Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Another Scrubbie Surprise!

Morning boys & girls. Yer favourite Uncle Scrubbie here. How are ya?

Oh kids - Scrub has a mega treat for ya this mornin'!

First - Scrub has to thank his pappy. See... Papa Scrub is one of them thar peeple that just gets the giggles over sending out email jokes. Ya know how it is - those constantly moving "hey... check this out!" messages that fill yer inbox. Now... don't tell anyone - but Scrub is one of those that generally don't get into opening up all them email. I dunno... kinda reminds me of bein a young testosterone and trolling for gal-pals at those seedier alternative bars. You take your chances. Know what I mean? Viruses. Bugs. Never know what yer gonna get when you open up.... well - no need to explain further, I'm sure.

But - when the message popped up in my interweb thing - the title included words that attracted Scrub like a moth to a flame. In fact, you might even say "Resistance was futile."

Scrub does have to warn ya though - this may not be for everyone. Sure... some of you will just howl. Wenchie - I can only imagine the Timmies will be pourin out the nostrils. You are duly forewarned.

Others of you who are of the fairer sex - I got a 50/50 chance this will generate the kinda giggles it did for me. If you are one of them that doesn't quite appreciate it - find someone in yer life with a willie. Sit him down. Dial up Scrubbie and go to it.

Oh - and ya... Scrub has already forwarded to all his pals with the message "Hey - check this out!" Guilty as charged.

Kids - get ready for yet another Scrubbie Surprise!

All set? Okie Dokie... CLICK AWAY!