Thursday, April 2, 2009

Boys and their toys

It's a great day in Scrubbie-ville!

Hey boys and girls - it's your old pal Scrub here.

Ya know - nothin' gets Scrubbie a'gigglin' more than knowing that ya'll pour yerselves a cool refreshing beverage or sit back with a hot steamy cuppa coffee or whatever and take a few moments to voyeur life in the Great White. Makes Scrubbie a happy boy.

One of those peoples that likes to peek in once in a while is Scrub's pal the Geek. Ya'll remember Geek, right? Computer dude who lives nearby. Couple of punk kids. Shacked up with a new gal and now has a menagerie. Ya - Geek.

Anyway - Geek... he's a good bud. Did I tell ya what he got Scrubbie for Christmas this year? No? Well - it wasn't a bottle of vino. Or a bottle of Crown. Or towels for the outhouse. Nah - none of that. It's Geek after all.

Nope, Geek gots Scrub a funky shower-head nozzle thingy. Not very geekish is it. WAIT. Ain't done yet. It lights up! Seriously - lights up! Geek blue when the water is cold. Then red when the water is just right to avoid.... ahem... shrinkage. If ya know what I mean. Gawddang - just love it. Scrubbie, of course, loves showerin' with the outhouse lights turned out now just so he can bask in the glow of a dozen or so little LED bulbs makin the water all purty and sparkly.

Can't picture it? Well - hit the little arrow thingy and check it out.

Kewl huh?

Well - here's another little somethin' that'll get Geek boy just tingling and gigglin' and squealin' like a little girl on Christmas morning...

Yep - it's a keyboard. In Klingon.

Oh glory be!