Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hurricane and the boys

Hey kids! So - have ya already busted up any resolutions? hehehe...

Well - here we are on a Saturday night - first of 09. The wife - still sniffly - not too bad though. The kid - fine. Overtired from hours and hours with Bing and Bong - sleepovers and such. But - fine. Me - yep - groovin' along nicely. Grabbed a flick for tonight... Eagle Eye. Lookin' forward to it.

Today - Hurricane and I took the boys to Toronto to plunk 'em on a train headed for home. Back to Quebec. We had such a great time with them here over the holidays. Sad to see 'em leave.

The wife and Hurricane - sittin in front of the tube bein' really critical of the new crop of overtly gay guy designers and the girl designers with dry stringy hair on the show TOP DESIGNER. LOL! I tell ya - these two are fierce when it comes to that sorta stuff. Just slays me. hehehehe

Anyway - nothin' else to report right now. Hittin the gym tomorrow - I'm sure there'll be somethin' entertaining there. Always is.

And now - off to the movies. Gonna fix me up a cocktail and settle my arse into the comfy chair for the next hour and a half. Ahhhhhhh..... love it.


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