Saturday, September 13, 2008

Help me... I'm melting.

Hey kids.

So, Scrubbie did NOT go to the Geocaching event today. No, I wimped out because of the rain. We did get quite a bit. (Listen to me complain when those folks in Texas are swimming tonight). However - there it is.
Rain = wimp.

Instead, I toddled 'round the homestead, did a little research, worked on this really kewl LO of the wife and kid. They really are good lookin', ain't they.

Now, the kid has sauntered up to bed. The wife and I are downstairs - she with glue and scissors in hand and me with mouse and keyboard at the ready. All we need are cocktails. I'll be right back...

Baby Val

Morning bloggies. Did you all sleep well last night?

Saturday morning and feelin' fine. I started this yesterday with the intention of finishing the layout in time to close out Mamma Scrubbie's birthday celebrations - but, as you may have read yesterday, I went to see Babylon A.D. (reminds me... I have to go and get rent a tux for Vin's Academy award for this movie. Maybe not.) Boys & girls - Mamma Scrubbie as a diaper clad cutie-pie! Hope you dinner last night was great Ma!

BTW - Geek... if you are reading this... I really did enjoy myself last night. But, as we discussed, this was a weird flick.

So kids - looks like Scrubbie is donning his spandex and hitting the gym this morning, then doing the superman change into Geocaching geekboy and head out Rockwood (local community for you non locals...) to meet up with the other cache geeks. Hurricane Ike is supposed to grace us with some rain later today. I'll just wear my rubber clothes - it's all good. (Scrubbie sings to himself "I'm too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt, too sexy...)

Now you have that song stuck in your head, don't you. *grin

Friday, September 12, 2008

Scrubbie brings you advice and wisdom. All hail Scrubbie.

Well Well...

So boys & girls... it's your Uncle Scrubbie here once again bringing you valuable public service announcements.

1. Always use a condom when gettin' jiggy with it. Play Safe. Stay Safe.
2. Wash your hands after goin' to the loo. If you don't - that's just icky.
3. Save yourself 10 bucks ($50 if you include popcorn and a drink) and don't go see Babylon A.D. I know, I know - you are wanting a synopsis to justify my brash and bold statement here. Really? C'mon - just trust Scrubbie and wait until Christmas when it comes out on DVD. At least that way, you can pull out a bevvie from the chill chest and take the pain of the movie away.

However, Computer Geek and I had a good time none-the-less. We always have a bit of a giggle when we go and hang out together. I think I drive him sorta insane. As Geek and I have discussed many times before... I am the "devil-on-the-shoulder" cartoon character that whispers in his ear..."Go ahead and DO IT". hehehehe.

So kids - tomorrow, I will be puttin' on the geek outfit and headin' out for a Geocaching day. Yep - me and a hundred or other so cachers are all going to a big 'ol caching event held yearly in the area. Went last year. The wife still hasn't forgiven me for that one. She ain't coming this year.

Unfortunately, the weather forecast for our area is pretty nasty - lots and lots of rain. Being over 40 - I really dont like that. So... if it is really crappy out - I just might be staying home with the wife and kid and doing house stuff all day. I am very sure there'll be a bit of scrappin' in there somewhere too!

That's a Friday night wrap kids. Cheerio!

Pass the Ganja, man!

Hey kids - Guess what! I am headin' out in a few minutes to go and catch a flick. Going with my buddy the Computer Geek. That, by the way, will be his Scrubbie name... Computer Geek.

We are heading out to see Babylon AD with Vin Diesel, whose mother could very well have been smokin' silly stuff when naming her baby. Vin Diesel... sheesh. Some people say I look like him. They also smoke silly stuff.

Posting a layout for you that looks like I was smokin' silly stuff. If you are smokin' silly stuff - you will LOVE this. hehehe


Life is different here in Canada!

Morning boys & girls.
To continue with the celebrations of Mamma Scrubbie's birthday today - here's a picture of the ol' dear when she was but a wee little thing living in India. As it says in the journaling: this is Mom to the right of her mom, Gramma Scrubbie to me, and her two sib's in front of a leopard that has been taken down outside the family homestead. Yikes - makes you think the mouse that is running around the house just isn't that bad, doesn't it?

Thursday, September 11, 2008


What's this? A second Scrubbie post? Aren't we lucky!

Seriously kids... I know there are a lot of readers from Canada and the US visiting and the day can't go by without Scrubbie taking a moment to acknowledge what Sept 11th means to us in North America.

Weird, eh - some whacko's fly planes into buildings. Who the hell does that anyway? Frack.

Forget the planes for a moment. While I cant provide a moment of silence for our American neighbours and anyone reading this blog who may have been directly touched by 9/11... I can at least do the next best cyber thing... and provide a moment of blank space.

Please know that from one tiny, insignificant guy in smalltown Canada - thoughts and prayers are always with you.

If anyone reading was touched by 9/11 - I'd be very interested in hearing your story. Shoot me off a message. Cheers and lets all pray for peace.

Happy Birthday To You!

Hey kids. I want you to meet (drum roll please! You are all making that sound with your tongue right now, aren't you!?) MAMMA SCRUBBIE!

Yes boys & girls - it's Mamma Scrubbie. My mom. And, it's her birthday tomorrow - Sept 12.

The old girl is turning 49. Or something like that. (that just earned me big points kids)

So to honour Ma - I have created a page celebrating her birthday. Let me sing for you - feel free to join in if you know the words...


Gotta tell ya kids - I am most certainly my mother's son. We drive each other insane. hehehe

Hey Ma - Food Basics - starting tomorrow - milk, 4 Litre bag - $3.97! And at Shoppers Drug Mart - bars of Zest soap - $3.49 reg 8 bucks. WooHoo! Let's go shoppin'!

Bloggers - if you want to send birthday wishes - email Val at (She'll kill me for saying that!) *grin

Love ya Ma!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

OMG - It's a Black Hole!

Kids - Whassup? It is Gal-darn'd cold outside right now! Blech. So the wife and I have cuddled up. Done a little scrappin'. Drinking some hot tea. Basking in the glow of a warm TV screen. ahhhh.

Want to see a couple of layouts? Okie Dokie - here they are:

Isn't she cuuuute!? Our lunatic dog, Sashi. As you go 'round the circle of photos - you see her at 9 weeks old - the first day we got her, and then pics taken just recently: Sashi, 3 years later. She is just a darlin'.

And then this one. LOL! Yes, today the science geeks fired up the whiz-bang machine to see if they can figure out what happened oh so many years ago. The Big-Bang theory. KABOOM - and there we were. For those of you who are STILL coming out of the primordial ooze - the news is abundant with the possibility that when the experiment actually gets underway - couple of weeks still - there is a small chance that a Black Hole will be created and the earth will collapse into it - getting sucked in and bye bye you and me. If you are worried about this - allow Uncle Scrubbie to put you at ease. IT WONT HAPPEN! Even if a black hole appears, it'll fizzle out almost instantly. Just in case I am wrong though - it has been tons of fun blogging for you all. See you in the next life. Honey... that horrible smell in the basement the other day... it wasn't the dog. Sorry, I lied.

Dont Drink & Scrap

Don't Drink & Scrap or this is the kinda thing you come up with.


"Need a hand?" You'll get the joke in a moment.

Evening boys & girls. It's your Uncle Scrubbie here once again.

So much to tell you. I'll try to just provide highlights.

First - the bro-in-law, JR, joined the gym I have been going to. Went tonight with him. It was great! Good to have a bud to go along with. AFterwards - off to Timmies (for you non-Canucks - local coffee hangout) for a chat and a steamy beverage. Held off the goodies though. Didn't want to ingest the calories I just sweated my wibbly-wobblies off burning away only moments before.

Second - update on the weaning off the Happy Pills. Tonight... not so good. Can you feel the panic attack through the screen? Well - let me tell ya... the heart is just a'racing right now. Whoosh. Think I am going to go for a rather chilly night time walk to burn off some of this energy. Can't wait to see what happens when I go on 1/4 dose the day after tomorrow! LOL

Third - the kid came home today all smiles again. Yep - you guessed it... more attention from the fairer sex. The kid had an ace up the sleeve though. Took his prosthetic hand to school today and anytime you can remove one of your limbs at will... well, let's just say you are the life of the party. Again - little father & son time tonight.

Fourth - the wife and the kid kinda had it out tonight over bedtime issues. So, family meeting tomorrow at dinner time. The wife and I are going to lift the veil of the 9pm bedtime and turn responsibility over to the kid - with guidelines of course. We are both feelin' pretty good about it. We'll see how it goes.

Lastly - wanted to throw a couple of layouts up for your viewing pleasure. This time... paying homage to the gents who provide the examples for me being a dad. Two feller's - my dad and my dad-in-law. Both are pretty good chaps. Best part - they both "get" my 3-hour guideline. What's that you ask? Remind me to blog it another time. You'll get a smile out of it. And probably agree.

Nighty Night kids.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Yes, I'm a "Mathie"

Hey kids. So, while continuing to browse some digi-sites, there was this post about "sweet spots" of design, otherwise known as "the rule of thirds". (go ahead and google it... blah blah blah)

I was inspired by the mathematics of this design principle and put together this layout tonight that features a couple of the kids' punk friends from up the street. I really get a 'woohoo' out doing monochromes. Just love the whole black & white thing. Whaddya think?

On another note - and food related of course... went to a restaurant this afternoon with Hurricane Rona. Who is this you ask? Well, IT is our dear friend whom the wife and I have known forever. Well - FEELS like forever. Hurricane Rona - well... too much to write tonight. Suffice to say that the name Hurricane Rona pretty much sums her up. Anyway... the restaurant. I went with Hurricane Rona today to this place called The Rude Native in the good ol' hometown here. Wow. Yes, whine whine whine about the prices. But, the food. Zoinks - it was good. And I mean really good. Had Chicken Schwarma - a grilled wrap filled with spicy chicken breast chunks, pineapple and a whack of other stuff including this amazing seasoned mayo. Dang - it was mighty fine. Appetizer was this encrusted goat cheese with cranberries and citrus greens served with crustini. I worked my arse off at the gym yesterday to burn off a day filled with heaven and there I was today putting it all back in again. Frack. Oh well. I was a happy boy.

FREEBIE! Recipe Card - Banana Bread

I had quite a few folks talk about the Banana Bread recipe that I posted a while back.

While cruising a couple of foodie sites and a couple of digiscrappin' sites - I thought it might be a good idea to try putting together recipe cards rather than a full blown layout. So I did.

These are formatted out as 7x5" for printing, but you could always drop them down to 6x4" if you prefer. The idea is: there are two cards that can be printed (cheaply too 'cause of their size) at the printing depot of your choice or even printed at home I suppose. One card is 'title-ish' and the other one is 'instructions-ish'. They could go in your average everyday brag book for portability, or into those good 'ol magnetic page albums for easy wiping up in the kitchen.

Let me know what you think. I will try doing a couple more and see how it all works out.

For the moment - if you want a copy of the recipe cards - I have prepared them as a Digital Freebie! Woo Hoo! Just click on the link below and grab them! Cheers!

Click HERE to get them.

OR - you can click on the image and then just right click to save to your computer. I left them as LARGE images. Your choice.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Rushes Restaurant. Or maybe it should be Riches.

Another amazing day with the wife! So we started the celebrations today with Brunch out. Fancy Schmancy place - The Waterloo Inn... Rushes restaurant. Holy frack - the food was amazing. But... (here comes the cheap bugger comment...) $21 for brunch! Sheesh. Had my mom & dad there, the wife, the kid and me - total bill $106.00. Crichey! It was REALLY good though. Anyway... from there, came back home. The wife ran downstairs to do a little scrappin. Found out she won a sketch contest! Check out her blog and see! CONGRATS HONEY!

I ran out with the Bro-In-Law, JR, and took him to the Gym I go to. He had a little tour and we did a real quick workout. Bit of a bro to bro chat. It was good.

Home again and off we all went to our friends place - the Beeksma's! (Her blog is linked here too somewhere I think. "All About Love") Well - let me tell ya... the Judester and her DH (like the online scrap-speak there?) they have dolled up there place really nice - made it very Autumnal - beeuteeful orange, gold, greens everywhere. It really is nice. And then - more food!!!!! Judy and her hubby, the earlobe suckler, put out a spread of roast beef, ham, every root veg imaginable, this onion bread that Judy made - it is insanely good! When you go to her blog - ask her to email you the recipe!!!!! Trust Scrubbie here bloggers - it is so worth the effort of an electronic tap on the shoulder. Gravy, beverages, strawberry-rhubarb pie, ice cream, more bevvies. mmmmmmmmmmmm. And that pretty much sums it up.

Enough writing. Closing out the day today 20 lbs heavier and with another layout of the kid. This one, pic taken in Sept 2006 when he was just starting Grade 5. Enjoy!

Happy Anniversary Sheri.

No layouts. No goofs. Sorry kids.

But, I need to take a moment to tell all the world that today, Sunday September 7th, Sheri and I are celebrating our 17th wedding anniversary.

21 years ago, I walked through the door of Sheri's apartment and fell in love with her in minutes. From that moment on - there was no turning back. I had found my love. My soulmate. My best friend.

Through the years, there have been hills and valleys. And, let me tell you - the valleys have been low. Losing jobs. Fear and worry over, what seemed huge at the time, birth anomalies with our son, some pretty serious illnesses, being told that our boy had only hours to live just a couple of years ago, the house burning down to the ground. But, Sheri and I faced it, lived it, and laughed through it.

Without being too high and mighty about it all... we are constantly astonished over how much couples bicker and argue. Sheri and I just don't have that. Maybe it's because we measure everything by what has gone on before. When taking that into account, the towel on the floor, or the toothpaste cap being left off just isn't the biggest problem in the world. I don't know. What I can say is that there are certainly more hugs than spats 'round our house.

Boys & Girls - I am glad that bloggers from around the world are visiting my ramblings here on the web because you are helping me to achieve a goal. That goal is to let the world know that there is no other person in this world that I would rather share my life with; no other person that I would rather share my heart with; and no other person in the world I would rather spend a moment with than Sheri.

Happy Anniversary Sheri. For the 17th time, THANK-YOU for saying "I do." Thank-you for marrying me. Thank-you for being a mom to our son. Thank you for giving me something beautiful to wake up to each and every morning. I am who I am because of you. With all my heart, with all my soul and with everything that is inside me sweetheart - I love you.

Happy Anniversary.

Bloggers... are you jealous? Too bad. Sucks to be you. I couldn't let you go away thinking that I have even a shred of decency about me. Could I. (The wife is sooooo glad she got in under the wire of me turning into the kind of person that just doesn't play nicely anymore. hehehe)

Pot Shots at Family

Yep - Mean bugger, ain't I.