Saturday, December 6, 2008

Left, right, left and left again.

Ahhh yes. It's Saturday night. The snow is a'fallin', the kid is playing with Bing and Bong. The warm glow of the TV is flooding over the Wife and I and we are bopping to the sweet tunes of Christmas. It's a great night.

Lots happening to share with ya'll.

Yesterday, went to the wife's gal pal Judy's for a smack of dinner and a cocktail. I was ordered to geek-ify their computer and new TV. So, ear-suckler hubby of gal pal Judy and I hopped in the go-kart and went to our local Geek store and picked up a few tidbits. I was deeelighted to spend his money. Him... not so much. However, they are now online once again and revelling in the magic and beauty that is the interweb.

Thursday night, the kid and I packed up and drove off into the middle of buck-frack nowhere to our friend's place to pick up his brat pal Eddy Haskell. On the way home, we stop off at Timmie's (Canada's great watering hole) to pick up a cuppa joe. I ask the boy-o's what they want as we traverse the drive-thru. Fully expecting shouts of apple juice and hot chocolate, sweet chocolate doughnuts and cookies, imagine my horror when Eddy Haskell says "large Double-Double please Mr. Scrubbie". I know! "WHAT??!!" Sure nuff - Eddy Haskell wants coffee with double cream, double sugar. I question this and am told that as he is now 14, the parental units have agreed that the lad can have coffee. I concede and the boy has a large double-double. Sheesh.

First - Eddy Haskell is WIRED from the tip of his nose to the ends of his toes. Caffeine is pretty much the LAST thing this lad needs. Second - well - there really is no second. Suffice to say - humina-humina-humina. The boy PEAKS with his caff jolt. But - Scrubbie can handle it. He's a pro when it comes to these pre and young teens and their wild testosteronish ways. I simply crank up the tunes and encourage wild and crazy thoughts. My goal: burn'em out before getting home to the wife. She ain't all that keen on kids, as you might recall. Coming home with the wild bunch - that'd get me sleepin in the car fer shure.

So - I have just been advised that the wife and I are headin' out. Guys - you know what I'm talkin about here. We boys, for the most part, don't concern ourselves with lotsa planning and such. We fly by the seat of our pants. When it comes to the outings - we just go and fire up the automobiles and turn left and right as per instructions. We find out where we are going when we get there.

Oh - I love a mystery!

Monday, December 1, 2008

December 1

My goodness - Dec 1st - which means Christmas is just 'round the corner!

So - the kid is very upset. Not a snow day. Scrubbie's pretty upset too. Means I gotta go to work too. hehehehe.

Ah well - there ya go.

Have a good one ya'll.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Did someone say Snow Day.

Yes, I'm a little older and a little wiser. My birthday? Oh heavens no - I just haven't blogged in a while. So - that makes me a little older. Wiser though? Ahhhh - probably not.

So, it's the eve before the Big Storm. Yep - our fair community is 'sposed to be hit with lotsa snow and rain and sleet and lord only knows what else. Woo HOO! LOVE storms! What did Scrubbie do to celebrate? BBQ'd. Yep - stood outside in my jammies pants and Q'd up some burgs for the wife and the kid. Plunked ourselves down in the warm glow of the TV and watched the tail end of Jingle All The Way. hehehehe. Scrubbie loves defying nature.

Catch any of the show The Amazing Race? Well - last week, dumb and dumber (the Frat Boys) made 'ol Scrubbie laff his arse off with their marching. And, when Dumber learned he had to do a little Russian dancin' this week - well, the wife and I fell of our chairs. I tell ya - those boys. Sheesh.

Hey - the kid hosted another sleepover this weekend. Nope, not Bing and Bong as usual. Instead, we had Eddy Haskell over. Who's that you ask? Remember the show Leave it to Beaver? Eddy Haskell was the really polite kid who would always extend absolutely ultimate courtesy to Mr. and Mrs. Cleaver. But, deep down, we all knew he was the reason Wally and the Beav would get into deep doo-doo. Well - we got ourselves one of those kids round here. 14 yrs old now - but even over the past years, since we knew him at the tender age of 9, he would always say "Hello Mr. Scrubbie. Hello Mrs. Scrubbie. How are you today? Mrs. Scrubbie - you look really nice today! I was wondering if The Kid could come out to play?" No kidding. He really talked like that. Anyway - we haven't seen him in a long while. His family - the Tattoo Gang, moved outa town a while back. And, for the past year, we haven't gotten together. Sure - we have had the odd email. Maybe a chit chat back and forth. But, you know how life just sorta gets goin' and sometimes you are really only along for the ride. Well - it's been like that. But, this weekend, we changed all that. Scotty (Mr. Tattoo) dropped Eddy Haskell off yesterday and the boys settled into the Engine room downstairs for a night of mayhem. Then, this morning, after a feast of pancakes, I packed up the brats and drove off into the afternoon sun to return Eddy home. The kid came along. The Tattoo gang live in the middle of nowhere. Thank GAWD for GPS.

Anyway - the storm started brewing, so the kid and I hopped into the Go Kart and made our way home. Tricky here and there. Had to avoid a few fellas who had skidded into the ditches. But made it home.

Speakin' of home... the halls have been decked at the Scrubbie Pad. The tree is up - dolled up in all it's retro/country/turn of the century-ish charm. Smelly stuff everywhere. Candles a'glowin. (Course, us havin' had our house burn down - always a little cautious with stuff like that. Wouldn't want a repeat. Once is plenty... Thank-you very much)

Scrubbie's gotta go and shovel the snow now. Gonna try to stay on top of it. (ha - not likely)

Hopin' we have a Snow Day tomorrow!!! Keep yer fingers crossed kids. The boy would be in his glory. (All you readers who don't have the joy of snow - awwwwww.... sorry to hear. You just don't know the thrill of waking in the morning and havin' the fam gather round the 'ol radio tucked in the corner of the igloo - eager and ready to hear the words SNOW DAY. )