Sunday, April 26, 2009

I don't even know what to call this post.

Sometimes... I'm embarrassed to be a dude.

Hey kiddie winks - Scrubbie here.

It's a short post tonight. Don't take yer finger off the mouse. You'll be clicking soon.

The wife and I were sittin back, havin' a cuppa tea, taking a few moments in front of the tube.

Flippin' channels..

Ya know what it's like on a Sunday afternoon.

Flippin' channels.

Come across one of them thar shows 'bout fellas that fish and hunt and... well, ya know... that kinda stuff.

This episode: ducks.

Fellas in the show have done their huntin and stuff. Headin back for a 'lil drink together to celebrate... or whatever.

They're talkin about drinks.

They're talkin about a specific drink.

Bailey's Irish Cream and Crown Royal.

Guess what they call it?

A Duck Fart.



1. You don't mix Crown with Baileys.
2. Even if you did - why DUCK FART?


Duck Fart. Sheesh.