Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Night The Lights Went Out

It's the night the lights went out in... The Great White North.

Hey boys & girls! Rumors of Scrubbie's death are greatly exaggerated.

Yep, tiz I - your ol' pal Scrubbie here. How ya'll doin?

Ok - so today is the day that we globally share in Earth Hour. Huh? What's that you ask? Well - Earth Hour is one day in the year that Scrubs from all 'round our big blue marble are s'posed to shut down, turn off, unplug... well... everything. Seriously. Lights go out. Puters get unplugged. The whole bit. All in an effort to cut power use and give the good 'ol Earth a little breather for a few mins. Personally - not a bad idea. No, no - not a tree hugger. Well - not really any kind of hugger. But, Scrub sure don't mind participatin'. 'Tween you and me - Scrub and the fam use it as an opportunity to have a wee bit 'o fun. In fact, apparently one of Scrub's igloo neighbours will be hostin' a bit of a campfire and all the neighbours are gonna git together for a couple 'a wobbly pops and do some toastin' of marshmallows. Marshmallows, chocolate, graham wafers - you know what that means.... S'Mores! Scrubs gotta load up on the diabetic meds to get ready for tonight.

I wasn't around all week. Guess you know that though by the dates up on the blog up there somewhere's. I know - withdrawl. Sorry kids. Couldn't be helped. The day job was a time sucker last week. And, Scrubs gone and gotten himself wrapped up in one of them thar Non-Profit Charitable thingy's. So - been a bit busy with that this week too. But - it's a Scrubbie weekend now. Heck - didn't even get out to the local workout facility with the Bro-In-Law. Not once. Sheesh.

OOOOO - Scrub's cuzin Dolphin is gonna stop 'round the igloo today with his two punk kids. Dolphin - he's the one with the fam who hails from the mountains of West Virginny in the good 'ol U S of A. Tractor throwing competitions. Eatin wibbly-wobblies off previously masculine creatures. Ya - them. Think Scrub's gonna fire up the hot box and whip up some sorta somethin'-er-other for when the house is fully testosteroned. Scrub, the kid, Dolphin and his two boys. The wife? Nope - she's gone up north. HAHAHA - oh... yer funny! - No, she ain't cariboo huntin this weekend. She's doin her Scrapbookin' thing. Yes - big 'ol Scrap Crop goin on. And, she's up there slappin' it down and gluin' it on and flogging her IN A PINCH DESIGNS kits. *sniff sniff - so lonely 'round the igloo this mornin. Just me and the lunatic fuzzball dawg.

By the way - if ya'll don't mind... I'd really 'preciate ya'll sayin a prayer to whatever higher power ya'll believe in (or if you don't have a higher power - just lift a pint and make a toast...) for my darlin' wife. It needs to be one of those prayers of thanks. Let me explain:

Ya'll recall I'm in love with a schoolgirl, right? The wife - she's returned to school to stuff her brain with more info.

And, as mentioned, Scrub was kinda loaded down with day job stuff yesterday.

So - Scrub had the go-kart to do his day job stuff.

The wife - ya, she ain't really a "take the bus" kinda gal. Never really has been. So - (and right 'bout now you will begin to get the picture as to why prayers of thanks are required) - our good friend, but 'disaster waiting to happen' pal Hurricane Rona offered to chauffeur the wife to her higher learnin' brick and morter locale. Ummmm - it wasn't a head-on colission - but damn'd near close call. The wife and Hurricane - both saw their lives flash 'fore their eyes. We would STILL be reeling from the expeirence - but with Hurricane as a part of the scenario... it's really just another day in the life.