Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sharing Happiness ! !

Hey kids - it's yer old pal Scrub here. How are ya?

Alrighty - lets talk about Sharing Happiness, shall we? No, I'm not talking about wrapping big, brawny and fantastically ripped Scrubbie arms around you... no. no.

Nor am I suggesting that Scrub and the wife have hit the jackpot in the local Great White lottery and we're gonna start spreading the wealth like peanut butter on morning whole wheat toast. While delicious... this is not what I'm going at here.

No kids... in this case, Scrub is commenting on the fact that one of his groovy email addy's he uses for his noble volunteer work was grabbed by someone else and used to send out some stupid email with the subject "Sharing Happiness ! !" and gave Scrubs colleagues and network (that includes local police big shots, movers and shakers of some half million people and some of the fancy-schmancy government big shots that rule the roost 'round these parts) some bizarre song and dance about spreading the love and inheriting money and crap like that.

And - to top it all off... Scrub's gonna put on his Sunday best in a week to host and emcee the mega event of the year where all of these pillars of the community will be hob-knobbin' with each other.

Oh ya - I look like a friggin' ass right now. Frack.

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