Friday, March 6, 2009

49 Years. And they haven't killed each other.

March 5th, 1960.

Heya Scrublings - it's your old pal Scrubbie here. How ya'll doin?

The pic there - why, it's Mamma and Pappa Scrubbie! Yep - Scrub's Ma and Pa way back in the day. In fact, Scrub twer'nt even a twinkle in Mamma Scrubbie's eye yet.

It's their Wedding Day. Making it - ummmmm - their 49th Wedding Anniversary. Jeez eh?

So - had Ma and Pa over for dinner tonight. Fixed them up a nice little dinner. Enjoyed some cake afterwards. Coffee, tea - the whole bit. Good times.

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad! And many many more! Sendin' lotsa Scrubbie love your way!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A short post.

Good morning boys & girls. Scrubbie here.

Today - I have a very very very short post to share with you.

It is in regards to a previous posting I made about the Bro-In-Law and I attending a Yoga class at our local workout facility. If you haven't read it, or would like to re-read it - go ahead. Scroll down or back or whatever and take a look. We'll wait for ya. Go'on.

Hey - while they are off takin a look... wanna hear a joke? Ok - only got a minute though - the post they are looking at is not that far back and not very long. Ok - here it goes: What do you call a short psychic who escapes from jail? Give up? Answer: A short medium at large.

I know - I know - GROAN.

Oh hey - you are back. Great. OK - you so got the gist of it all, eh? Yoga.

Right - so on to the actual post.

The Bro-In-Law and I did go to the yoga class. It was 'Introduction to Yoga - Yoga for Beginners". We arrived. Donned our shorts and tees. Went on it to the Yoga Studio. Warm in there. Soft lighting. Funky transcendental music chiming through the room. Mirrors bouncing light and enlarging the space. Yoga woman greets us "Welcome gentlemen. Welcome." she says. "You can get a mat from the back, a block and a strap and make yourselves comfortable."

JR and I are a little apprehensive - we are the only testosterones in the room. We engage in some chit chat small talk to ease the tension. But, then a few other dudes walk in. Phew. We're not the only ones.

Then - Yoga woman gets started. Breathing - lots of breathing. "Arms up - inhale. Arms down - exhale. Good job." she says.

Scrub thinks "This is nice. I can do this."

Then - yoga woman recalls her days of torturing prisoners in foreign countries and gets busy with the class. I'll spare you the details.

I can summarize however. I did, after all, advise you this was to be a short post.

Summary: Yoga - it is gawddamnd origami with your body. Sheesh. Where the hell is the Tylenol?