Friday, June 19, 2009

Mid June! What the heck!

I know - I know... mid June already. Where has the time gone!

Heya kiddie winks - your old pal Scrubbie on the interweb once again.

Gee willikers - to say that life's been busy is a bit of an understatement. But - allow me get ya'll caught up.

First - was Scrubs Burrfday just t'other day. No kiddin'. Oh - oodles of fun! Mamma Scrub, Pappa Scrub and Scrubs Bro all pitched in to ensure Scrub had some drinkin' stuff for his burrfday. Sure - you know.... Crown. Me and Crown... been good pals for a long time. This year, no different. (Yes, Yes... all you non-Canucks are thinkin all we do is suck back whisky and brew in the Great White. Well... ummmm.... ya. Ok. We do that. WHAT!? It keeps us warm.) And, the OutLaws and all Scrubs pals joined in for some celebratory moments too. Thanks everyone. Brung tears to m'eyes.

Second - Scrub's gots himself a Blackberry. Yep - one of them "walk around and talk to people phone thingy's that has email and everything on it." Had it sewn in to my forearm. Damn thing keeps buzzin and chimin'. Non stop. Apparently... (get this into ya)... it even does the interweb thing! Gawd - never been so hooked up. Oh - best part of all... GPS built right in! And, faithful Scrubs round the world will know that this old fella here aint gots no sense of direction whatsoever. So - darnd good thing that GPS is inter-hooked or whatever. GPS? Ya know - Gawd Please Save me. I'm lost. Ya... that.

Next - The wife - she's a brunette! Holy Crap! Came through the door and WHUMP - brunette. Went to one of them magic shops for a couple of hours. Came home. And, now, we are headin out to pick out new shampoo, make up and wardrobe cause apparently nothing matches anymore. Oh - and we have to paint the igloo too. Seriously.

And, finally - the whole Scrub fam got together for the annual Family Reunion. Nah - didn't tell ya'll about it in advance. Too much of an opportunity to take us all out in one swoop. Good times. Had the whole fam out for some giggles and kicks. And, we are all about the food. So - there was an abundance of it there. I tell ya... good times all around.

Snapped a few pics of some of the lunatics at the family reunion. One pic of my cuzin Andrew came out pretty good. And, just happened to have a little digi-paper lyin around. So quick whipped together a bit of somethin somethin. Wanna see?

There's the wee fella. Good guy. Like him a lot.

He's a hubby, a dad. Just plain 'ol nice guy.

But - to be honest... most of the fam are great.

I like 'em all.


In doses.


kistine said...

That really is the best way to enjoy family doses. LOL. My favorite saying is "Friends are God's way of apologizing for family..."

Have a good weekend!

Mindy said...

I think we need a wee snapshot of Sheri's new hair!