in Kitchener, Ontario or one of the Santa Clause Parades somewhere. This year - it's the Steel City. And - it's always a good time. Yep - I'll take pics.

Gotta run. Time to tear the kid away from the movie and hit the sack. Nighty Night.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Flu Shot

Hey there kiddie-winks. Whassup.

Scrubbie got his flu shot today. *groan

Scrubbie's a big ol' pansie-assed wimp when it comes to needles. But - Nurse Betty was awesome. Not like the vampires at the lab that I have to go see now and then to manage my good friend diabetes. Ya - Scrubbie's pancreas is on vacation. Stupid pancreas. The pancreas is a gland organ in the digestive and endocrine system of vertebrates. It is both an endocrine gland (producing several important hormones, including insulin, glucagon, and somatostatin), as well as an exocrine gland, secreting pancreatic juice containing digestive enzymes that pass to the small intestine. These enzymes help in the further breakdown of the carbohydrates, protein, and fat in the chyme. Just in case you didn't know.

Anyway - arm is a little sore. Kinda like the wife slugged me for playin a joke on her or somethin. But - apart from that - all is well.

Had Hot Dogs for dinner tonight. LOL! I know - Hot Dogs. November. Hot Dogs! I dunno - I just think it's funny. Went outside in the dark and cold tonight to fire up the Q and roasted a couple 'a weenies. It was fun.

Speakin of weenies - that is one of the words that I like. I like a lot actually. It's just fun to say. WEENIES. hehehehe - puts a smile on my face. Go ahead - say it - WEENIES.There - tell me you aren't just 'a grinnin' right now.

Have I told you the words I don't like? There are lots. Inlcuded in the list is the word 'belly'. Eeewwwww. Don't like that word. Just kinda creeps me out.

Another I don't like. Vagina. I mean - who came up with that? *shudder.

Reminds me. Excuse me for a Scrubbie Aside here:
Mom - dont EVER use that word again. Can't afford the therapy.
Scrubbie's back. Thanks for the aside.

November 11th. Rememberance Day

Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Pills - here I come!

No pics - just words. How boring, eh?

Ya - the wife and I are suckin' back a couple 'a cocktails and relaxin' in front of the tube. The kid played soccer again tonight - game - didn't win, but did well.

On the tube? We're just watchin' the Food Network - Restaurant Makeover. Couple 'a gay guys that have restaurant on Church in Toronto. But - comin' up - HEROES. Love that show.

Speakin' of shows - NOVEMBER 23 is the return of Jack in 24. OMG - It's been ages since we have seen that show. Hurricane Rona always comes over to watch Jack. She's in love.

Ya know - with new readers all the time, I'm gonna have to do a post just to catch up on the cast of characters in Scrubbie's life that get mentioned here.

Cast of characters - one more note: Geek Buddy - smooched a new gal the other night. I know 'ur readin' this buddy - wooooooooooooooo! You go brother!

So kids - Scrubbie's goin back on Happy Pills. Yes - glorious Happy Pills. Gonna go see Dr.Scott tomorrow and get my new slip of paper that says - "Give Scrubbie as much as he can take". Can't wait. Venoflaxine is my best friend. I'll give you the low down as soon as the first capsule makes that glorious slide down the gullet and all those happy neurons start 'a flowin. Oh happy days.

Oh - and the go-kart has new tires! It was delightful turning a corner today and actually staying in my lane. Weird. hehehe. Many dollars - but, with the snow comin' down - just can't risk flyin off the road anymore. Scrubbie's got a kid and wife to think about too. (Knight Rider doesn't have that problem)

So - the ice is meltin' in the glass and the Crown is diluting. Can't have that. Gotta run.

Oh - Happy Birthday to gal pal Judy and to Scrubbie Uncle John. Funny eh - Uncle John. Everybody seems to have an Uncle John. The make them in bulk. Cheaper that way.

Lazy Sunday afternoons

Ahhhh - it was a lazy Sunday afternoon 'round the Scrubbie pad.

The kid went to his overnight thingy with the Church group on Friday night. It was an all nighter - they left at 4pm, returned Saturday morning at 7am. NO SLEEP. Football, soccer, swimming - the whole kit'n'kaboodle. The kid came home bleary eyed but had a great time. Hit the sack promptly at 7:20am and slept till I rousted him at noon.

Saturday night - sleepover at Bing and Bong's of course. Then Sunday rolled 'round and there wasn't much activity at all.

Oh sure - I could have been industrious. But, I did put in my time on Friday and Saturday. Cleaned the bathrooms, did laundry, tidied up the main floor. Completely gutted and cleaned the kid's room. Blech.

This left Sunday.

We watched a couple 'a movies. Enjoyed some snacks.

It was perfect. Even the lunatic dog got in on the game and curled up in the corner of the loveseat to have herself a little nappy-poo.

I'm tellin' ya kids - if you haven't done yourself a lazy day in a while... it's time to do just that. Consider it a Scrubbie prescription.

Hey - anyone watch the Amazing Race last night? So glad those two diva's are gone. And, ex-hubbies of the diva's - CONGRATULATIONS! Looks like you are way better off. *grin

Finally - the wife came home after her weekend at one of Karen's Go Scrapping retreats. This time - Blue Moutain in Collingwood. Hey - wanna talk bleary eyed? Geez. The woman was toast when she got home! But - she and gal pal Judy and their In A Pinch Designs biz did very well. Yep - she was tired. Burst into tears when she pushed the wrong button on the TV remote. I know, I know....

And, now, Monday morning. Went to the Gym - got a little physical. It was good. SNOW on the ground again. Sheesh. One week ago - T-shirts and shorts. Welcome to Canada, eh.

(told ya we talk about weather.)