Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Our Home and Native Land

Happy Canada Day!

Hey kids - yer ol pal Scrub on the keyboard. 'Sup?

July 1st. Canada Day. Happy Birthday Great White! Ya, I am proud Canuck. Beavertails. Back Bacon. Snow. Yep - we got it all. Oh - we gots lots more too. But the list.... oh, it is soooo long. Seriously. Suffice to say, this boy is Red & White proud. Yep.

And, bein' Canada Day here in the Great White - local trading posts are closed up and most have got the day off to frolick and play. It'll be a good day. Doin' fireworks tonight - providing it don't piddle with rain. Couple of cocktails on the agenda, no doubt. And, of course, time for bloggin' and digiscrappin'.

Speakin of which...

Keepin' with the Cousins theme... here is Dolphin.

He's like my bro.

Ya'll remember him, right? West Virginia homeboy. Family throws tractors instead of lawn darts. Eats the testicles of poor, unsuspecting de-masculated beasts. Yep - that's him. Gawd love'em.


The kid. Geez. The kid. Scrub's follicles in his noggin' are goin' grey pretty damnd quick.

First - the kid - now Grade 8.
Second - the kid - 'parently his wittle wibbley wobblies have kicked into high gear 'cause talk of the fairer sex has been non-stop. The scent of young'en cologne has been waftin through the igloo like wildfire.
Third - as school has cut for the summer now... means the rugrat is underfoot 24-7.

Ya know... this whole Summer Vacation thing... started 'cause the young'ens were released from their academic studies in order to help the family work the farms. Do the planting and harvesting. Milk the cows. Get the preserves ready for the winter months. Stuff like that. Hmmmmm - think I'll get me a milking goat and teach my young fella how to get up at 4am. Watch for pics.

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