Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What's that you say?

Failure is the mother of awesome sex.

Boys & Girls - Scrubbie here. How are ya'll doin?

Goodness gracious... Scrub's been a busy boy lately. Been hob knobbing with Mayors and Chiefs of Police and all kindsa people! Big change from Hurricane Rona, Geek and the Kid.

Oh - speaking of Geek... Geek Junior was over at Scrub's igloo just the t'other day. See, my bro-in-law had this laptop that was kuputz. Woudn't do nuthin. So, I puppy-eyed JR and asked if I could have his laptop to use for this charitable organizaton Scrub got himself sucked into. JR told me we had to fork out a couple 'a hundred bucks to git one of them there legal copies of Windows and everything should run just tickety-boo.

Well, as you know, Scrubbie is a cheap 'ol bugger. So - I went on a FREEBIE hunt to see what there might be. Well, sure enough - I found it. Open Source software called UBUNTU. Go ahead - Google it. It's there.

Anyway - Ubuntu is a linux based operating system. Oh gawd - get me the tylenol... all this techno-speak is givin' Scrub a headache. OK - in language that I understand: Every puter needs gas in it's engine to make it go. Some, well most puters that I have laid my paws on run Windows. Ya know... XP, Vista... that sorta thing. But, it doesn't HAVE TO run on Windows. It can also run, quite nicely, using this Ubuntu thing. And, it's free! Not even a coupon required!

So - Geek Junior came over to send Windows to the recyling bin and juiced up the laptop with this linux thing. Not quite as simple as all that. Turns out JR's hand me down laptop was kinda ill. Had to do a Grey's Anatomy thing and yank out half it's memory. Somethin' about RAM, corrupted, sticks, discs, blah blah blah. I dunno. Again - techno speak. So, after some surgery, and further mucking about - Geek Junior turned up with this laptop that is working alright now. Go figure! Junior is all of 15 and rivals his Geek papa for geekness in the world of geekdom. Thanks Junior! (Scrub's even doin' the bloggy thing on the newly tricked out laptop! - Betcha didn't even notice!)

The Wife and I had a coiffeure date today. We both went out before lunch to have our do's done. The Wife - ya, lookin smokin' right now. Scrub - ahhhhh.... pretty much the same with shorter hair.

Then, we toddled on down the road to take in a little Kung Pao, Veg Fried Rice, Sweet & Sour Chicken - the usual. As my Chinese friend calls it "white people Chinese food"! Bwahahahaha! Oh Ricky - u'r too funny pal!

It was here that life took an interesting turn. Don't know 'bout you all - but round these parts after enjoying a rather scrumptious meal, that I didn't have to go out and catch first,... buddy waiter guy brings the little black plastic tray that has two lovely stripey mints, the bill and yummy vanilla fortune cookies! How do you pick yours? Scrub's fam - we look to see which cookie is facing us to choose. Ya know - the open end has to be pointing in your general direction - then THAT one is your cookie.

Scrub read his - something about happiness is the start of somethin'er other. Schmalz.

The Wife - reads hers. "Failure is the mother of awesome sex".

Ummmm - huh?

"Failure is the mother of awesome sex."

Goodness - Scrub feels a 'lil tingle startin. I don't know what the fortune means - all I heard was "awesome sex".

Well - Scrubbie, right then and there, whipped it out. The $20 dollar bill that is.

And, suggested that maybe he and the wife should be gettin' goin. Maybe home.

Scrub is grinning.

I think Scrub's furrowed brow prompted the wife to probe a little about why I was gettin' all a giddy over a silly fortune cookie.

"Honey" I says..."awesome sex. The fortune cookie... Failure is the mother of awesome sex. Awesome. Sex. Honey...."

Well, the wife falls off her chair and hands the fortune over to me while reading it a little more clearly.

"Failure is the mother of all success."


We went shopping.