Saturday, August 30, 2008

I'm Back!

Hey boys & girls - I am back. Told you yesterday that I had a rather upset tummy. Well, today I spent most of the day laying around and even had a bit of a sleep in the afternoon. So - here it is 11:30pm and I am wide awake. Oh - this should be a fun next couple of days. Sleepin' patterns all outa whack. Oh well. I get to see the hopping night life 'round the neighbourhood.

Students are moving in this weekend. No, not in my house. THANK GAWD. But, the little critters are infesting assorted domiciles around the neighbourhood. I live close to not 1, but 2 universities. So - we do tend to get quite a few of them in and around the place. Parents dropping them off, helping them unpack. 519-653-7700. That's the number for the Waterloo Regional Police department. Just ask for Waterloo Dispatch. Hmmm - why do I know that number off by heart? *grin

So - back in the swing of things again. I decided to put together a bit of a layout here. Last January, the kid and I went to my cousin's place to have a sleepover. It was truely a boys weekend. Good times. Hot Tubbing when there's snow falling is awesome! Very steamy. Beer stays cold when you plunk it in a snowbank right beside the hottub. Of course, getting from the house to the tub when you are in your skivvies, through the snow - that takes a bit of gettin' used to. But, crawling into 500 degrees of water, all bubbling around - January winter wind ripping across your face - damn... that is awesome. Surprisingly, getting out of the tub is not that big 'a deal. You come out and the steam is just radiating off your bod and you dont really feel the cold for a few minutes. And, that is about all the time you need to get toweled off and head indoors again.

The kid has this Tattoo pen with stensils - so the three of us all got "inked". Uncle Steve already has a tatt. Miami Dolphin fan, he is. Guess what his tatt is? Yep - Dolphin's symbol right on the upper arm. The kid's gonna go for a tatt one day - I just know it. Me - too much of a pansy wimp to go and get one. Besides, being ADHD - half way through, I'd change my mind and want something different. Nope - won't go there.

Anyway - blah blah blah... point is - layout is remembering that really GREAT time at Uncle Steve's place.

Where's the kid tonight? Guess. Bing & Bong's - sleepover. sheesh.

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Friday, August 29, 2008

Busy days

Evenin' all. "Where the heck are the layouts!?" you ask...

I know, I know. Busy days folks. The kid - back to school stuff. He's grown again! So, more pants. Socks - if you have kids, you already know that the damn'd things are practically disposable. On and on. So - been shopping. And, the food. All school stuff. The kid also has a tree nut allergy. Not peanut. Tree nuts. Specially cashews. Simply put - if it goes in him, then he goes. Scary stuff. But - manageable. So - lots to look for when out getting the school lunch stuff, snacks etc.

In the world of digiscrapping - I have been working on a couple of layouts - building the backgrounds and such, trying some new techniques etc. Just have to plop a couple of photos in.

Not feeling 100% tonight. So, think I am gonna call it quits for the evening. Tomorrow - have guests coming for dinner. Have to get myself perked up to entertain. Actually - among the guests are another scrapper whose blog is link'd here. "All about love" is the link. Her, her hubby and her two rugrats. It's all good. They are among the few people that I actually like. hehe. If the 'ol tummy doesn't get right though - might have to postpone till Sunday.

Are you a local reader? If so - hit the Paris Fair this weekend. Good times. Demolition Derby on Saturday night. I think it's Saturday night. Have to go and check on that.

Hey - wanna hear somethin' else? I currently take Happy Pills. Something called Venoflaxine.. or something like that. Anti-depressants. I know - drugs. Oh well. Anyway - I am going to wean off them over the next couple of weeks. The wife is scared. LOL. I wonder if my writing will get even crankier? I am, after all, over 40. *grin.


Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Wife has posted hers!

Hey kids... Was telling you last night about the wife and I scrappin' and using the same pic - unbeknown to either of us. She has blogged her pic and mine along with the sketch.

Take a look:


From sketch to Layout

Hey - the kid is sleeping at Bing & Bong's tonight! WooHoo! So, the wife and I sat to do a little scrappin' together! Her on her side of the room with paper and glue. And, I on mine with mouse and monitor.

We both took a sketch and decided to do layouts with it. Without knowing it though - we chose to use the same photo! Go figure - of all the pics we have, we went with the same one! Too funny. See - that's what 21 years of being side by side does to ya. (secretly, I love it)

She is still putting the finishing touches on hers - I may yet get a snap of it to put up here.

As you have come to know already - my style is very linear, clean lines, not too cluttered etc etc. Boring to some. Perfect to others. The wife - little bolder with the knobbly bits on her layouts. But - I love 'em too.

Posting the sketch and my finished product for your perusal. Sketch was for an 8.5x11 - I just stretched it out a bit.

Time for bed. Yikes - gonna crash out tonight.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Evenin' once again.

So I just figured out how to do circles, or, rather use circles in Photoshop Elements. So whipped together a layout using my new found knowledge. LOL.

Pic was taken Christmas day 2002.

Not much to report from today. Did some work. Did some cleaning 'round the house. Usual stuff. Tomorrow will be a busy one - have a few appointments to hit.

Anyway - enjoy the pic. Cheers.
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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Fav

By the way...

My favourite?


Why so serious?

Nope - no layout tonight. (not yet anyway) You got your fix of my layouts earlier today. Dont get greedy.

But, this is a blog that is not just about Scrapbooking. It is about me. My life. My perspectives. My thoughts. Blah Blah Blah... you know the drill.

Heath Ledger as The Joker. Have you seen this yet? Let me tell you boys & girls... I haven't been MEZMORIZED by an actors performance like this in a long long time. Every time he was on the screen, it was so difficult to take your eyes off him. Every breath he takes... every word he speaks... even the creepy licking of the lips and slushy sound in his voice... not enough to let you turn away. Geez. Well worth the 10 bucks to hit the theatre.

Hey - I love all superhero movies. But then again... I am a guy.


Another one

Forgot to post this one up too. This picture is great because it has been hanging up at mom & dad's place since the day it was taken. In fact, I think that back in the days when Dad had his darkroom - I might have even participated in developing this picture under the little red light with all those smelly chemicals and plastic trays that we had to swish back and forth. But, the joy of seeing the image come to life - it was great! Anyway - in every family room or basement or rec room or whatever that we have lived in since - this picture has been hanging up. If I recall - I think it might have been taken when we went as a fam, as we often did, to Cootes Paradise in/near Hamilton, ON for a long afternoon hike through the trails. Good memories.
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Oh what memories

Sometimes, it is not just the photo that is the keepsake, but something else. Tickets to a movie, program from a play, ribbon from an event - whatever. In this case, it was the tickets from Disney that we have kept from when we went there just after our house fire. 3 day passports to Disney. What an escape that was! So - today, scanned them and used them to create a layout so that they are looked at just more than once every couple of years. Enjoy.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Immigration Canada

Evening boys & girls -

Spent a good deal of time today on the horn with Immigration Canada. I'm helping this chap from the UK get a job here in the Great White North and needed to find out about working visa's etc. Had a wonderful chat with a lady on the other end of the phone. Not what I was expecting at all. My good 'ol cynical self was really revv'd up for some sorta snarly, grunting and chortling bush-person on the phone - but I was pleasantly surprised. It was all good.

The wife and I kicked the kid and his punk friends Bing & Bong outa the basement tonight so we could both get some scrappin' done. They are kinda loud. But - they are all pre-teen boys, so whaddya expect? Anyway - looks like Bing & Bong are sleeping at our place tonight. So, told the kid that Mom and I were taking over the basement for about an hour, then he and his punk buds can come back down and the engine room is theirs for the night. My time is almost up. Gotta type faster.

I warned you a while ago that you would see quite a few Geocaching pages 'cause we had done quite a few caches - but I have never scrapped any of the photos. So, another goes up tonight.

But, there is also another page going up. I have always wanted to do a recipe page - but have never gotten round to it until now. And, by garsh - let me tell you... if there is one thing I LOVE it is Banana Bread - warm and toasty with a smear of butter on it and a fresh, hot and steamy cup'a coffee to go with it. Yahoo (He says in his best Western cowboy accent he can muster).


Sunday, August 24, 2008


YES - I MUST BLOG! You see, the wife is now blogging as well and I cannot be outdone! LOL! (No - we're not competitive at all!)

Being as most of the readers of this bloggy thing dont really know me - there is something you should know because it will explain lots. I am adult ADHD. I have the attention span of a 10 year old. hehehe. Yep - it causes tons of problems. But, it sure keeps life interesting.

This whole digital scrappin' thing and blogging thing - well, this afternoon at around 4pm, I simply decided - "Yep, I have had enough of this. Time to move on to the next shiny thing." LOL.

Told the wife - she simply rolled her eyes.

She has encouraged me to keep 'er going though. So - I think maybe I will. (dontcha just wish I was living with YOU!) Oh - and am a Gemini as well... so BOTH of us have ADHD. The wife frequently asks "Which Darren am I talking to right now?" Sheesh.

Anyway - I keep seeing these digital elements of a photo with a name thing carved into it or attached to it or whatever - so, tonight, I thought I'd give it a whirl and see what happens. Turned out alright, I think. Take a look.

By the way - the wife's blog is "Scrap Intentions" listed on the sidebar thingy here. She just made her first BLINKIE. (I hate that word!) But - it's pretty kewl. Go and see. Tell her Scrubbie sent you there with a comment. 'Preciate it.


Pics from the Busker Festival

Howdy Ya'll! Wrapping up the weekend here. Have the Q heating up for some teriyaki pork chops right now so taking a min to throw up the layout of the pictures from the Busker Festival in Waterloo here this weekend. The wife, the kid and I went and took in some of the acts. Was, as usual, a GREAT show! The wife and I were giggling because we were at the very first year of the festival - nobody really knew what to make of it. Those poor buskers probably didn't make too much that year. But - it has come a long way and the crowds prove it.

So - here's the layout. Enjoy.