Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

No naked guy. No icky people. No complaints about other drivers. Not even commentary on the whackball family. Nope - not tonight.

Instead - Hopin' ya'll have a really Scrubbie Christmas! It is a special time of year at the Scrubbie pad and the whole Scrubbie fam wishes you and yours the very best.

Cheers - Scrub

PS - knowing that for the next 48 hours or so I will be neck deep in family both local and from afar - me and my valium will be reporting back soon on the events. Gotta make sure the 'ol Duracells are charged and ready for the camera. This is gonna be a doozie. Wish me luck.

PPS - thank Gawd for Happy Pills

PPPS - just realized I said I wasn't gonna do any family digs and I just did. Sheesh - cant stop myself.

PPPPS - for all you internationals who love Canadians... Merry Christmas, eh.

PPPPPS - all these P's are makin' me gotta go wee. Gotta go. Wee. Seriously. Gotta go.


Kristine said...

Merry Christmas Scrubbie!!! Hope Santa is good to you and your family!!

Pene said...

Wishing you and yours a happy and safe Christmas from Oz - pretty warm today - we're wearing shorts and t-shirts and had seafood and cold meats for lunch!