Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hurricane and the boys

Hey kids! So - have ya already busted up any resolutions? hehehe...

Well - here we are on a Saturday night - first of 09. The wife - still sniffly - not too bad though. The kid - fine. Overtired from hours and hours with Bing and Bong - sleepovers and such. But - fine. Me - yep - groovin' along nicely. Grabbed a flick for tonight... Eagle Eye. Lookin' forward to it.

Today - Hurricane and I took the boys to Toronto to plunk 'em on a train headed for home. Back to Quebec. We had such a great time with them here over the holidays. Sad to see 'em leave.

The wife and Hurricane - sittin in front of the tube bein' really critical of the new crop of overtly gay guy designers and the girl designers with dry stringy hair on the show TOP DESIGNER. LOL! I tell ya - these two are fierce when it comes to that sorta stuff. Just slays me. hehehehe

Anyway - nothin' else to report right now. Hittin the gym tomorrow - I'm sure there'll be somethin' entertaining there. Always is.

And now - off to the movies. Gonna fix me up a cocktail and settle my arse into the comfy chair for the next hour and a half. Ahhhhhhh..... love it.


Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009

Hey there - Scrubbie here wishin ya'll a very happy New Year!!!!!

The wife, the kid, Hurricane Rona and her boys are all here. We all stood to toast the new year. Sucked back some sparklin' grape juice ( cant get all liquored up - kids and all...).

But here it is 11 minutes into 09 and just had to shout out to ya'll.

Cheers kids.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cya later alligator.

Hooray for the Flu Shot! My cold in the nose didn't last long at all. Still a few coughs here and there and I gotta tell ya - Scrubbie feels like some big fella at the gym took my chest for a round or two with the boxing gloves on... but overall - not too bad at all. The wife - still in the throws of it all though. Poor thing.

The kid - in the engine room with Bing and Bong. Yep - another sleepover. I know what yer thinkin'... "does he ever NOT have a sleepover?"

I told ya about jonesin' for Banana Bread - I made some. Made 4 mini loaves actually. The kid and his punk pals polished off two of them already. I managed a slice in there though. So did the wife.

Well kiddies - 2008 is fast comin' to a close. Whoosh... that's all I gotta say about it. Helluva year though, eh? One of the highlights for me - the whole bloggin' thing. It's a whole lotta fun puttin' some of my happy-pill inspired thoughts to screen and lettin' ya'll in on it. Your response - it's been great gang. Thanks oodles. I 'preciate all the feedback. I think in 09 - I'll open up the mailbag and provide the Scrubbie answers to questions that I get about this and that. So - go ahead - ask me somethin. Opinions, thoughts, advice - sure - I'll take it all and put it here. hehehehe. Be warned though.

Expecting another half dozen inches of snow to fall tonight. Should make for a groovy morning tomorrow. hehehehe. I'll have to hit the local trading post and pick up a few supplies for the New Years Eve festivities here at the igloo tomorrow night. Apparently - the local city hall is opening it's doors to the public and havin' a showing of the movie Kung Fu Panda tomorrow. Think we might hit that. Depends on how wifey-poo is feelin' probably. 'Course, she might appreciate a bit of a quiet afternoon for nap-time. (Ain't nap time the best time! We call 'em "afternoon sheets". They are the BEST! Nothin' beats the feeling of "afternoon sheets".)

Hey - the bro-in-law and I were at the gym this aft - gettin' in the last gut busting for 2008. Guess who was there? Yep - naked guy. This time though - with clothes on. Thank Gawd. Well... there was one little catch. Naked guy was wearin those spandexish shorts that show off a guy's religion. Blech. As bro-in-law noted: "those should be illegal". Couldn't agree with ya more JR.

Anyway - time to wrap up what I do believe should be the last posting for the year for me and for you.

I, and the whole Scrubbie clan, wish ya'll a really wonderful and totally Scrubbie New Year.

Like the tree this year? Purty, ain't it.

Cheers ya'll.

Monday, December 29, 2008

The thing. The low-down. The scoop. The whole kit-n-kaboodle. COUGH COUGH

Oh goodness... I've got a code in da nose. Hmmmm? I said... I've got a code in da nose. sniffle sniffle. Please excuse me during this posting... cough, cough.

So - how was everybuddy's Christmas? Santa good to ya I hope. Sure was to me. It was a COUGH COUGH cooking Christmas for Scrubbie. Mini loaf pan, mini muffin pan, new fry pans, egg poacher, triple steamer - ahhhh - Scrubbie loves AH-CHOO cookin stuff. Now - I have got a hankerin' for some banana bread and a hot cuppa tea. COUGH COUGH.

'Course - just gotta drag my arse up to do it. The wife? Oh - no - she can't make that stuff either - she's got the cold too. COUGH COUGH. You think my hacking is bad - nothin' compared to the wife. Sounds like a seal farm at the igloo here.

Speakin' of igloo - the Great White came up with a warm spell the last couple 'a days. And, rain too. So - the great heaping mounds of fluffy white that was AHCOO lyin' around has melted down quite a bit. Bare roads even! The dog-sled is grinding on the pavement. There are a few communities 'round here that have been whalloped pretty good 'cause of all the rain and melting. Massive flooding. Some people have really really chilly indoor swimmin' holes in their basements.

But - we got more snow on the way - so it won't be too bare for much COUGH COUGH longer.

So - far as Christmas goes - it was great. The kid was up bright and early and came a'runnin' downstairs to check on the haul. The wife sauntered on down shortly thereafter. The deal was the kid couldn't officially "wake us up" until 7am. Last year - it was 4:30 or somethin' rediculous. Put a stop to that pretty quick. Anyway - I was up early and the kid came down shortly thereafter. 'Bout 6:30 - our 12 yr old son decided (miracously) to fire up the shower which, incidentally, is right beside the wife's and my rumpus room. (He asked if he could wake up mom - I said not till 7 - then he thought a shower would be a good idea. hehehe)

Then - the bathroom lights on and off while the pearly whites are gettin' their morning brushing. (No, no - he wasnt COUGH COUGH trying to wake up mom or anything. Goodness, no.)

Finally - the whole fam is up and the cinnamon rolls are toastin' up in the hotbox. Every Christmas - cinnamon buns drizzled with icing sugar and a cuppa tea. And, the unwrapping begins. COUGH COUGH. AHCHOO. Gotta run for more tissues - be right back.

K - I am back.

Scrubbie's fam was Christmas day. The whole looney bunch. The whacky auntie from Florida. The auntie from Brantford (who - by the way - is totally in tune with Scrubbie - if she gets a cut on her finger - mine hurts. I can often call her and ask what she has done to her knee cause mine is aching. Freaky, huh)

Then, it was the out-laws turn on Boxing Day. Scrubbie did a traditional Christmas feast of turkey and the fixins for the gang. Good times.

Hurricane Rona and her boys were a part of the mix too. Got together with them yesterday to have a little gift exchange and a meal. Took all the kids COUGH COUGH to go and see Mr. Jim Carrey in YES MAN. Apart from the fact that it was really packed in the movie house and Scrubbie had to sit way up front in the second row and has a creaky neck today... it was funny funny. AHCHOO.

I did a little photo thingy with Hurricane's boys as a Christmas gift for the 'ol girl. Wanna see?

There ya go. They're good kids.


Sorry 'bout that.

The wife hates Buckley's. Won't even consider taking it. Can you believe it? I know, I know - it tastes awful. But, it works. Hey - sounds like a tag line, doesn't it?


Oh - did I mention that the wife, the kid and I along with Hurricane and her boys are all doing a bit of volunteer work on New Years Day? Yep - we are serving a hot lunch to the homeless. Well - homeless, less fortunate... whatever. But - should be good. The kid - old enough to get in there and participate, so thought it was a good idea to get some voluteering up and runnin' for the fam. One of those "together" moments.

New Years Eve - Hurricane and the kids are comin' to Scrubbie's igloo for some festivities. We'll go and see the Christmas Light display at our local community park (Waterloo Park festival of lights - for all you googler's) COUGH COUGH. Then, back to the pad for some food and cocktails. Fancy drinks for the kids featuring swords and cherries. Sparkin' grape juice at midnight. Ya know how it is when you got little Scrubs runnin' around the place.

Tonight - the wife and I are in jammies. COUGH COUGH. Sharing a box of tissues. Hot tea in hand. TV. The kid - he and Bing (of Bing and Bong fame) are crashing out in the engine room here. Video games. Tunes. Popcorn. Whale Blubber popsicles. Ya know - real good Canadian treats.

And - there ya go. The whole low-down.


Alright kids - gotta run. COUGH. All this typing has really made Scrubbie's throat sore - cant type anymore. Catch ya'll later though.


Remember - Scrubbie loves ya. *grin.