Sunday, May 10, 2009

Yo' Mamma

Happy Mothers Day!

Howdy kidlings - Scrub here once again.

Ahhhh yes. Mothers Day. Mom's Day. Celebration of Motherhood. All those things.

So - Scrubbie is dedicating a few megabytes of interweb space to do just that - Celbrate all the mom's that are floatin' round Scrubbie.

First up - the Wife. Well, of course she ain't MY mom. Sheesh. But, she is the mamma of junior there. I just lov'er. Happy Mom's Day Wife! Thanks for bein a great mom to the Kid. Gawd knows - I could'nt do it alone.

Next up - Mamma Scrubbie. Oh kids... let me tell ya... I am most definately my mother's son. Mamma Scrubbie there - ya, Scrub and her are on the same wavelength. What does that mean? Oh - well, it means that I drive her insane just as much as she does me. Seriously. Don't get me wrong - we get along great. I'd go to the ends of the earth for the ol' broad. Give up my left... uhhhh... well, maybe not that. But, pretty much anything else.

*giggle. Nah... just joshin' ya. I lov'er to bits. She knows it too.

Happy Mother's Day Ma. I promise to cook up somethin' special for ya.

The OutLaws. Ya - that's the Wife's mamma right there. Mamma Lou. If there's one daft ol' gal that Scrub can have a good ol giggle with - it's Mamma Lou. We gots a standin date to go and hit the new Trek film together. No kiddin'. Think I'll insist she dress up as a Ferengi or somethin. Don't worry - I'll grab a pic. *snicker...

Mamma Lou - thanks for bein a great ma. I know you are cause yer offspring, the Wife - well, she ain't half bad at all. Smooch.

Last but not least - here's a couple 'a mamma's for ya.

These are Grandama Scrubs. One of the left there - that's Nana Scrubbie. The one on the right... well, that's Nana Scrubbie. Ummmmm.... Oh well - you get the idea, right?

Left - ma's ma. Right - pa's ma. Ok.

Can't leave out a cocktail liftin' moment without including these two whacky gals. They ain't around for me to make fun of no more. Well, not around in body anyway. But, I tell ya... when Scrub's gots his fingers smooshing up somethin on the stove that has hints of India to it - there's Nana Scrubbie... ummmm... (one on the left)... there's Nana Scrubbie - right there with me. Never fails. And, when it comes to pretty much anything that involves dry humour with a good Brit accent - I can feel Nana Scrubbie... ummmm... (one on the right)... standing at my right shoulder looking over. Wish you both were here right now. I'd get a real kick out of knowing that you were using the interwebby thing to peek into life here at my igloo.

So - that's a wrap kids. All the mamma's that hit closest to home.

Happy Mother's Day Wife, Ma, Mamma Lou, Nana and Nana. Scrub loves ya.

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