Monday, December 8, 2008

Brrrr. Jesus. Brrrr. Gooooooaaaaaal! Shoppin'. Snow. SUV's. Money. You got it all.

Let me tell ya about cold. Sheesh.

So - the Scrubbie fam all went to Bethany Missionary Church last night to see their presentation of the Living Nativity. 40 animals and 150 of the congregation putting on a 20 minute tah-dah of the story of the birth of the big J. It was awesome. Go ahead - google Bethany Missionary Church in Kitchener Ontario. They have a few pics there from a couple of years ago. None of this year - not yet anyway. But, through the glory of it all - Scrubbie's toes were damnd near frozen little stubs. Yikes. I got enough fat on me up top to keep me toasty warm, but the legs and the toes - ya, not so much. Came home and it took a good while to thaw out. Even dug into the good 'ol Scrubbie bar to have a nip or two to get the insides warm. Anyway - it was great. Nuff said.

Then, tonight - the kid was playin' soccer - as he always does on a Monday night. And, the lad managed to get his foot flyin to put a goal in and then came back for an assist. Well - it was smiles from ear to ear. Sadly - the wife wasn't there. Hurricane Rona gathered a few of the hens tonight and coerced the wife into bein there.

Funny though - anytime the wife does happen to miss a game... the kid scores. Then, when she is there, nothin. The kid has noticed this. Now, there is talk about tryin' to convice ma that games are going to be on Tuesday's so she misses the Monday games. Ya - that ain't happenin.

So - tomorrow I think Scrubbie's gonna try and hit a shop or two cause apparently our little region here is gonna get whacko'd with some additional fluffy stuff on Wednesday. Ya - the go-kart just doesn't like the fluffy stuff.

Think I'll go and buy a lottery ticket this week. I am pretty sure it's my turn for a win and I need the ability to go out and buy one of those vehicles that makes the tree-huggers cringe and then I need the ability to just willie-nillie buy go-go juice for it without even thinking twice about the price of gas. Yep - my turn.

Don't worry - I won't forget ya'll. I'll just use a more expensive font. That's all.

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Kristine said...

Hiya Scrubbie!!

Send some of that go-kart cloggin' snow our way...please?!

Love your blog post have the best way to tell a story!!! Looking forward to seein' that expensive font! LOL

Good luck! :D