Monday, November 17, 2008

Another Front Door Foto

Yep - it's another of Scrubbie's Front Door Fotos. Lovely pics taken from the comfie cozie portal to the Scrubbie pad. And, as you can see, the Great White has it's namesake in abundance this morning.

And, of course, the kid doesn't have boots yet. LOL

So - the kid was in the Santa Clause parade on the weekend in the grand city of Hamilton Ontario. Good times. Really wet. But, good times. I do have some pics - I'll get them up.

The most important thing to share this morning is that we are less than 1 week away from the movie "24" featuring *gasp* Jack Bauer. Sun Nov 23 is the date kids. Mark that on your calendar.

Gotta run - the kid needs his lunch and I gots to shovel the drive.

Later Gater.


Kristine said...

Morning Scrubbie!!!

Snow looks lovely....we got soooo much rain on Saturday (as you stood in it for the parade) that our lawn is puddle ridden and squishy to walk in....we had a blizzard yesterday that lasted all of a half hour...just enough to make everything wetter! ROFL!!! Not good for skidoos....flippers maybe....

Margaret said...

Separated at birth? Here's a photo I took from my front door:

Margaret said...

OK, it doesn't look as alike as I first thought, but it was two years ago.

So, like, nevermind.