Monday, July 6, 2009

That Voodoo that You Do...

Are you kidding me?

Evening Scrublings - Uncle Scrubbie here at the keyboard ce soir.

So... our dear friend Hurricane. Ya'll recall Hurricane, right? She's the one who thinks Spam and Relish on squishy fresh white bread is God's gift to culinary cuisine... Ya - her. Gawd love'er. Anyway, Hurricane has sustained a wee injury. And, the poor gal's in pain. Serious pain.

Oh - it's self inflicted.

A purse that weighs more than most airlines allow in carry-on. And, a somewhat unhealthy additction Bejeweled - that computer game that features... well... bling. Lots of bling. Shiny objects. Dingly dangly sound effects. Ya - Hurricane loves shiny. Anyway - ya, addicted to Bejeweled.

So - Hurricane's gots a pretty hefty case of tendonitis goin on. And - pain. Sheesh - haven't seen the gal holler like that since the last sale at the local trading post on a blinged-out sticky tape dispenser.

The wife took Hurricane to the local vet yesterday and they gave her some happy drugs. Yep - we had a space cadet 'round the igloo yesterday. So - drove her home and tucked her in.

But the story don't end just yet.

Important to know: Hurricane - she don't like needles. Nope, not one little bit. Screams like a banshee even if she thinks about 'em. Seriously.

Well - don't know who. Dont know how. But someone 'er other has put the bug in her brain that accupuncture is the way to go. Now - I'm not all that keen on voodoo. But, I do recognize that for some... voodoo works. And God Bless 'em - do what ya gotta do. But - Hurriane and Accupunture? Weeelllllllll - just doesn't go together like peanut butter and jelly in my mind.

The wife and I - ya, we think she doesn't really get it. But.... she will! Bwahahaha!

Now - there is one little thing.

The wife and I are gonna have to go with Hurricane. When she goes to the Witch Doctor. Ya - we have to go with her.

No no - not to support. Gawd no. We're gonna laugh our arse's off.

No - not to encourage. Not really our thing.

No - not to make sure she goes through with it. Again - dont' care that much.

No no... we are going for an entirely different reason.

We have to talk to the doc. Make sure..... he.... or she.... doesn't..... ummmm.... well.....accupunture the.... ummmm... wrong spot...... ummmmm....

How do I explain?

Ahhhhh - got it. A picture says a thousand words.....

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