Friday, March 6, 2009

49 Years. And they haven't killed each other.

March 5th, 1960.

Heya Scrublings - it's your old pal Scrubbie here. How ya'll doin?

The pic there - why, it's Mamma and Pappa Scrubbie! Yep - Scrub's Ma and Pa way back in the day. In fact, Scrub twer'nt even a twinkle in Mamma Scrubbie's eye yet.

It's their Wedding Day. Making it - ummmmm - their 49th Wedding Anniversary. Jeez eh?

So - had Ma and Pa over for dinner tonight. Fixed them up a nice little dinner. Enjoyed some cake afterwards. Coffee, tea - the whole bit. Good times.

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad! And many many more! Sendin' lotsa Scrubbie love your way!

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