Thursday, July 9, 2009

Keep your arms and feet inside the ride at all times. Good advice.

Anybody gots an aspirin? Tylenol? Anything?

Hey Scrubs and Scrubettes. Your older-than-most who where there pal Scrubbie here.

Geez Louise...

So, Scrub and the kid hopped in the go-kart yesterday and went for a jaunt to one of our Great White playgrounds - Canada's Wonderland. Go ahead - all you visiting from afar - Google it. I'll be here when you get back.

Back? Alrighty. So - Canada's Wonderland. Whipped out the magic whiz-bang card and paid for our tickets in. (Magic Whiz-Bang Card = a debit card. Called the Magic Whiz-Bang Card cause you swipe it through one of those little boxes, punch a few numbers in and Whiz! Bang! Your money is gone.)

Why just the kid and I? Well - couple 'a reasons. First - the kid had an uneartly fear of roller coasters. Seriously.

The wife and I - not so much. Love the beasties. So - figured it was only natural that the fruit of our loins (eeewwwwww) should love 'em too. But, year after year - nadda.

So, this year, the kid bein 12 and all... thought we'd give it another go.

And, you will have noticed (all those of you who are not souced on giggly-juice right now) that I did type "HAD an unearthly fear". Yep - the kid did it! Faced his fear and hopped on board one of them thar death trains. And, like any of you who like coasters know... do it once, and u'r hooked. Kinda like makin whoopee. Ain't it. Ya know - An hour leading up to it - then 2 and a half minutes of screamin and you're done.


The coaster of choice: Behemoth. Dear Gawd, kids. This one is 'da bomb. Need to Google it? Go ahead. Not in the mood? Just check out the pic. Explains it all...

See - there it is. WooHoo! Oodles of fun, let me tell ya.

Out of towners... a highly recommended locale for your next getaway.

Oh - just make sure to bring along a whole whackload of tradin' items with ya. Lunch for the kid and Scrub which consisted of a burger and fries, chicken fingers and fries and two soda pops - 25 bucks. Seriously. Bottle of Cola there - 4 bucks. Ya, not a fan of that. But - what can ya do. They got ya so they'll milk ya dry.

The other reason for the Scrub & Son trip - well, I mentioned that the wife and I have a horn-dog of a son on our hands. Apparently, some switch went off and the kid is practically gettin whiplash everytime some pretty young thing goes strollin by. And, he's goin out to dances - parties - blah blah blah. So - in the tradition of Fathers and Sons everywhere in the world - the kid and I had one of them thar 'chats' - 'bout stuff and such.

Thought it would be a good idea to pepper in conversations throughout the day rather than sittin the boy down at the local waterin' hole and makin' it all intense and stuff. Let me tell ya - it was a good day.

The fodder for some of our chats was all around us yesterday. 'Specially when it came to providing advice on the kind of gals to avoid. Yech - they were a'plenty!

Oh - c'mon now... all you mom's out there readin' this.... you know what I mean. Sure you do. As our good friend and gal-pal the Joodster says: "As long as they dont come home with those 'skanky' girls - I'm fine."

Well... Joodster... don't send yer boys there alone.

That's all I'm sayin.

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kistine said...

WAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *gasps* Hahahahaha! You're killing me here...

Wonderful post!!!
:off to get more Depends:
Hee Hee