Friday, January 16, 2009

So Say We All

It's Battlestar Galactica Day! Wooooo-Frackin'-Hooooooo!

Both the wife and I are titillated with the fact that tonight is the first new episode of the final espisodes of BSG. It's been a great great series. And, if that twer'nt enough - all day today, they are showing the final season leading up to the new episode tonight. Oh glory be.

So, the wife and I have collected our respective bits and pieces that we need in order to get some work done today and have set ourselves up in the living room of the igloo to enjoy hours and hours of Cylons and Humans and schtuff like that. hehehehehe

There ya go kids. Later!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Knob and The Environmentalists.

So - I know ya'll will relate to this.

Scrubbie's takin' this business course. Twice a week for a couple hours each session. It's pretty good. Lotsa info - most of it useful. Ya know how it is.

In the program though... there is the obligatory KNOB. Yes... this dude is the one who won't shut up. Has to find the flaw in everything. Argues every point. And, says the stoopidest stuff. Constantly says things like "I don't even know why I am here. This is useless stuff."

KNOB is a frackin' idiot. And, there's always one in every group, isn't there? I don't get it. It's not like we're in prison or anything. You signed up for it dude. Sheesh.

And, if that isn't enough - we also have the environmentalists. Two of 'em. These two gals (get this into ya) complained on the first day last week that we were using too much electricity becuase the instructor was using a projector for his computer with a PowerPoint presentation. TOO MUCH ELECTRICITY! Bwaaaa-haa-haa!


The wife and I are huddled up, tryin to keep warm in the deep freeze right now. We have our woolies on and have stoked the electric fire up to max. But, I still have chills. No, no... not from the brisk temps breezin' through the igloo right now. The chills are from this creepy show we have on the tube right now. GHOST HUNTERS INTERNATIONAL. It's one of those shows you flip on while enjoyin a cuppa tea and nothin' else is really on to distract your attention.

Well - these wacked out dudes and dudettes are s'posedly doing investigations of paranormal activity in various places. They are in some church somewhere checkin' out reports of ghosts. And, they are all freakin' out cause apparently "there is definately something in here". Sheesh. Scrubbs gots goose-pimplies EVERYWHERE right now.

Wifes freakin' out a bit too.

Lunatic dog... doesn't give a damn. She's on the loveseat, curled up and doin that doggie dreamin' woof thing. Hysterical.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sing.... Sing a song. Dear God. Back Door Photo. Geek. Cold. Read on kids...

Hey kids. Scrubbie here. Wednesday night. The wife has taken over the tube. Scoffed the clicker. Hoarding control. Scrubbie is sad. Very sad. Why? Cause it's Knight Rider night. Instead - American Idol on the box. Which reminds me... time for another Scrubbie Aside. Excuse me a moment.
"Dear God. Scrubbie again. Howz it goin? Lord - give me the strength, the courage and the wisdom to know and understand that I cannot sing and should never ever audition for a show like American Idol. Thanks God. You da man. Amen."

Ok - thanks. I am back.

So... ya know the Front Door Photos? Well, here's a Back Door Photo. Thought I'd switch it up a bit. I just love the view from the back of the igloo. Had to share it with ya. Purty ain't it?

Brought the wife's daddy home today. As you might recall... the old boy was in the hospital for a week. Much better now. Still some issues - but... don't we all have issues? So, ya, brought him home today - got him settled in - grabbed some road kill and whipped up a tasty dinner for him and MamaLou. Gave them a call this evenin - and they are just nestled in like a couple 'a bugs in a rug. Phew.

Hey - remember my friend, the Geek? (Dontcha just love the cast of characters 'round here.) Well - as you may recall.... Geek is a single fella with a couple 'a kids he shares with former wife the Dispatcher. Well.... perhaps I should say WAS a single fella. Geek has HOOKED IT UP! (Scrub says with arms crossed and fingers in that "whoa ya" pose the kid does all the darn time) YES - Geek has a Geekette. And, Geekette gots kids too. And pets. Geek had pets already.

Geek and Geekette have shacked up.

So... here's the overview. Geek went from bein Geek and a couple 'a dogs no bigger than large rats and two boys who are there part time to... Geek and Geekette, 6 kids, 5 cats, 4 dogs... and a partridge in a pear tree. hehehehe.

Seriously though - Scrub's pretty happy for them all. Way to go kids.

Deep freeze continues here in the Great White. -32 degrees tonight. Let me just say that again. MINUS THIRTY TWO DEGREES. Doesn't that just send a shiver up yer spine? The lunatic dog is NOT thrilled about piddlin' in the 'ol outdoors. Mind you... neither is the kid.

Left, Right, Left. Oh.... to hell with it.

Howdy kids. Whassup? Here in the Great White - we are bein' hit by the BRRRRRRR. And when I say brrrrr, I mean BRRRRRR! Yikes.

Time to get personal. And, I mean REALLY personal. Yes boys and girls - Scrub's givin' you a peek at.... the fridge.

The wife mentioned it the other day. Takin' pics of other people's fridges. I got to thinkin' - ya... everyone's fridge is sorta unique. There's stuff on it. Seems to be the family communication center. Memories. All kindsa stuff.

So - here's Scrub's. Let me take you for a tour. The front, upper section: to the far right - the calendar. Just to the left of that - a dry erase calendar board that we don't really use at the moment. Good place to scribble notes though. Over top of that - the kid's soccer schedule. Just below - a fridge magnet given to us by Hurricane Rona that has the saying "If you don't know where you are going... you'll end up someplace else." More on that in a moment. Then, beside that is a small electronic timer. We use it mostly when we play games at home that require a timer. We hate the sand timer thing. Then, below on the lower door section - there is a fridge magnet note pad.

On the side of the fridge: oh hell - there is just a huge collection of notes, pads, basket with pens and stuff in it, little magnetic containers with elastic bands, paperclips - stuff like that.

On top of the fridge - not shown... junk. Lots and lots of junk.

So - Hurricane's little gift was not actually a gift to the fam. It was meant specifically for Scrubbie here. You see... I have no sense of direction. None. Nadda. Zip. Zilch. As many of Scrubbie's friends already know, but you are about to learn... having no sense of direction is very clearly demonstrated in daily life. I have mentioned my GPS. Ya... best gawd darn'd thing ever invented! I can now find my way to the bathroom in only one short trip. Ya, awesome.

But - years ago, before the advent of GPS units (and electricty), Scrubbie was leavin' a place called St. Catherine's in Ontario. Go ahead - google it on Google Maps. I'll wait.




darn'd interweb... slow today.


ahhhh - Ok there ya go. See it? Yep - Kinda smack dab right there. Well, Scrubbie's igloo is located kinda to the left. Well, I left my buddy's place and started driving. I kept driving. And driving. The first sign I recognized was "Bridge to USA". Yes - that's right. I got so lost, I ended up in another country.

Ya - I ain't so good with directions.

Monday, January 12, 2009

God lov'em.

Punk pal EDDY HASKELL - meet the world. World, meet Eddy Haskell.

Ya - here's a pic of the kid with his punk friend Eddy Haskell. I'm exhausted! I tell ya kids... when Haskell and the kid hook up - it's a buzz 'round of activity from mornin' till night. Whoosh.

So - Jack Bauer and 24. OMG - how great was that? The fastest 2 hours. And, tonight we get round 2 of another 2 hours of that show. Ohhhhh - looks like it's gonna be a good one. Tonight is also the night when Hurricane Rona and the wife get to RIP apart a bunch of gals who are all competing for one dude on THE BACHELOR. AND, they continue to RIP apart the incredibly shallow (even more shallow than Scrubbie here!) folks on some hour long show called TRUE BEAUTY. (Did you see the premier last week? Wasn't that pee-your-pants hysterical?!!!??)

The kid - soccer tonight.

Oh - and I thought I'd intro ya'll to our dear friends that I mentioned yesterday - the tattoo people who live near the bearded woman who sells veg on the side of the road. God lov'er. Scotty and Cindy - just a couple'a kids really (compared to the very aged Scrubbie). Funny and hearts of gold. We love 'em to death. Even though they are all tattooish. God lov'em.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Eddy Haskell's in the house.

Well, I actually put finger to mouse today and did up a pic of the newphew. Again - cute little fart, ain't he?

And - it's Sunday January 11th, 2009. Which means - IT'S 24 NIGHT! WOO-HOO!!! 'Course, that also means Hurricane Rona will be here. Think Scrubbie's gonna have a cocktail or two 'fore she gets here. Calm the nerves.

The wife - over at her mama's place. Papa went to the hospital on Tuesday with a host of problems. Sorta a buffet of medical conditions. But - he is doing well. Still there. Likely there for a bit still. Overall though - in good shape. So - the wife went to mama's to give a hand givin' the place the 'once over'. Bro-In-Law JR was there yesterday movin furniture and such. The wife - doin' a little 'staging' today. As your and our dear friend Martha Stewart might say... "It's a good thing."

The kid - sleepover at our place last night. Nope, not Bing and Bong. Shocking, I know. No... this time it was EDDY HASKELL. You might recall me mentioning this punk kid once before. Polite as all hell. Really great kid. But, behind those dreamy eyes - you just know lurks the soul of mischief. hehehehe. We love him. Oh - BTW... if you are unfamiliar with Eddy Haskell from the show LEAVE IT TO BEAVER - check that out by doin' a little google thing. You'll understand why we call him that.

His parents - Scotty and Cindy - we love 'em too. They're "tatoo people". Inked. Funny. Very dear friends. Scotty - he's a machine of late. He wants to run a marathon. So - he's been training and is up to running for 2 hours solid and clocking 17 KM. Yikes. Scrubbie ain't doin that. Sheesh. The live in the middle of nowhere where the snow piles up to the sky and their neighbours include the bearded mennonite woman who sells veg on the side of the road. Nope - Scrubbie ain't doin that either.