Saturday, September 6, 2008

Mario Super Sluggers

Hey - this is kinda fun. My nephew WHOAGUN, well, he LOVES this Mario Super Sluggers game for the Nintendo Wii. And, when the wife and I were at JR & Dutchie's place last weekend - the wee lad and I were playing away on it. The kid was good! So - whipped somethin' together today for him to peer at while mommy and daddy cruise the net.

Whoagun - pretty kewl, huh?


It's a beautiful Saturday!

Heydeeho bloggerino's.

It's Saturday and it's amazing outside. Just about to fetch me a cool refreshing beverage and have a sit down outside.

The wife is busy scrappin away and I sat for a bit to finish off a layout. So, thought I'd post'em up and then go and take'r easy for a while.

Actually - two of them to show you today! (aren't you lucky?!)

The second one is dedicated to my poor darlin' wifey-poo who had NO IDEA what she was getting herself into 17 years ago tomorrow when she said "I do!" Remember hunny - Till death us do part. hehehehe. Gotcha!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Anna Mae's

Hey kids - here we are - wrapping up a Friday night. The wife and I are hangin' out catching season 2 of Heroes on DVD. Doing a bit of digiscrapping while sitting in front of the boob-tube. The kid's punk friends Bing & Bong are sleepin' over at our place. (yech - Clair, on Heroes is about to cut her toe off). Great viewing, huh?

So, the bro-in-law called tonight and might be signing up for some Gym time. Hopefully with me! It'd be good to have a bud to go with. Makes it so much easier to go when the "mood" just isn't there. Sounds like it'll be a road trip to pain on Sunday. Will let you know, of course.

Oh - have mentioned that I am dropping off the 'happy pills', right? Well, today was day 1 on the lower dosage. My head is pounding, but doing alright otherwise. Look out! I hear the train whistle in the background - the freight train is on it's way! hehehehe. Wife - if you are reading this... make sure your SAFE spot is all set up.

So - for a layout.

Kewl, huh? Went for a drive with the fam a few weeks back to this wonderful little Mennonite restaurant in Listowel, Ontario called ANNA MAE's. All you internationals - catch a flight - take a drive and hit this place. Just be sure to get there about 11:30am if you are going for lunch because as of noon - you wont get in. Then - order the Broasted Chicken. Yes - I typed "Broasted". Trust me - it is to DIE for! Then, order some more to take out and stick it in the fridge for the next day. Coming from the UK? It's worth the 1000 pounds for the flight and $224.95 cab fair from Pearson International Airport. If you do actually come from the UK and decide to go there. Let me know. I'll meet you for a spot of lunch!


For Judy & The Wife


Did this for my darling wife and her good friend Judy.


Growing Up

This morning, the boy woke up before the wife and I. He showered and dressed. Fixed up his hair just right. Made his own lunch. Packed his bag for school. When I woke up, he was pretty much ready for school already. We sat outside and chatted for a few moments. Then, he said "alright - See ya Dad" and off he went.

The boy is growing up.
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Thursday, September 4, 2008


Yes - Thursday. Only minutes left until Friday. WooHoo!

Bupkus to report from today. The kid came home from school all happy because he got "lots of hugs" today from GIRLS! Yikes - the lad is in Gr.7! So, little father-son time and hopefully... we dont get phone calls from the school.

Went to the parent's place tonight to do a little computer fixing. Nasty little bug crawled it's way into their system. But, couple of hours and a can of RAID - all is clear. While there, I was browsing through some photo albums that Mom had set out for me to look at. As you might recall, the wife and I lost everything in a fire a couple of years ago, including photos of the kid as a wee fart. So - a flood of memories as I was browsing the pages. Brought the album home for the wife to look at as well. Garsh... how time flies. And, how the wife and I have aged! LOL!!! That's what kids will do to you I guess. Sorry Mom & Dad!

Two layouts tonight. The kid and his brat bud in the pic have been friends since before Junior Kindergarten! And, pretty much since then, the two of them have gone to school together on the first day. This year, as you can see, was no different.

The second layout - just a little bit of fun while at the brother-in-law's place this past weekend. I always seem to snap a pic of the wife as she is cocktailing. I try and keep the evidence of my vices low profile. *grin.

Happy Friday all!
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Wednesday, September 3, 2008



Cannot tell you how tired I am. Both the wife and I. NO - not for THAT reason! Sheesh. You bloggers have filthy minds. It's because of that dreaded WalMart trip I told you about last night. After blogging, sorta hung out with the wife for a bit, then headed up to the store. Well - as I am driving back home at 2:30am(!!!!!), the wife, who had to get up to go to the loo, called me on the cell. So, we kibbitzed for about 5 min 42 seconds, then I pulled in the drive another 3 mins later. We unloaded the bag of goodies for the kid and then, both being WIDE AWAKE at this point, sat and continued to chat for another little while. As 3:30 am rolled around, finally felt like we could hit the sack. I remember the clock turning to 4am. That was about 12 seconds before the alarm went off to get up and start making lunch for the boy. Yep - we were both bagged today. But - for a good cause. Turns out the panic attack last night that the boy had was due to his strong desire to BE READY for school. This morning, the look on his face was pure contentment that he was heading in for the first 'teaching' day fully stocked. Felt good.

Remind you to tell you about my new toy courtesy of my geek buddy up the street when I blog tomorrow!

For now - I leave you with a couple of layouts done. I have mentioned Bing and Bong - the kid's punk friends. Two layouts feature Bing - the older of the two. (the third brother, and the eldest who is late teens - we call him Bang.) Bing is a good kid. VERY polite. Not quite Eddy Haskell polite - but damn'd near close. (age showing through here - those of you nodding in understanding of that reference - yep... you know what I am talking about)


This layout is titled after the name of the Geocache we did with Bing (his first) - "My Brother". Appropriate, as the kid points out, as Bing is very much his brother from another mother.

Awww - aint that sweet?


Well hey there. So - you know how I whine about being a guy in the scrappy world of women.

FINALLY - a tutorial that I appreciate. This is my kind of scrappin'.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Old Soul

Hey Hey - the kid had a good day today! Phew!

He said it was a little weird being the young guy on campus again. After leaving his junior school as the big kid and moving on... yep, that's what happens. He came home smiling though - and that's what's important.

Tuesday's 'round our place are "Kitchen Clean Up" days. (ya - we have a cleaning schedule at home! sheesh) Anyway... so dinner on Tuesday's actually turns out to be a lot of fun. We clear out the fridge and leftovers and such are all up for grabs. Wednesday is garbage day - so we clear everything out to make room for the next week's cast offs. Love Tuesday dinners. Lotsa fun.

After dinner, had to make the trek to the Soccer Association office to register the kid for indoor soccer again this year. (for those reading where snow is not an issue - yep, gotta play soccer indoors through the Winter months) Again, the kid is gonna be a baby with his category this year. Last year, he was not old enough to move to the next level up. This year, as his birthday is late in the year, he is the baby of the Under 14 age group. He's a tough little bugger on the field though - so hopefully he won't get bowled over too badly. Very odd going to see these practices and games now - the boys all have those teen voices happening. The smell is somethin' fierce though. Blech. Parents... you know what I'm talking about.

Now - at almost midnight - I will be taking off to the local 24 hour WalMart to go and pick up the LIST of things that the school sent home today. I even called them last week and they said don't go and get stuff because the teachers all require something different for each class. Not to worry about it. So - note comes home and says we have to get everything together for tomorrow. OMG - I hate bureaucracy!

But before venturing out to take on the midnight WalMart shoppers (they are a frightful bunch!), the wife and I did a little marital scrappin' tonight. She's working on a sketch challenge - card I think. When I peeked at it, she told me not to remember it because it was going to be my anniversary card this weekend. I worked on something a little different.

Took a modern photo and gave it a Heritage spin. Doctored up the pic to rough it up a bit and used pretty traditional Heritage Layout colours and such to make the whole thing look old. The wife and I have always known the kid is an old soul. He seems to have wisdom beyond his years. (Doesn't stop him from running into walls and trees head first though. argh)

Best part of this layout though, I think, is that rather than making the whole thing digital, I included some of my own scribbling which I scanned and inserted into the layout. Yes - it's the tag of course.

Love this layout. Hope you do too.


Rick Evans Designs

Having lunch now. mmm - sandwich! (that's for the benefit of The Wife - who will read this sometime today.

Forgot to mention something earlier. That layout - all done in blacks of the kid going to Gr.7... brilliant, huh? Page was done using designs by Rick Evans. His blog is linked on the page here somewhere. "Digital Designs by Rick".

Rick - should you read this: gotta tell you... your stuff is the best on the net, as far as I am concerned. Great designs. We definitely need more guy designers out there. Fantastic stuff.


First day of Grade 7

No, not me. The kid. The wee fella left this morning and as we do every year - snapped a photo this morning of him taking off for the first day of the new grade in the new school.

Good luck, my son. Your mother and I are very proud of you and love you tons and wish you great adventures this year!


Labour Day weekend wrap.

WooHoo! The day has finally come! The kid goes back to school tomorrow! *Scrubbie sings to KC & the Sunshine Band: "Cel-e-brate good times, come'on!" *grin

Yes, and the boy is excited to go back as well. New school. Middle School. Junior High. Whatever you want to call it. The point is: there are no Kindergarten kids there. This is what he is most happy about.

Today - went to my Brother-In-Law's place. We shall call him JR. His wife, Dutchie and the two - well, cant call them rugrats 'cause JR just put new hardwood floors down in place of carpeting. Ok.. we shall call them Dancer and Whoagun. Cant use real names - right!? (duh - just look at the layouts). Anyway - our last BBQ of "summer" at JR & Dutchie's - burgs, sausages, corn on the cob. Couple of cool refreshing bevvies. Couple of dogs running amok. Good times. The out-laws were there too. Mama-Lou and Pop.

Whoagun took some time to show me the ropes of the Wii's Mario Super Sluggers baseball game. For a little fart - he was doing really well. For an old fart - I didn't do too badly either. We had fun. But, the highlight for me with the little critter was when Whoagun dug in deep to his watermelon. Nothin like a kiddie going to town on watermelon, is there? Juice dripping down his chin. Big grin. Workin' it down to the rind. So - came home, downloaded the pics and put together this layout. I know Dutchie will be itchin' to get her hands on the pics to do a paper layout of the same.

There ya go kids - that's a wrap for this Labour Day weekend. Mine was good. How was yours?


Monday, September 1, 2008

Digital Quickpage Freebie - Super Mario Galaxy

Well, here it is folks - my first Digital Scrapbooking Quickpage and it's a freebie. For those of you who feel GUILTY about using freebies - just drop me a note by email and I'll send you a PayPal link that you can use to send me money. Just kidding of course. Or, am I?

So - as mentioned, the kid is a game junkie and we naturally have a Wii at home. So - I put together this page using some of the iconic images from Super Mario Galaxy (a great game, by the way). For your journaling - I added Toad with his familiar "talk bubble" and even included the icon indicating you have to press the A button to continue! Kewl, eh?

Layout is 12x12, 300 DPI in PNG format.

Do me a favour though, please. If you download and use - PLEASE send me a message and post the layout somewhere so I can take a peek at it! I am REALLY egotistical and would love to see it used!

As this is the first time I have done something like this - If I have made an error in the link, or in how it's packaged together, or Terms of Use or anything like that - SORRY! Let me know and I'll fix it up.

Thanks oodles boys & girls. Enjoy!!

See the preview? Like it? Grab the freebie by clicking HERE.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Phew - Much better now

Yes kids - I am all calmed down now. After my rant there, the wife and I had a wee drinky-poo outside on the patio, took in a bit of sunshine, enjoyed a wonderful dinner and then did a little 'hangin-out'. So - all is well with the world again.

Time check - 11:25pm. We are taking a peek at CNN right now and watching that monster Gustav make his way towards those poor folks in New Orleans for a repeat of Katrina. Geez. Sometimes - sucks living inland - not much to look at in terms of oceans and mountains and such. But, on the other hand - weather is pretty much consistently moderate. Sure, we get hit with some good snowstorms. Sometimes hurricanes or twisters touch down nearby and with all due respect to those locally that have been affected by such storms - they really aren't what we see on the news in places along Hurricane Alley and such. But, really... it's all pretty calm and sedate 'round here.

The wife just mentioned one of the goofs on Big Brother this summer - Renee. She is from New Orleans and very likely has no idea that Gustav is paying a visit. Her whole family is from there. In fact, just a couple of weeks ago, she and another of the house goofballs were talking about Katrina. Geez - hope all is well. She'll go ballistic once she finds out about the storm.

So - on the digital scrapbook front - I am working on a quickpage that hopefully I'll feel good enough about to share. See how that goes. The kid, as you know, is a video game junkie and I have need for a few different pages that feature him 'zoned-out' and totally engrossed in gaming. Simple, but so far, it's lookin pretty good. I'll throw it up with a link as soon as I have it done. Hopefully tomorrow. You'll have to let me know what you think and if it's worthwhile.

That's about it for tonight. Right now - I have to go and get Bing & Bong and the kid ready to bed down for the night. Yes - Bing & Bong are both sleepin over here again. Pretty rare that it's just the 3 of us sleeping in the house through the summer, huh? However - with school starting up on Tuesday... life is going to return to routine very soon.



Holy Geez kids. Just got back from doing a little shopping - last minute junk for the kid, food for the wife and I etc etc. Well - students, their idiotic parents and the general moronic population were all out in force today being incredibly - argh - I dont even know what to call it. Anyway - I simply had to come on and explode to ya'll or I'd end up taking it out on the fam.

I know you know what I am talking about.

Couple of points of note - in case you are reading:

1. Fake blonde chic with the bright blue car who takes up 3 spots with the little Disney car - LEARN TO DRIVE.
2. Mrs. Old Fart in the sh*tbox outside the Food Basics plaza. Any closer and my foot would be as flat as a pancake. Sorry my keys hit your car on the way by.
3. Dude who hasn't taken a shower since last May that insisted on walking beside me despite my best efforts to get away from you. RIGHT GUARD and ZEST soap. Frack.

Somehow I am going to have to make a page for all this. Just not sure how yet.

Any thoughts?