Sunday, March 15, 2009

The quick and dirty low down.

Scrublings - How are ya! Your 'ol pal Scrubbie here at the keyboard ce soir.

Garsh - it's been donkey years since I last wrote to ya'll. Not so much 'cause nothin's been goin on. Quite the opposite in fact. Here's the summary:

The kid - soccer finals, last game played, came in 4th place in the division. Not too shabby.

The wife - doin school and havin' fun with it. The 'ol girl is doin pretty well too. Quite proud!

Lunatic Dog - well, nothin is different. Eat, sleep, poop, run around the living room of the igloo like her hair's on fire. All the same.

Hurricane Rona - like a bad penny - won't go away. In fact, sittin' here on the sofa as we speak. Wife and her are just waitin' around for The Amazing Race to start. They are convinced they would be good TV if they went on that show. Sure - I agree - they would be good TV. Problem is the two of 'em wouldnt survive a single leg of the show and they'd be booted 'fore ya know it.

The Bro-In-Law - me and him are still hittin the local workout facility. No more yoga though. Nope - we like our joints all in place and are both firm believers that folding ones' self in half just aint right. Happy meds are takin their time doin their thing - but the 'ol boy is faring well and Scrub, for one, is extraordinarily proud of JR for pushin through.

The Sis-In-Law, Dutchie - Happy Birthday Darlin'! Was Dutchie's B-day yesterday. Haven't called her yet. Seein' the dear tomorrow. Will give her a Scrub-hug then.

JR & Dutchie's Daugther, Dancer - Scrub's gots pics of her all tarted up doin't he dance thing. I'll get 'em posted soon. Promise!

Mama & Papa Scrubbie - hangin' in there. Nothing new to report. Mama Scrubbie and Scrub haven't gone shoppin' or lunchin' in such a long time. Sheesh - I think I need a fix soon, or I'll go nutso.

The Outlaws - The wife's parents - ya, nothin new on that front either. Papa Outlaw is using an O2 Tank now. Big "no open flame" signs on their front door. Scrub uses this threat to his advantage. I just show up with a lighter in hand and demand cookies. I get my way. Deliciously evil.

Geek - he's doin just fine. Was over this week geekin' out Hurricane Rona's puter. Still gotta call him to finish geekin' out Scrub's beastie.

Hmmm - slightly disturbin'... Scrub just looked up from the puter screen and there are nekkid guys on the tube. I am not entirely sure what the wife and Hurricane are watchin'. Show called "Brothers & Sisters", I think.

The igloo - slowly thawin' out. My goodness - was so nice goin outside today without havin' to wear layer upon layer of protective skins and furs.

And, finally, Scrubbie - bit of digiscrappin', doin the 9 to 5 thing, started volunteerin' with an organization, made a TV appearance, did a few newspaper interviews, cooked, cleaned, laundry - all the usual stuff that makes up a Scrubbie day.

Oh - and Scrub's doin the facial hair thing. I do that now and then. Grow a little, then shave it off. I know - weird. But, there ya go. As soon as the wife says she don't like lockin' lips no more with the scruff - it's gone. Can't have that now, can we.

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