Friday, October 3, 2008


Hiya boys & girls!

Well, Scrubbie's all on his own right now. The kid is over at Bing & Bongs. The Wife is scrappin' up North. Just me and the lunatic dog.

I LOVE IT! hehehehe....

Nah - it'd be way better if the wife was here scrappin' with me. Always is.

Anyway - here is the first of probably what will be a few layouts puttin' down the Pond study at the Conservation area here with the kid and all his punk friends (you know - the demon class I mentioned yesterday...) I snapped a whackload of pics. Most of them crappy as they usually are. YEAH digital cameras! Now I can snap 800 pictures to get the 5 or 6 that turn out half decent. Course, I could always learn to use the damnd thing properly. But - I'm a guy. And, as you know - we guys tend to much prefer to just grab hold and away we go. Forget the instructions! Just slows me down. *grin.

Now - if I could just find those darn'd instructions - then maybe we'd get somewhere.

Readers - 'xuse me for a second for another aside:

WIFE! You are probably grabbin a puter somewhere to check in with your darlin' ol scrub - HERE I AM! Lovin you tons. Missin you tons. The kid just strolled in. Bing and Bong-less. Looks like it's just me and him tonight. Sweet smell of bleach is lingerin' in the kitchen. Miss me? Looney bucket hasn't come downstairs all night. TTYL.

Bye Bye Love.

Hey kids - Melody is the latest Scrubbie follower! Yeah Melody!

Thanks for hopping aboard. Link'd, as usual, down here on the right somewhere in SCRUBBIE'S BOOKMARKS.

So boys & girls - you're gonna have a lonely Scrubbie for the next couple'a days. The Wife is takin' off for a weekend scrappy retreat and doing some teaching. Anyone going to the GO SCRAPPING retreat in Peterborough, Ontario this weekend? If so - give the 'ol girl a smooch on the cheek for me, will ya? Thanks oodles.


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Survivor: Class 701

I survived!

It was WET and COLD. But, I survived! Phew.

Scrubbie's kid - his class... well, while hangin with the Teach for a few minutes today during one of the breaks, I mentioned that there appear to be a few demon children in amongst the crowd. My boy being one of them. The Teach concurred saying that the kid's class ALREADY has the reputation of being the "challenging" class this year. Yep. "Challenging". You know what that means, don't ya? It means that my kid and all his punk friends in class 701 are absolute pains in the ass. There - I've said it. LOL! After spending 6 glorious hours in the wee darlin's company... I can definitely see that. As I told the Teach - "I'd love to say the kid is any different at home - but, no. He isn't." Good luck Teachers!

Survivor Gabon: SPOILER ALERT! So - "Sugar" (who names their kid Sugar? I mean... c'mon!) Anyway - Sugar found the Immunity Idol. LOL. Oh - this is gonna be good. hehehehe.

Oh - Knight Rider update: ARE YOU SERIOUS? This show is just about one of the worst things EVER! Yes, I admit - the car is WAY KEWL. I want it. I drool over it. I'm a guy. Whaddya want? And the bikini parade on yesterday's episode... OK, I can see it. I appreciate it. Saved me 10 bucks at the local variety store on a dirty magazine. But... NO. Thumbs are way down here.

And, last on the TV listings: We Canucks are being treated to another Federal Election coming up soon. Tonight - the goofs are on TV doing their debate. These people are not the sharpest sticks in the forest. The problem is - it reminds me of watching Charlie Brown cartoons from years ago when the youngsters would speak to their teacher, Mrs. Krobopple (or whatever her name was) and you would never actually hear the words; only "wah-wah-wahhh". Ya - it's kinda like that.

Hey - here's a LO that I am still working on. Have to add a few nibbly-bits to it, but it's comin' along. Excuse me a moment readers. Gotta do an 'aside' here and get Pappa Scrubbies attention. HEY DAD! I KNOW YOU'RE READING THIS. Your mom in the middle there... (for you Scrubbie readers - that's Nana Scrubbie when she was a wee thing) ...who is with her? On the left there. And, on the right? Let me know! Thank-you readers. Your patience is appreciated. *grin

Scrubbie's gonna be a dirty boy.

Mornin' kids!

What's this? Scrubbie in the AM - yes, what a treat! But, today I am going to be an escort and I anticipate being tired tonight. Escorting takes it right outa me. You always have to be "on". I mean... you get the call and you never really know what you are in for. Today - I likely have to take on a group of 5. Yes - you read that correctly! Scrubbie has to do 5! What I do know for sure is that it is going to get messy. You know what it's like when a group of 6 (including Scrubbie) guys start gettin' down and dirty. Yes - there'll be pictures. Of course there'll be pictures.

Why are you snickering?

Huh? NO! Not THAT kind of escort! Geez - you people are filthy! (although thanks oodles for the compliment! *grin) I am escorting the Kid and his punk friends from school on a school trip today to the local conservation area for a pond and nature study. Going with the whole class. Me and other loser parents who got sucked into going. Look out Laurel Creek Conservation area - here we come.

Linda is Scrubbie's newest follower. Linda: a big 'ol Scrubbie thanks for your wonderful comments! Good luck meeting the grandbaby! Don't get tricked into a poopy-pant change. Been there, done that... remember! (eeeeeewwwww - I HATED poopy-pant changes. Always thought somethin' crawled up in the kid and died in there. blech!) So - I went to Linda's site which I have included in SCRUBBIE'S BOOKMARKS - link on the sidebar thingy there somewhere). Well worth grabbin' a cuppa somethin and havin' a sit down. Linda - your site is eye candy all around! Thanks for the shout out!

Babies. Hmph. Got me thinkin about the Kid when he was still drying out and nothin' but a newbie.

Look at the hair on the kid. No wonder the Wife had heartburn for 9 months. The poor girl LIVED on soda crackers and lemon-lime slushie/freezie thingies.

But - there he is in all his glory. The kid.

Here's another I did last night. It's a QP by Jayedid Designs but I liked the colours and the layout - so plunked in a couple 'a pics of Hurricane Rona's eldest stuffin' his face with marshmallows at our place. I think he got 5 or 6 of them in his gob before my kid and Hurricane Rona's youngest had to bow out of the Chubby Bunny comp.

So, there it is kids. Now, Scrubbie's gotta go and git the boy ready for school now. Gotta git himself ready as well.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Was someone having a temper tantrum today?

Helllooooo boys & girls.

So - get a load of this. Just yesterday, it seems, I was changing diapers and gettin' pee'd on. (Always me... sheesh.) Now look at him.

The kid is growin' up way too fast. *sigh

So - the kid has gone out for a while with Bing and Bong to some Church'ish thing. Always has a good time. So, the Wife and I have claimed the engine room here as our own! WOOOOHOOOOO!

Gonna go fix me up a Cafe Mocha. Perhaps a little snack. Somethin' chocolate would just about do the trick. Then - plunk myself in front of the 'ol digi-computer and work on a layout or somethin. The wife is hittin' a crop on the weekend - doing some teaching as well I do believe... so she's got her mitts full with scrappin' stuff as well tonight.

Oh - to the beee-atch at the REAL CANADIAN SUPERSTORE in Kitchener that threw the tissue box at Mamma Scrubbie today and told her to "go to hell"... Ya - you - the one on the self-checkout station. I hope tonight you are lookin' for a new job. And, if I had anything to do with puttin' you in the position to HAVE to look for a new job... GOOD. Ahhhh - that was Scrubbie-licious.

Whoops - Wife just came down to the engine room. Time to go.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Still going and going and going and going....

Scrubs & Scrubettes - How are ya'll doin??

Scrubbie's gotta start off here by sayin' HAPPY BIRTHDAY to his scrappie pappie. HAPPY BIRTHDAY POP! The old fella turns 71 today! Can you imagine? See all that grey hair (or lack thereof...)? Yep - Scrubbie's fault. *grin

Dad - don't worry - God's gettin' me back. The Kid - your grandscrubbie - Yep... he's makin' the silver strands come on fierce here. (Could be lack of happy pills. Could be the lunatic dog. Could be Hurricane Rona. REALLY could be Hurricane Rona. Pretty sure it's the Kid.) Anyway - again: Happy Birthday Pop from all the Scrubbie clan. Love ya.

So - what else to tell ya. Hmmmm....

Well - how does this grab your knickers: The Wife - she goes a' swimmin' couple of times a week. Goes with the older gals. Makes her feel like a kid. Anyway... does the exercise thing in one of the local pools. So - Mamma Lou - The Wife's mom - says to wife today "Hey did you see the sign?"
"What sign" asks wife.
"The sign in the shower area" says Mamma Lou.
"Nope" says wife.

Ya'll might just wanna brace yourself for this one. Scrubbie's warnin' ya up front.

Mamma Lou says "the sign that said 'Ladies, please dont pee in the shower.' "

All together now: EEEEWWWWWWWWW.

Yep - that has visions in my head that are just not right. Not one little bit.

Monday, September 29, 2008

It's not Baywatch. Not even close.

Hellooooo boys & girls! How are ya'll tonight?

The Wife is out tonight. sniff. It's all quiet and lonely here. But, some tunes, some coffee, a little digiscrappin'... yep, I muddled through.

Heritage layouts are tons of fun. They sorta end up taking a life of their own. This one... Grand-daddy Scrubbie on the far right there. George. (Mamma Scrubbie's pappy). Then on the far left - that's George's brother Ossie/Oswald. Then, smack dab in the middle there - that's Great Grandma Scrubbie - Bridget.

BY NO MEANS am I dissing the ol' girl there in the middle - but if you look real close - doesn't she just look like the kinda gal that would put you in your place pretty quick! Yep - don't think I'd wanna get caught with my hand in the cookie jar with her lookin' on. No siree-bob. Don't have a date for the pic being taken. Mamma Scrubbie might know.

Anyone watching THE AMAZING RACE? The Wife and I just love that show. Tons of fun. We would lose.

Ok - so the Bee Keepers. I know - you need a moment to pick yourself up. Go ahead - get the giggles out of you. Lets discuss a few things that are just Wrong when it comes to the bee keeper couple who got ***SPOILER ALERT*** booted off.

Wrong #1 - the hair. OMG.
Wrong #2 - the tye-die shirts. Yes, I have a couple of them - but made with the kids during a summertime crafty project and now used when either excessively sweating or just hiding from the world in the house. I DONT WEAR THEM ON TELEVISION.
Wrong #3 - and here's the biggie folks: That Baywatch style run up the stairs and to the luggage. Was she, in fact, wearing a bra? I DONT THINK SO. Move over Pam Anderson - BeeKeeper Babe is steppin' in! Holy Yikes. *scrubbie shakes his head. My eyeballs hurt.

Again I say...

Holy Yikes.

Goooooood Morning Vietnam! And everywhere else in the world. I'd hate to think anyone felt left out.

So, I succumbed to a little digi-scrappin last night. Mentioned yesterday some Geocahcing. Well Scrubbie went with the Out-Laws yesterday to take them on their first foray out into the geodetic world. JR, Dancer and Whoagun trudged along to find their first 3 caches. The kids had oodles of fun. Scrubbie's tellin' ya kids - if you haven't done this - you should really try. Anyway - here are the pics from the big ol' stash hunt.

JR - sorry I missed you at the gym this morning. The 'ol boy here started work much earlier than he thought he was going to. Yeah weekends and very full in-boxes.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

"Ma'am - did you perhaps lose... a shoe?"

Hey there kids. No, I haven't forgotten about you. No worries there.

Scrubbie's been busy today. Cleaning up the place. Cookin' up a storm. Hangin' with the out-laws and doing some Geocaching. Surviving Hurricane Rona. Oh - so much!!!

Right now, the Wife and I are havin' a bit of a relax in front of the tube, so, gotta make it quick.

But - thought I'd toss up a pic here as a sneak peek into the Scrubbie Cooks segment that I am preparing just for the guys. (oh, c'mon now... you gals have so many gurus out there that'll tell you everything there is to know. But, us boys really see it differently.)

The blog entry title? Yes - there is, of course, a story. And, yes - it involves, as it usually does, Hurricane Rona. More on that later.

Hang tight for now.