Friday, May 15, 2009

It's the 2-4!

Howdy boys and girls - your old pal Scrubbie here.

Oh, yes, it's the May 2-4. There's just somethin' so darn'd wonderful about the May 2-4 weekend. Here is the Great White - it's the first "official" long weekend of the summer season. We Canucks turn to canvas shelters and campfires, try desperately to bugger off work early on Friday to capitalize on as much long weekend as possible and we seek out meat of all kinds to grill to perfection on the Barbee's. Some of us also remove as much non-essentials as possible from the chill-chest and fill up all that empty space with wobbly-pops. It is, after all, the "2-4 weekend" and 2-4 don't necessarily refer to 2pm to 4pm. Scrub - well, to kick off the 2-4, he's gonna hop in the go-kart and make his way to see his cuzin - Dolphin. Ya'll remember Dolpin, right? Country hick, built like a brick house, all 'round decent fella. Yep - that's him. On the agenda: meat, grilled. wobbly pop. hot tub. movie. few laughs. kibbitzin' about the fam. few more laughs. yep - all good times. The wife, the kid? Nope - just a cuzin's night tonight. Scrub'll return to the igloo tomorrow to tackle the Honey-Do list.

Speakin' of the Wife - she gots the place to herself tonight. The kid - out with Bing and Bong tonight. Or maybe it's just Bing. Not sure. The Wife has suggested a houseful of her gal-pals. I don't think it's gonna happen. Generally a night with the place to yerself 'round here means jammies, big comfy marshmallow chair and a little quiet time.

So - bein a Canuck - weather is top on the list of things to talk about. And, we are just bein spoiled rotten here. Snow's gone. Flowers poppin' up. Trees are buddin'. I tell ya kids - it's downright fantastic here. Love it.

Huh? Oh - no. I haven't seen Trek yet. I know, I know - I can't believe it either. But, we're hopin to correct that situation this weekend. We'll see.

Oh hey - speakin of eye-candy... it's crunch time on 24 with Jack Bauer! Oh goodness - it's been a helluva show. Cant wait for Monday!

And, on the note of helluva shows - ya'll catch Grey's Anatomy? Yep - it was a good one!

So - time to pack up some clean briefs, pair of swimmin' shorts and my brush for the pearly whites. Scrub's gonna hit the road.


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Yo' Mamma

Happy Mothers Day!

Howdy kidlings - Scrub here once again.

Ahhhh yes. Mothers Day. Mom's Day. Celebration of Motherhood. All those things.

So - Scrubbie is dedicating a few megabytes of interweb space to do just that - Celbrate all the mom's that are floatin' round Scrubbie.

First up - the Wife. Well, of course she ain't MY mom. Sheesh. But, she is the mamma of junior there. I just lov'er. Happy Mom's Day Wife! Thanks for bein a great mom to the Kid. Gawd knows - I could'nt do it alone.

Next up - Mamma Scrubbie. Oh kids... let me tell ya... I am most definately my mother's son. Mamma Scrubbie there - ya, Scrub and her are on the same wavelength. What does that mean? Oh - well, it means that I drive her insane just as much as she does me. Seriously. Don't get me wrong - we get along great. I'd go to the ends of the earth for the ol' broad. Give up my left... uhhhh... well, maybe not that. But, pretty much anything else.

*giggle. Nah... just joshin' ya. I lov'er to bits. She knows it too.

Happy Mother's Day Ma. I promise to cook up somethin' special for ya.

The OutLaws. Ya - that's the Wife's mamma right there. Mamma Lou. If there's one daft ol' gal that Scrub can have a good ol giggle with - it's Mamma Lou. We gots a standin date to go and hit the new Trek film together. No kiddin'. Think I'll insist she dress up as a Ferengi or somethin. Don't worry - I'll grab a pic. *snicker...

Mamma Lou - thanks for bein a great ma. I know you are cause yer offspring, the Wife - well, she ain't half bad at all. Smooch.

Last but not least - here's a couple 'a mamma's for ya.

These are Grandama Scrubs. One of the left there - that's Nana Scrubbie. The one on the right... well, that's Nana Scrubbie. Ummmmm.... Oh well - you get the idea, right?

Left - ma's ma. Right - pa's ma. Ok.

Can't leave out a cocktail liftin' moment without including these two whacky gals. They ain't around for me to make fun of no more. Well, not around in body anyway. But, I tell ya... when Scrub's gots his fingers smooshing up somethin on the stove that has hints of India to it - there's Nana Scrubbie... ummmm... (one on the left)... there's Nana Scrubbie - right there with me. Never fails. And, when it comes to pretty much anything that involves dry humour with a good Brit accent - I can feel Nana Scrubbie... ummmm... (one on the right)... standing at my right shoulder looking over. Wish you both were here right now. I'd get a real kick out of knowing that you were using the interwebby thing to peek into life here at my igloo.

So - that's a wrap kids. All the mamma's that hit closest to home.

Happy Mother's Day Wife, Ma, Mamma Lou, Nana and Nana. Scrub loves ya.