Saturday, August 15, 2009

Almost Heaven... West Virginia

Scrubbie's still up - and it's after midnight.

Hey kids. Scrub here early early on a Saturday.

So I'm thinkin that yesterday's adventure has messed up Scrub's normal sleepin/wakin schedule. Argh. So - Scrub's got the tube on and just killin some time.

Mamma Scrub and Pappy Scrub have made their way on down to the U S of A - specifically to West Virginia... Almost Heaven.
Well - ya'll recall Scrub's cuzin Dolphin has Virginny blood pulsing through his veins? That side of the family... tractor throwing contests. Eatin' nasty bits. Stuff like that? Yep - well, it's the fam reunion time down there.
So - it's gonna be a hang out day here at the Scrub Shack.
And, to kill time - whipped up another Soccer layout featurin'... the Kid. Gawd love 'im.
Stay groovy kids.

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