Saturday, September 19, 2009


Maybe it's the ADD. Maybe it's 'cause I'm over 40.

Evening kidlets. A rather confused Scrubbie here at the QWERTY tonight.

For some reason, over the last few weeks, a number of folk around Scrub's part of the Great White North have been askin' questions about the Lunatic Dog.

She's an absolute darlin'. I mean completely, utterly and totally cute as a button. Neurotic, goofy and looney - but just a wonderful little fuzzball. Lov'er to bits.

She's a mutt. Cross between a Spitz and a Poodle. A Sp'oodle. Or S'poodle. Or Spoodle. Whatever.

She's got one ear up (the Spitz) and one ear down (the Poodle). Hysterical.

She's got this tongue thing. It's the neurotic side of her. Does a lot of licking. If we don't stop her - she licks a hole in the carpet. She's not lickey with faces and such. Blech. But everything else. Even the air. Kinda makes her look lizard-ish.

So - as mentioned - seems there's been some interest in the 'ol bitch lately. "Awwww - she is sooooo cute!" they say.

"She's so well behaved!" they say.

"How old is she?" they ask.

I reply "just turned 3! Still lots of puppy in her though!" (her birthday was in April)

And the ooo'ing and ahhh'ing continues.


(there is often a "but", isn't there...)

BUT... Scrub was electronically flipping through some pics today. You know how it is. Hop on the 'ol external hard drive and start going through thousands of pics that you really should be deleting... but just never do.

So - was clicking here and clicking there... and came across this pic.

Cute, eh?

It's The Wife and the Lunatic Dog when she was just a wee thing.

I remember that day. We packed up the fuzzbucket and the Kid and off we toddled to the park. Enjoyed an impromptu picnic. Was a beeeeuteeee of a day.

Glanced down at the date of the photo.

"What's that?" I thinks to myself.

June 2004 it says.

The 'ol Scrubbie brain goes into high gear. Could hear it whirring inside my head. The smell of smoke filled the room. The Wife - got the fire extinguisher out.

"Lets see..." I thinks. "It's Sept 2009 right now." ummmm.... "And this pic was taken in June 2004." ummmmm.... "Holy Frack - the lunatic dog is 5! Not 3!" ummmmmm.....

So - I dont really know what happened there. But, for some reason, the fuzzy bitch has been 3 for a couple 'a years now.

Geezuz - no wonder the Kid gets pissy with me when I tell him it's time to change his diaper.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Love Scrubbie

There's no gettin' around it kids... Scrub loves his mommy. And, Mommy loves her Scrub. Yep.

Morning boys & girls - yer 'ol pal Scrubbie doin' the interweb blog thingy this morning.

So - did ya'll catch Big Brother last evening? Oh hell ya - the Wife and Scrub get the giggles over brain candy television like that. Sure - we do National Geographic, Documentaries and often take in the local news where they share stories of a family in the neighbourhood gettin' indoor plumbing for the first time... But, brain-mush TV is good for a popcorn night fer shure.

If you haven't seen it yet - ya'll might wanna scroll down cause Scrub's gonna spill the beans here.

JORDAN! are you kidding me? The Wife and me laughed our arses off last night. Mostly cause of the expressions on everyone else's faces. Well - good fer her. It was entertainment plus.

So - mentioned Mommy moments ago. She's a peach.

Just turned 70. Seriously. Lookin hot. Funny as hell. Ya - she's a goody alright.

Even with all the attention on the 'ol gal this past weekend with her s'prise party and all... Mommy still took a moment to share her feelings about her eldest.
Awwww... look at her.
Ain't that sweet.

Monday, September 14, 2009

I Can See For Miles and Miles and Miles.

There's an echo in here. in here. in here. in here.

Morning boys & girls. Yer old pal Scrub here this morning.

The Kid sauntered off to school. Scrub dropped the Wife off at school. And, now... Scrub has the igloo all to himself. Well - almost all to himself. The lunatic dog is here. But... really... she has already found her comfy spot on the sofa and is gettin her morning nap in early.

Gee willikers - it's quiet round these parts. Shhhhhh.... don't tell anybody - but - I LOVE IT!

Finally - can get all liquored up in the morning without having to listen to screaming and shouting. hehehe

So... it was a weekend filled with birthday times. As you recall, it was Mamma Scrub's 70th on Saturday. What I couldnt tell you before is we had a s'prise party for the ol dear. (Mamma Scrub does peek at the blog - but truthfully only comes for the pics. Despite the fact that she is Scrub's mommy - she doesnt read a damnd word here. So, I guess I could'a told you earlier - but that would have been the ONE time she actually does skim through the verse. No matter - I'm telling you now.)

Where was I? Oh ya... the s'prise party. So - ya... got the fam and friends together and we all shouted S'PRISE! And, all Mamma could say was "Oh Shit! Oh Shit! Oh Shit!" hehehe. Gawd love'er. Good times.

Yep - there'll be pics and more detail - but later.

To kick off the pic lineup though is this one of Scrubs Cuzin Dolphin and the Kid. Dolphin there - he's the hillbilly with family still livin in the mountains of West Virginia where they grill roadkill and have contests to see who can throw farm implements furthest down the hill. Oh ya - good times.

So - enough of the keyboardin... Scrub's gotta git to work here. They don't take buttons at the local trading post ya know.