Saturday, May 1, 2010

If Saturday was a dinner - here is the recipe.

And so it begins.

Morning boys & girls - tiz yer ol pal Scrubbie here. How ya'll doin this A.M.??

It's another Saturday in the big city. WOOHOO! Scrub loves Saturdays. In fact, I'd have to say Saturday's are way up there in the list along with Sandwiches, Star Trek and Whiskey. A lot to live up to... I know.

So ya... Saturday in the big city. It's a full one today kids.

First - the Wife - buggerin' off for a day of Scrappin with the gal pals. Gotta load up the go-kart and drop her and her small warehouse of supplies off this morn. (Well... that's not really 'first'. The real 'first of the day' will be draggin' the Kid and his arse outa bed. A chore in itself.)

Then, the Kid has a meet N greet with his soccer pals this morn. The soccer season fires up next week with practice number 1. So, today, the little testosterones are all gettin' together to get their new shirts and shorts etc. Get a chance to meet each other. That sorta stuff.

Front yard -needin' a trim. That'll be on the agenda today.

Hittin' the local trading post to source out some local grub to cook up for the Kid and me.

The interior of the Scrub shack is needin' a little TLC. Gotta get 'round to that.

And, of course, while all that is happening - Scrub'll have the local police scanner tuned in and turned up to see what all the action is.

Yes, m'lovelies... Saturdays are a great thing.

Might even get a little digiscrappin' in today. Wanna see a pic of the neice?