Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hurricane - news all around.

Yes, yes - Scrub's at it again!

Blogging that is.

Hey kids - Scrubbie in the house.

Couldn't let the day go by without a nod to our dear friend Hurricane. Ya'll remember Hurricane, right? Lightning strikes twice. Dynamite under the driveway. Inadvertently gives theives their driving escape route 'cause she thought they were lost. Yep - her.

Well - today is a special day for Hurricane. Why you ask? Well - cause it was this day 14 years ago that Hurricane brought Big D into the world. Yep - it is Hurricane's offsprings' Birthday today. And, being as Hurricane is as much as part of the wifes' and my lives as you can get without bein blood, and she is the Godmother to the kid (*gulp) - that makes her guys practically our guys too. And, we love 'em to death.

Happy Birthday Big D!

And - another good news story for Hurricane, and the rest of us - Hurricane's wee nephew is someone mentioned ealier. Mike Hoffman is his name. See... when Michael was still in diapers - if we turned our heads for only a few moments, when you looked back - he'd be gone. Best place to look - UP. Ya - he'd climb up the fireplace to the ceiling or something. Oh my... this boy was a "go-er". Anyway... in recent years, Mikey has been playin' hockey and done pretty well for himself. In fact, just this past weekend, the wee fart got picked up by the Ottawa Senators. No kiddin'. The boy is playin in the NHL. Geez Louise. Needless to say, Mikey, his mammy and pappy and Auntie Hurricane are all just pleased as punch.

And, so are we.

Congrats Michael!

Congrats Hurricane!

Happy Birthday Big D!

Looks like the chocolate (Hurricane's favourite food group) will be flowin at the igloo tonight.

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Karen Ellis said...

Fabulous News! I was heard about the Spits that got drafted and wondered if one was him. SOOOOOO glad for all. Congratulate the Hurricane for me! ...on all counts!

Happy Canada Day *cheers* !