Friday, March 20, 2009

The Frackkin' End

So say we all.

Scrublings! Your ol pal Cousin' Scrubbie here. How goes?

So kids - tiz the day. Final episode of Battlestar Galactica. WooHoo! BooHoo! Gawds - I don't even know how to respond. One one hand, I am excited to see the 2 hour finale tonight. On the other hand - it's over! Gawds Damnit.

The wife, the kid and I went for a little toodle round earlier today. Remember - the kid is on March Break this week. No school for the youngster. Wife - she gots March Break too. No school for the wife. Scrub - well, his office is the big marshmallow chair with his laptop gently warming his lap. So - we all buggered off in the family jalopy - drove to the local landing strip to see if any planes were landing or taking off. Nah - didn't see much. Went in search of a Chip-Wagon (one of those French-Fry trucks that give you golden, deelishush, hot, steamy fries that you sprinkle salt on like snow falling on a winter afternoon. Then drown in Malt Vinegar so the steam lifts the aroma of the vinegar into the air as it gently fades into the stratosphere. Oh - Scrub's gotta go git a cold shower in a second.

However - didn't find a chip wagon open yet. All them chip-wagon owner operators are pansies - can't stand the cold. Hmph.

So - continued our toodlin' around and ended up back at the igloo. Nice afternoon though. Few giggles with the fam. Ya - all good.

So - back to Battlestar I go. Cuppa tea in hand. Wishin the wife would whip up a batch of them thar chocolate chip cookies that makes Scrub's blood sugar sky rocket. Oh Gawds - I love them cookies too.

Catch ya'll later.

Mmmmmmm - cookies.

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