Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Summer Saturday and a Happy Birthday.

"Pass me one of them girlie drinks."

Hey kids - a somewhat dehydrated, slightly hungover, and terribly sweaty Scrubbie here. How ya'll doin?

Oh boys and girls - Scrub had one of them thar Saturday's yesterday.

See... our dear friend Hurricane... ya'll remember her, right? Nightmare driver. Dynamite under her driveway. Plane crashes in her yard. Yep - her. So - Hurricane, much like the rest of us, celebrates yearly, the day of her birth. In this particular case, it was a half century ago. (Shhhh - keep that to yerself though. Gawd only knows what she'll do to me if she finds out I threw it out there on the information super roadway - or whatever the hell it's called).

Well... truth be told, her birthday ain't till September. Virgo, in case you are wonderin. Go ahead - read all about Virgo's. Everything you read - she's the exact opposite. But - that's another post.

But - as her two boys, D and H2 are here for the summer, and returning to the land of the French in a couple weeks... Hurricane's sis - Tornado - decided to throw a partay for Hurricane yesterday so that the boys could take part. Nice, eh?

So - off to Tornado's place for a Q and some swimmin' in the cement pond. Oh - and of course, there were cocktails flowin freely. Now... Scrub don't normally partake in cocktails too much. Oh sure - the odd cool refreshing beverage at home now and then, but in moderation. However... when one is in the company of not only Hurricane... but her sister Tornado as well... you can understand why a little social lubrication is not an entirely bad thing.

Still not convinced this is enough to inbibe to get the liver workin? Well - hang on to yer knickers... Hurricane and Tornado... they have a little baby brother as well. Whom... we shall henceforth call Sunami.

Convinced now?

Anyway - it was good times all around. Hurricane was livin large. The brats were all enjoyin high times. Tornado's eldest, the Ottawa Senators hockey superstar, was home. The X-Box was runnin' hot with first person shooters. Yep - good times.

Oh - and the Q. Oh, the Q. Tornado's hubby... whose name is... (go ahead... guess!)... Explosion. *grin. So, Tornado's hubby, Explosion, is just a whiz bang on the grill. So - he toasted up some meat. The women folk prepped up some greens and spuds. And, we all chowed down. Deelish.

And, Scrub got to enjoy some spikey lemonade all day. MMMMMMM. Allow me to reiterate: MMMMMMMM. Nothin like lemonade mixed up with giggle juice to make a hot and muggy day just slide on by.

Wanna see a pic?

Need help?

There, on the left - Hurricane, D and H2.

On the right... top left: brats. Top right: H2. Middle - Hurricane with a libation. Middle left - hockey superstar. Middle right: Hurricane's pals. Bottom left - Sunami, the baby brother. Bottom right - Tornado.

Motley crew, eh?

Whoops - Scrubs gotta go. Gots some rice cookin up on the hotbox. Makin' fancy food tonight. Fajita's.

Hmmm? What's that? Why Fajita's? Well... it's such a nice compliment to Tequila. That's why.


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Kristine ♥ said...

Hiya Scrubbie,
Haven't been here in ages but I'm glad I stopped by tonight!!!
You crack me up my friend!!! I went to a Q myself on Sat night at teh neighbors and got into the VEX Bananatinis. What could be better than banana popsicles? Banana popsicles with liquor in them!!!! :P

Evil hangover though. Those popsicles are murder in the morning. LMAO