Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hey Kids - Sunday night - oh what a night!

Yesterday, Scrubbie was babysittin' at the wife's gal pal Judy's pad. Her two lads are just a riot and I don't mind hangin' with them anytime. Drivin' home was a bit of a challenge... when I left, there was a sheet of ice everywhere and on everything. So - Scrubbie took the go-kart up to a whopping 60 km/h all the way home.

Hey - tonight - Survivor's finale is on. WooHoo! Can't wait to see the fireworks. Nothin' better than a group of people gettin' their grump on and makin' fools of themselves. hehehehehe. Better them than me. *grin

Hey - I have been asked for some recipe cards for the yummy goodies that are slowly being consumed 'round the igloo here. Mostly the kid and his punk friends nibbling at chocolate while they are here. (Wanna know a secret? Just between us. I LOVE sendin the punks home to their caretakers all whoop-ass'd up on sugar. Snicker-snicker!) So - I'll see if I can get creative and put together the recipes into some kinda' digi-scrappin somethin-er-other. If not - I'll just throw them up. Ya know how it is - Christmas comin' up and all. Time is a precious commodity these days.

So - work wise - things are windin down now till January. Ahhhhh. But, come Jan - holy mackinaw - I gots me hands full.

Now - I gotta go and find the electric cattle prod that I keep lyin round the igloo here somewhere. What? Why do I need it? I have a 12 yr old son who has homework and a bedroom resembling a WWII diorama. That's why.

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Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Oh Scrubbie! You are EXACTLY what I needed at this hour of being overwhelmed with LOTS of catching up to do!!!

You are TRULY a FUN and sometimes downright HILARIOUS read and I've SO missed keeping up with you, the family and your IGLOO! He, he .. LOVE IT!

I am sorry that you are diabetic and EVEN more so at this oh, SO, SWEET time of the year when everybody and their HURRICANE RONA'S are baking overtime!

I DO miss those times of DAYS in the kitchen preparing goodies for family, friends and neighbors ... just a WEE bit!

I'm working hard to get back on track so that I might resume my blog hopping, which I'm somewhat experiencing withdrawals from at the moment while my computer has been pitching fits! That shall SOON be remedied thanks to an early visit from Santa!!! HO, HO, HO, HO, HOOOOOOO!!!

Wishing you, your wife and son a VERY "Merry Christmas" and a HAPPY, HEALTHY and PROSPEROUS "New Year"!

Bon Scrapatit,
Linda :)