Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Return to the Old Ways

ring. *ring. Bzzzzz-ding-ding-ding-bzzzzzz-screech......

Howdy boys & girls - tiz yer old pal Scrub here. How are ya?

The interweb - it's great. I get to peek around at all kindsa stuff. And, don't know 'bout you all - but 'round these parts - they interweb people recently introduced this whole cable thing. Makes all them web pages just pop up lightening quick. It's freakin' awesome!

The Wife and me - we do enjoy the TV. The Wife - totally down with the show LOST. Scrub - ahhhhh - honestly - drove me crazy. Sure, I watched. Mostly 'cause the Wife was watchin. And I do love hangin out with the Wife. So - I'd take in the weekly dose of insanity.

Here, up in the Great White (and pretty much the rest of the world, as far as I know) - that show... LOST... just finished it's 6-year run. Wrapped up. Finished. Ka-put. Done. Did ya see it? Oh sure - the deep and thoughtful sides of me and the Wife got it. Life. Death. The common, human experiences that transcend religion, sex, creed. Blah Blah Blah. But... seriously. Didn't ya'll just have to grab for the prozac and a rye and coke afterwards?

So - that was last week.

Then, yesterday...

24. Jack Bauer. CTU. Heard of it? Ya know - the show that kills off anyone that you just start to think is gonna make it? Ya. That one.

Well - our dear pal Hurricane (ya'll remember Hurricane, right? Named not because of the aggressive passing of wind but because of the path of destruction that follows her around? Ya. Her.) Anyway - our dear pal Hurricane, as ya'll might recall - frequented the Scrub Shack here on regular Monday nights to take in 47 minutes of Jack and the mayhem that went along with it. (Honestly - sure she likes the show 'cause she'd like to have a snog with Mr. Bauer - but, really, I think it's more 'cause it's nice to see someone's life only slightly more chaotic than her own.)

This activity - Hurricane comin' over... The Wife and me pretending we're not at home... Hurricane barging in anyway... this has been going on for some years now. Quite some years now.

Last night - 24 wrapped up. Done. Finito. That's it.

Sure - we're celebrating the off-chance that Hurricane won't come over anymore. But this also means that there ain't much point anymore to havin' cable.

Scrub can cancel cable. Woooo Hoooo!

No more bills from the rather grumpy postal employee.

No more phone calls from the evil empire trying to sell me more.

No more commercials touting the benefits of having a 'happy period'.

But - this also means, Scrub - in order to remain connected to the interweb thing - would have to go on dial up. Hmmmm.... That's ok. I kinda like that sound when you connect. Makes me feel like something is happening. It sounds all computery. I like it.

Hmmmmm..... wait. What about "V"? Oh - and then there's Big Brother. Glorious evidence that the human race truly are idiots. HOUSE. FOOD network. National Geographic specials that show us how bugs do the nasty. And, the ever present hope that KNIGHT RIDER would make a return. Hmmmmmmm. Perhaps losing cable might be a bit... ummm... premature.

Gee - Scrub was comin' on to say his goodbye's to ya'll since he was goin' to be dropping off the interweb (well, the high speed version anyway). But, perhaps..... unlike Jack - both Bauer from 24 and the Sheppard from LOST - this ain't the end.