Saturday, September 12, 2009



Morning Boys & Girls. Yer old pal Scrubbie here.

World War II is raging on. Rosalind Russell and Benito Mussolini were gracing the covers of LIFE magazine. Commercial transatlantic passenger air service begins. Less than 60% of families in the United States own an automobile. The first Volkswagons roll off the assembly plant in Wolsburg. Hewlitt Packard is founded. Bell Laboratories begins construction of a prototype computer. The worlds first electronic calculator is built. FM radio receivers go on sale for the first time. BATMAN makes his debut. Cup-sizing for brassieres is introduced by Warner Brothers of Bridgeport, Conn. Al Capone is released from Alcatraz.

And... Mamma Scrubbie is born.

Yep - today is Mamma Scrub's burfday! 70 today! And, if ya dont mind me sayin, is still smokin' hot.

See? There she is. Gawd love'er.

Born and raised in India till she was 12. Moved to the UK. Schooled in a convent where they had to walk by the morgue everyday. Got jiggy with this fella from the boys school across the street. Married the fella from the boys school across the street. Packed up a suitcase, $35.oo and her new beau and hopped on board a ship. Traversed the ocean to land in Canada. Set up house. Lived life. Had Scrubbie as her first born and thought "this is easy", so had Scrub's younger brother, Beelzebub, and called it quits to childbirth. La de da... and here we are today. September 12th. 70 years later and we are singin' Happy Burfday to the 'ol gal.

Ma and me - we're quite alike. Both get the giggles when Tide laundry detergent goes on sale. Both cant stand that little bastard that works at the local grocery trading post (he's just sooo rude). Both LOVE, and I mean seriously LOVE, a good nosh-up feast filled with sweet and savoury goodies all around. Ya. Scrub is most definately his mother's son.

Anyway kids - just wanted to share this special day with ya'll.

Happy Burfday Mamma! Love ya oodles. See ya later today!


Friday, September 11, 2009


For our pals in the Red, White and Blue...
Remembering 9/11

Help or Hurt?

It's a crapshoot.

Morning Kids. Yer old pal Scrubbie here... cuppa tea in hand, clean undershorts on, but still bleary-eyed first thing in the mornin'.

So - after yesterday's post where Scrub showed the world how the youngling has crept up vertically to his dear mommy... And... having the Wife include Prozac tablets in her morning bowl of Froot Loops... Scrub thought he should throw up a pic of the Kid in earlier days.

See - Scrub's thinking is... "Look! See! The Kid... ain't THAT much different. Sure... little taller. Sure... doesn't use the soother anymore. Sure... Kitty isn't glued to his widdle tummy 24/7. But... SEE... there's our boy."

The Wife - she ain't seen this yet. Don't think she has seen the previous post either.

So... there are a couple of ways this'll go down.

1. The Wife - gonna give Scrub a hug and comment on how the Kid has grown up and how proud she is of the lad for making it this far. Then, she'll give Scrub those sexy, dreamy eyes and let him know that these past years have been simply wonderful and she's lookin forward to many more to come.


2. The Wife - will go completely over the edge and Scrub'll be hiding in the basement, under the stairs.

Hopefully, the 'ol wireless interweb thingy signal beams down there ok or ya'll never hear from me again.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Aftermath

Lord Gawd Almighty - knew this was comin'.

Howdy boys & girls. Yer ol' pal Scrub here doin' the ABC's tonight.

Sooooo... let's get the nasty stuff outa the way right off the git-go, shall we?

Sure - to the left here, there's some pics of the kid doin the "first day of school" thang. And, Scrub could (and lets face it... probably should) do the rather typical Back-To-School bit on the 'ol blog. Ya know - "oh my baby is growing up" and "look at him...awwwwww" type of thing.

And... to be a good pappy... Scrub should also say somethin' to the effect of "We're so proud of you son! You're growing up so fast" blah blah blah.


Scrub's not gonna do that. Not right now.

See... the nasty stuff, as previously mentioned, is more about the.... ummmmm... aftermath that Scrub's gotta deal with.

Yes - aftermath.

The Kid - all gloating and stuff.

The Wife - none too pleased. Nope - not one little bit. (not quite as upset though, as when hearing stories of other women who go into labour and give birth in a matter of hours, then moments later go skipping home as though nothing had happened. Not after her 3 days of screaming agony when the Kid was born. Bitches.) Whoops - that was a tangent.

The aftermath is a result of one of them thar pics on that magnificent display of photographs taken just days ago. Can you guess which one? Go on - give it a whirl.

Yep - you guessed it. It's that top one there. See? Top left. See? The one with the kid lookin all goofy. And the Wife. The one where THE KID IS TOWERING OVER HIS MOTHER.

The Kid... was in diapers only yesterday. The Kid... was all "mommy!" only yesterday. The Kid... was all baby chubby and baby smell... only yesterday.

The Kid... is not supposed to be towering over his mother. And, The Kid... is not supposed to be talkin' with a deep voice. And, The Kid... not supposed to be heading off to his Senior and final year of elementary school.

Nope - not one little bit.

So... as you can see kids... Scrub has aftermath to deal with. When the Wife saw that pic... she snapped.

By the way... Scrub will only be able to blog once a week from now on. The rest of the time... he'll be vistin' the Wife in the looney-bucket home.

Monday, September 7, 2009

18 Years.

September 7th, 1991
Scrubbie & The Wife are hitched.
Heydee-ho Scrubs & Scrubettes! It's yer old pal Scrubbie here on a glorious day.
Golly gee... 18 years. Seriously. 18! And, that's just how long Scrub and the Wife have been hitched. We've been playmates for some 23 years.
So... today is our Annie.
Scrub might have mentioned this one or twice before... but, just in case some of ya'll are poppin' by for the first time... I'll just mention it again... The Wife - she 'da bomb.
There just ain't anyone else for Scrub. She's it.
Excuse me for a second here kids... Be right back.
Sweetheart... Nothin' makes me happier than being able to tell the world that I
am in love with you. Today... even more than yesterday. Happy
Anniversary darlin'. Scrub loves ya. Mwah!
For you readers, followers and lurkers - thanks for yer indulgance.

Happy Anniversary Sweetheart!
Always & forever... I Love You