Saturday, December 6, 2008

Left, right, left and left again.

Ahhh yes. It's Saturday night. The snow is a'fallin', the kid is playing with Bing and Bong. The warm glow of the TV is flooding over the Wife and I and we are bopping to the sweet tunes of Christmas. It's a great night.

Lots happening to share with ya'll.

Yesterday, went to the wife's gal pal Judy's for a smack of dinner and a cocktail. I was ordered to geek-ify their computer and new TV. So, ear-suckler hubby of gal pal Judy and I hopped in the go-kart and went to our local Geek store and picked up a few tidbits. I was deeelighted to spend his money. Him... not so much. However, they are now online once again and revelling in the magic and beauty that is the interweb.

Thursday night, the kid and I packed up and drove off into the middle of buck-frack nowhere to our friend's place to pick up his brat pal Eddy Haskell. On the way home, we stop off at Timmie's (Canada's great watering hole) to pick up a cuppa joe. I ask the boy-o's what they want as we traverse the drive-thru. Fully expecting shouts of apple juice and hot chocolate, sweet chocolate doughnuts and cookies, imagine my horror when Eddy Haskell says "large Double-Double please Mr. Scrubbie". I know! "WHAT??!!" Sure nuff - Eddy Haskell wants coffee with double cream, double sugar. I question this and am told that as he is now 14, the parental units have agreed that the lad can have coffee. I concede and the boy has a large double-double. Sheesh.

First - Eddy Haskell is WIRED from the tip of his nose to the ends of his toes. Caffeine is pretty much the LAST thing this lad needs. Second - well - there really is no second. Suffice to say - humina-humina-humina. The boy PEAKS with his caff jolt. But - Scrubbie can handle it. He's a pro when it comes to these pre and young teens and their wild testosteronish ways. I simply crank up the tunes and encourage wild and crazy thoughts. My goal: burn'em out before getting home to the wife. She ain't all that keen on kids, as you might recall. Coming home with the wild bunch - that'd get me sleepin in the car fer shure.

So - I have just been advised that the wife and I are headin' out. Guys - you know what I'm talkin about here. We boys, for the most part, don't concern ourselves with lotsa planning and such. We fly by the seat of our pants. When it comes to the outings - we just go and fire up the automobiles and turn left and right as per instructions. We find out where we are going when we get there.

Oh - I love a mystery!

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Kristine said...

Oh I could sure go for a large Dbl Dbl Timmie's right now...mmmmmmmm!!!

Have fun tonight on your mystery date! :P