Saturday, August 9, 2008

Soccer season is done

Hey there - the kid did great! His team did not move into semi-finals, but they had an awesome season this year. Both the wife and I are very proud.

Here's a simple layout done to remember his team this year. Cheers!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Albert East

Hey all. Anyone else watching the opening ceremonies from Beijing? Incredible! Wow! Helluva show.

The kid played his second tournament soccer game tonight. Lost by 1. argh. Won on Wednesday though. So - we are outa here tomorrow morning at 7:30 for game 3 at 8am and game 4 in the afternoon. It'll be quite a day.

In case you're wondering (and I know you are...): the spaghetti was great last night. hehehe.

Thanks to Rick of "Designs by Rick" (see link) for adding me to his blog! Go and visit his site - GREAT stuff!

And, my layout today is a tribute to Grandad. Sorry to any artist who created elements on the page. I started doing digital layouts before I thought to track what stuff came from where. Previous layouts were pretty much all me creating things. This one - there are a number of elements that are not mine - just sorta snagged them off the net.

On a final note - for those of you who know me or those who may get to know me through the blog here - I do enjoy griping now and then. Somehow, after I turned 40, I simply decided to embrace my inner grumpy old fart and to that end - I may, from time to time, throw out my opinion. So be it. For example - buddy driving in the van behind me tonight on the way home - who was apparently in a terrible rush to get to somewhere to do something - LEARN TO DRIVE! Sheesh.

Cheers folks.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


And, the last one for the day - it's a LO of our whackball dog Sashi. Slightly neurotic; somewhat looney, big time goofball. Fits right in with the rest of us.

So, there's your first look into my life.

Scrapbookin' dad and husband here. Scrubbie.

Now - time to go and get dinner ready for the wife and kid. Or... there'll be hell to pay. *grin

By the way - I know you are wondering. Spaghetti. That's what I'm making. Using up some leftover Italian sausage from the BBQ the other day too. mmmmmmm


Wanna see another?

Da Boys

Here's a LO I did today from some pics we took with our friends we went to a cottage with this summer. They boys were having some fun on a graffiti'd train right outside the restaurant on the way home.

I've gone Hybrid

Hey there. Just me... Mr. D. Yep - I've got a willy and I scrapbook. So - what of it?!? (he says throwing out his chest and grunting ever so slightly) hehe

Seriously - when u'r a 'scrubbie' (scrapbook husband), you kinda have no choice in the matter. But - I have discovered digital scrappin' and I am hooked. So, I thought a blog might be a good idea to throw down the musings, and general nothings of everyday life while tossing out a few of the creations that come along the way.

Nope - I am not in a league of the hoards of gals out there that scrap and I am certainly not of the talent that WIFE has when it comes to scissors and glue - but, I get a giggle out of doing what I do and there you have it.

Here are a few of the starters that I have done. Lets all hope that as time goes on - they'll continue to develop. Cheers!