Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cya later alligator.

Hooray for the Flu Shot! My cold in the nose didn't last long at all. Still a few coughs here and there and I gotta tell ya - Scrubbie feels like some big fella at the gym took my chest for a round or two with the boxing gloves on... but overall - not too bad at all. The wife - still in the throws of it all though. Poor thing.

The kid - in the engine room with Bing and Bong. Yep - another sleepover. I know what yer thinkin'... "does he ever NOT have a sleepover?"

I told ya about jonesin' for Banana Bread - I made some. Made 4 mini loaves actually. The kid and his punk pals polished off two of them already. I managed a slice in there though. So did the wife.

Well kiddies - 2008 is fast comin' to a close. Whoosh... that's all I gotta say about it. Helluva year though, eh? One of the highlights for me - the whole bloggin' thing. It's a whole lotta fun puttin' some of my happy-pill inspired thoughts to screen and lettin' ya'll in on it. Your response - it's been great gang. Thanks oodles. I 'preciate all the feedback. I think in 09 - I'll open up the mailbag and provide the Scrubbie answers to questions that I get about this and that. So - go ahead - ask me somethin. Opinions, thoughts, advice - sure - I'll take it all and put it here. hehehehe. Be warned though.

Expecting another half dozen inches of snow to fall tonight. Should make for a groovy morning tomorrow. hehehehe. I'll have to hit the local trading post and pick up a few supplies for the New Years Eve festivities here at the igloo tomorrow night. Apparently - the local city hall is opening it's doors to the public and havin' a showing of the movie Kung Fu Panda tomorrow. Think we might hit that. Depends on how wifey-poo is feelin' probably. 'Course, she might appreciate a bit of a quiet afternoon for nap-time. (Ain't nap time the best time! We call 'em "afternoon sheets". They are the BEST! Nothin' beats the feeling of "afternoon sheets".)

Hey - the bro-in-law and I were at the gym this aft - gettin' in the last gut busting for 2008. Guess who was there? Yep - naked guy. This time though - with clothes on. Thank Gawd. Well... there was one little catch. Naked guy was wearin those spandexish shorts that show off a guy's religion. Blech. As bro-in-law noted: "those should be illegal". Couldn't agree with ya more JR.

Anyway - time to wrap up what I do believe should be the last posting for the year for me and for you.

I, and the whole Scrubbie clan, wish ya'll a really wonderful and totally Scrubbie New Year.

Like the tree this year? Purty, ain't it.

Cheers ya'll.


Heidi said...

I wish you a Happy & Healthy New Year Scrubbie... hope the wife starts to feel better soon.

Elaine Bittencourt said...

Hope you guys are feeling better! Happy 2009!

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