Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Huh? 2010? Whaaaaat?!?!?!

Howdy kids - tiz your old pal Scrubbie here. Happy New Year.

Havent blogged in a while. I know. I really havent had much to say. Oh sure - I could spin a yarn about the nasty dogsled accident that left me in a coma. And how through it all, I could hear the Wife talkin to me while I lay in sterile hospital room - sayin things like "where the hell did you put the scissors?" Then, just a few days ago - popped my eyes open thinking it had only been a couple of hours while to my shock and horror - finding out the year had turned, the kid got married, the lunatic dog had pups (even though she had her u-hoo taped shut) and I had grown a third eye.

Sure - that'd be fun. Interesting, even. Funny, in a dark and tragic sorta way.

But it aint true. And ya'll already know that if it goes up on the blog - there's gotta be truth to it.

No... Scrub just hasn't had much to say.

Today, however... I do.

Ahem.... (clearing throat)


Star Trek.

Love Trek.

All kindsa Trek. New and Old.

Know lots about it.



This, my friends, is simply wrong.

I don't know who these people are.

Don't really need to.

All I know is... they need help.

And, one day, they'll regret this photo.

And that boys and girls - is all I gotta say.